Majority In Canada Believe Democracy Broken, Society Fractured Under Justin Trudeau

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In his acceptance speech after winning a third term in office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought to downplay the divisions within Canada, saying “that’s not what I see.”

A recent poll from Maru Public Opinion says he is wrong. Then again, discrepancy between our prime minister’s desires and poll results is practically an archetypal condition in Canada.

Nanos Research Group poll found that just 17% of respondents believe the country should accept more immigrants in 2021 than we did in 2020. Trudeau increased the quota.

If only seeing was believing for Mr. Trudeau. 77% of survey respondents said Canada feels more fractured than ever. 52% said Canada’s democratic system is broken and “needs a major overhaul.”

The latter statistic fits Cultural Action Party philosophy. A slim yet astute majority recognize a salient piece of reality: democracy has eroded over the six-year period that Justin Trudeau has been prime minister.

The most pertinent issue being the degree to which this has been done intentionally. Is democratic erosion simply a by-product of Trudeau’s addiction to power? Is this a natural development within a continuum of so-called “progressive”politics?

Or is this an example of pre-meditated political subterfuge? Are Canadians being led down a path to a demise of personal freedoms espoused within our Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

These are questions which relate to core components of Canadian society. Curious it us that our media never go there– an ominous sign if there ever was one.

No matter which side of the political spectrum a Canadian falls on, one truism cannot be denied. Nothing holds a candle to the impact upon individual rights like the Covid pandemic. Indeed, nothing ever has. From the moment Covid arrived in Canada from China, it has served to eat away at citizen rights. The pandemic functions as a common denominator which justifies impediments to civil liberties.

What has followed is utterly fascinating. Since Pierre Trudeau entrenched the Charter into our constitution in 1982, it has served as our nation’s bedrock of civil rights. From wearing Kirpans in high school to covering one’s face with a Hijab while taking an oath of citizenship, the Charter has been leveraged by Canada’s legal industry to protect individual rights.

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Then came Covid. Suddenly, judges, lawyers, and Canadian media have not a single comment on pandemic-relation impediments of Charter rights. The ubiquity involved is so uniform one would think it an act of pre-meditation.

Does Covid fall into the same category? Can it be that an erosion of personal rights is, in fact, a goal of government? If it was, then utilizing a “substitute” agenda would be the best way to accomplish the goal.

According to a September, 2021 poll, a slim majority of Canadians believe our “democratic system is broken.”  A good call, say CAP. And one which blends neatly into our belief system: ours is a nation being transitioned away from democratic governance.

Let us ask ourselves– if we were the ruling government,  which of these two strategies would we believe to be more effective:

To shout out to world that Canada’s days of democratic governance are numbered? Or to utilize a secondary methodology– a substitute social condition– to get the job done?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

9 thoughts on “Majority In Canada Believe Democracy Broken, Society Fractured Under Justin Trudeau”

  1. Yes and we allowed him a third term. I see Edmonton and Calgary are invaded and have not one old stock Canadian on voting list.

    This term will be final blow to Canada. Good bye.

    • Correction: we didn’t allow him a third term. Erin O’Tool did.

      Right up until the final week, it looked as though he was going to prove Poletical wrong. Then he went and shit the bed so badly he proved them right with flying colors.

      And people still think we’re a free society. Yeah, right.

  2. I think maybe we don’t deserve our country any more. If we are willing to watch as it is destroyed. People used to destroy our history. Derail trains,paid protesters and invaders brought in for votes. Calgary has invader as mayor and not one Canadian running for MP. I’d say out days are numbered. The Queen of England’s warning was many will die. The ones who live will wish they died. We were told every step of our doom and ignored every warning we were given.

  3. How is it possible that a single person has such incredible power in what we thought was a democratic country? He is NOT God. Canada would be a better place if he was not in politics in any way. We are letting him push us quickly over the cliff of dictatorship. We are responsible for the shocking decline of democracy in Canada and it is up to us to stop it/him. We need an Opposition with balls, an Opposition that will have no hesitation throwing political correctness in the sewer, an Opposition that is not afraid of offending him.

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    • We had that feature for the past 5 years. We were had to do some upgrades recently, and the feauture disappeared. We are working to get it back.

      For the moment people can copy and paste the URL.


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