Majority Of Canadians Believe Media, Politicians Are Deceiving Them

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“In 2023, 50 percent of Canadians felt distrust in legacy media, which is heavily subsidized by the Canadian government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

As reported by True North Media, the “Edelman Trust Barometer Canada Report” reflects the current level of trust that voters maintain regarding Canada’s most “valued institutions.” Eight years of a Trudeau-led Liberal government has put the kibosh on what were once considered trustworthy domestic institutions.

In 2024, “55 percent of Canadians replied that yes, they felt that legacy media, and by extension journalists, were lying to them by misleading or falsely reporting the truth.”

Additional data speaks to a continual downward trend of trust in government, and the mainstream media outlets they fund by the billions. A report from the Institute On Governance speaks to a social trend which should be understood by all Canadians:

“From a high trust score of 64 per cent (of Canadians who trust their government) in August 2021, trust levels dropped to 50 per cent during the Trucker Convoy in Ottawa, six months later.”

If media are freed from reproducing this information, they are relieved of reporting on reasons for a falling-out between Canadian voters, and what has been transitioned to a government-media partnership.

Why would trust drop like a bomb in this regard? Could the invocation of the Emergencies Act play into a dramatic loss of trust? If so, for what reasons?

It well appears that PM Trudeau’s invocation of the Act was perceived the most draconian government move in modern Canadian history. Commonly regarded as a measure of  authoritarian governance, Canadians were unimpressed by the move, and responded accordingly.

Did you know? During the seven-year period of the current incarnation of our Liberal government(2016-2022), trust in media dropped from 55% to 42%. 

Can a connection be made between government’s radical shift toward socialist-oriented governance, and a demise of trust in our controlling institutions? It makes sense— the very reason why legacy media will never allude to the concept.

“When it comes to government leaders, such as Trudeau and his cabinet, approximately 60 percent of Canadians believe that officials are misleading the citizens whom they are supposed to represent.”

So a firm majority of citizens distrust government. Why wouldn’t it be the case, when the current state of society smacks of a hi-jacking of democratic governance?

At this point in the program, our prime minister can only appear in public in a controlled environment surrounded by gun-wielding security agents. Any other environment, and he is accosted by angry and bitter protestors.Just as it has been historically for political despots and dictators. Media say nothing of the sort. The result is distrust for both.

Canadians are pining big-time for a federal election. Meanwhile, a piece of democratic circumvention prevents a federal election from taking place. Turns out Trudeau’s direct competitor, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, is at this moment working on behalf of the Liberal Party. Insulating the most unpopular federal government in history from defeat, Mr. Singh does Justin Trudeau a solid regarding another instance of disrespect for democracy.

After which Cultural Action Party[est.2016] pipe in with a piece of speculation:

If they had the ability, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh would cancel democratic governance in Canada altogether. Supported by a cabal of half-citizen MPs and those born on foreign soil(50 at minimum), government are gunning for what CAP call “the big payback.”

In return for the “sins of our fathers,” the Liberal-NDP socialist coalition are out to strip “Old Stock” Canadians of power. In payback for the colonial founding of our nation, they are after a full inversion of society– “racialized” to the driver’s seat, Anglo-Europeans to the backseat of the bus.

This imperative will drive Trudeau, Singh and their anti-Canadian cabal until the day the Liberals are removed from power. Understanding the inevitability, it’s likely they are already planning to pick up the pace when voters eventually tire of a Conservative government.

This, in our opinion, is how deep and insidious the attack on democracy is. As a result, multi-generational Canadians are sensing our democratic demise in the pores of their skin.

Hence, a radical realignment of trust in Canada’s controlling institutions:

“Overall, 48 percent of Canadians resorted to doing their own online research compared with going to the legacy media (47 percent) for news and information.”

Trudeau and the Liberals hate this. Our PM speaks of “those good old days” when Canada had but two media outlets, CBC and CTV. We stand witness as the “progressive one” disses technological progression of news distribution.

“As per its 2020-2021 annual report, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) receives about $1.24 billion in public funding every year, which is about 70 percent of its revenue.”

“Trudeau has recently claimed that Canada must continue its subsidies of the CBC to protect our democracy.”

A steaming pile of tosh this is. The exact opposite is the case. Canadians recognize deceit when they see it, and react accordingly. The more lies, the greater the degree of deception, the less trust in government and media.

A logical equation it is. Not that Liberalism has anything to do with logic.

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  1. I think CBC the Communist Broadcasting Corporation should banned altogether they are not worth the cost I was born and raised in Canada and I refuse to watch that station because you can’t believe one they say

  2. None of the media reporters have a clue that they pay justin Trudeau’s salary and their own. They pay his salary to ruin their country, canada.


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