Majority In Canada Believe Government Cannot Be Trusted: Poll

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A recent poll from Abacus Data informs us that more than half of those interviewed agreed with the statement “official government accounts of events can’t be trusted.”

Reading through Abacus commentary on poll results reveals what astute Canadians should expect– subtle and not-so subtle bias toward our ruling Liberal government:

“These numbers point to a challenge that is bigger, and more influential in the political life of Canada than might have been expected. It’s harder for people to agree on what to do to solve collective problems if they don’t trust the basic information on offer by official and news sources. The challenge facing the Conservative Party is particularly acute.”

In response, we look to the source of a decline in public trust of government. The Conservatives are not the number one source, for a simple reason: they are not the ruling government. For the past 6-plus years, the role has been filled by the Liberal Party. Therefore, by default, they are the main governmental body responsible for a breakdown in trust between the people and political leaders.

CAP have no idea what Abacus are driving at when they say it hard for people to “agree upon what to do.” Which people are they referring to?  Does “people” mean government, as opposed to the general public? If the latter, what difference does it make if people agree or disagree? Under the rule of Justin Trudeau, in no manner do people have an influence on government decision-making. This, fellow patriots, would be an exercise in democratic process. After nearly seven years of privilege as prime minister, the thought would likely give Trudeau a skin rash.

Additionally, Abacus informs us that 44% of Canadians polled believe that “much of the messaging being received from Canadian media is false.”

52% don’t trust government, 44% don’t trust media. The discrepancy belies a fundamental truth: if fair was fair, the distrust would be a 50/50 split. Since PM Trudeau donned his Canadian crown, his Liberals have funded mainstream media to the extent that a business partnership now exists between the two. If not for CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest, PM Trudeau would have been put out to political pasture long ago.

What CAP are driving at is simple in conception: as far as the Liberals and Liberal media are concerned, it is their own damn fault. The more they attempt to propagandize Canadians, the more public trust erodes. Dress it up anyway you want to, but the cause and effect principle still applies. And dress it up is exactly what Abacus attempt to do:

“As with trust in news organizations, those with no post-secondary education, Alberta residents and those on the right showed markedly higher levels of mistrust in government.”

Translation: those who distrust media are stupid. Uneducated and backward, the meat heads wouldn’t know honest politics if they drove over them in downtown Ottawa.

CAP refuse to concur. Our take is that the so-called educated happen to be the so-called brainwashed. Those who have sat through four years of White Colonialism 101 and Gender Politics: Justice Ruth Ginsberg Never Wore A Mini-Skirt have been conditioned toward the ultimate social illness: hatred for your own country.

“Majorities of People’s Party, Conservative and Green Party voters indicate distrust.  Those on the left and Liberal voters show higher levels of trust.”

So those on the Woke Left are more gullible than other Canadians. What do they want, a medal for it?  The real, baseline reason for public distrust of government and the press is found in the last entities to be held responsible: government and media.

A total of 52% is not a landslide, by any means. What it does tell Canadians is the longer the Justin Trudeau-Woke Media Follies continue, the less the general public trust our controlling institutions.

Are the unwoke of society waking up to the reality of Trudeau’s pseudo-communist agenda? If not for media obfuscation, awakening from the Liberal-Globalist utopian dream would have occurred back in ancient political history. For example, in 2016.

9 thoughts on “Majority In Canada Believe Government Cannot Be Trusted: Poll”

  1. Canada’s “uniparty” (LPC/CPC) have shared the political dominance in Ottawa for too long. In Canada the term “conservative” means being a centrist. Only the PPC is a real conservative movement in Canada and that’s why it only polls at <10% and will never be the government (unless a big popular upset somehow).
    Canadians in my view are not a serious "people". Therefore Canada – especially old stocks – have 0 future unless you live remote rural like me.

  2. “Uneducated.” My my. The “uneducated; unwashed” [Old Stock hillbillies] is not even a stereotype; just empty; odious bumpf from Trudeau’s paid shills. Wait until the chickens come home to roost. There won’t be enough “safe places” for these insufferable dolts. The horrible price for Trudeau’s nation destroying actions has yet to be paid. Justice will be done.

    Scripture states, “These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren” (Proverbs 6: 6-19). Does the aforementioned remind you of someone? This man has been given enormous power to govern our nation. He has flagrantly; consistently abused that power to destroy; to tear down. His paid enablers are complicit. However; the greater sin rests at Trudeau’s feet.

  3. After getting beat up by little green men and bussed out of Ottawa, dumped in a snow bank on the outskirts of town. Then having my truck towed and auctioned off, my bank account frozen and my BitCoin online purse rifled. Mistrusting my Government is a bit of an understatement.

  4. You give Turdeau too much credit. He is a vapid creature, appointed to be the pretty face that fronts for the fascist infiltration of our political process.


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