MAJORITY Believe Racism In Canada “Far More Extreme” Under Justin Trudeau

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“According to a recent Ipsos poll, a higher number of Canadians consider racism to be a more serious problem now than it was a year ago,” reports Global News.    

“47 percent said they believed racism was a serious problem in Canada last year, though that number has risen 13 points.  The poll ran from July 8 to July 10 and found that 60 percent of Canadians polled believe racism is currently a serious problem in Canada.”

CAP Commentary: “Diversity is Canada’s Strength” according to PM Justin Trudeau. Is this an accurate assessment of the state-of-society in terms of the degree to which our county’s identifiable communities in Canada are concerned?

Of course not! Justin Trudeau uttered it, so patriots would be wise to consider this to be a lie. Media downplay accordingly. Take a look at this “little gem”–

“People are learning to identify what racism is, they are finding a way to label it. Canadians aren’t becoming more racist, but people are starting to identify things for what they are,” said Ipsos Public Affairs CEO Darrell Bricker.

Bollocks. Yet again, a pollster rationalizes the state of racism for the benefit of those controlling our society– Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, China, CBC, Globe & Mail, United Nations, Toronto Star, Gerald Butts, George Soros and the geo-political faction of the Nation of Islam.

Let CAP put this in no-uncertain terms. After five years of Trudeau-Liberal brand globalist seduction, racism in Canada is worse than ever.

Extent to which CAP is surprised? Nothing at all. In fact, this outcome is EXACTLY what we anticipated as an outgrowth of Justin Trudeau and his crew of Liberal cultural assassins.

The opposite outcome of the intended goal is the bottom line. Or is it? CAP maintain that what has trans-pired here is 100% calculated, and this is why:

Communist seduction of Canada is rooted in Marxist Theory. Patriots may be aware of the dynamic. After all, Marxist Theory is fundamental to nation-wide educational systems within 2020 Canadian society.

Simple Synopsis:  In order to bring a democratic country  to the brink of national decimation as Justin Trudeau has, several key elements must be in place:

  1.  An external, malevolent political force overseeing the “global” element of the program. This Trudeau accomplished by way of handing Canada to United Nations, communist China, and theocratic Islam.
  2. An internal, domestic force which decimates the democracy from the inside. This is where Trudeau’s racism chaos comes to the fore. Get Muslims angry with Christians, Christians angry with LGBT, LGBT bitter about Christianity, Whites angry at Sikhs— the whole nine-yards.

Emerging from this external-internal social chaos agenda, we have a brand-new Canada. Is this not what PM Trudeau has intimated from day one on his Canadian throne?

“No Core Identity”–right fellow patriots? “Post-Modern Society”— right Liberal Snowflakes? Fact is, Justin Trudeau is here to destroy the past(Marxism 101), and usher in his personal style of Canada–one in which believing Christians  are treated like dirt-– just as they do in the Trudeau-family hero nation of China.

From the source article:

“Almost two out of every three Canadians responded to the poll saying they are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Should patriots be surprised? Not in the least, say CAP. Black Lives Matter are globalism. This movement is George Soros, United Nations, Nation Of Islam. BLM is a movement based upon hatred of light-skinned citizens. No wonder Justin Trudeau was on bended knee next to Anglo-basher MP Ahmed Hussen at a recent BLM rally.

Post-Modern Privilege:  Middle Eastern Man Sets Canadian Wife ON FIRE, No Hate Crime Charge, Media Downplay

All this fits perfectly together. The observations make good sense. A degree of logic is maintained, as non-brainwashed Canadians come to understand how our country is being seduced and stolen away by international power-players.

This, of course, is the very reason why CBC and corporate media ensure that 98% of Canadians never come to understand what is going on within society. Previous to “post-modern” times, this was not the role of media. The goal was to deliver objective, impartial and non-biased news events.

This died the day Justin Trudeau became “Supreme Leader of Communist Canada”— with stated public goals of  “Sunny Ways,” social equality among ethnic communities, religious equality for Christians, Muslims, Jews and the rest.

Nothing of the sort has ever trans-pired. M103 placed Islam above Christianity. Citizens are more angry, bitter and resentful than ever before.

Bottom Line: The very opposite resulted from Justin Trudeau’s promises to our nation. “Diversity”  is NOT our strength. Racism, bigotry and xenophobia are eating away at the very soul of society.

This is what PM Trudeau wants in order to bring about a giant BUST within our country–as well as a related bust in economic conditions in Canada.

Why else would Trudeau take $10 Billion dollars from Canadian tax-payers, only to hand it to:

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran($2.5 million), Somalia, Senegal, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Ghana, Kenya, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Chad.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.



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    Do you remember in the 10 commandments when they found out Moses was Egyptian? They took his name off everything. Just reminds you of Justin Trudeau to Canada. Traitor to Canada.


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