Majority 3rd World Populations In 41 Ridings, Issues In Homeland Drive Voters

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“Candidates who can speak to and address issues affecting new Canadians in their homelands resonate with the ethnic communities,” says Gurmant Grewal, former Conservative MP.

Of 338 federal ridings in Parliament, 41 have populations where visible minorities form the majority, compared with 33 in 2016.

A politically incorrect interpretation renders 41 ridings in Canada to be minority white constituencies. How many times have readers discovered this through Canadian media sources? Between zero and nothing is your answer.

What a critical piece of information. According to Yahoo News, it is within these ridings “where the New Canadian sentiment about issues pertaining to their home country could sway the vote.”

A crime? No, it is not. It does, however, encapsulate the nature of Multiculturalism in Canada. The program encourages new immigrants to maintain connection to their homelands. Multicultural policy allocates funds toward immigration and diversity organizations for promotion of the culture, religion and languages of their homelands. As founded by ex-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the policy is the essence of Canadian Liberalism.

In this regard, it is worth considering a media phenomenon that largely eludes Canadians. CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, National Post— you name it, and they refuse to speculate on the future of our country.

With 44 out of 338 ridings existing as “majority-minority” constituencies, it is easy to see why. After all, if this is the state of Canadian demography in 2021, what does our future hold?

It doesn’t take Professor Stephen Hawking to deduce that an immigration quota of one million new arrivals every two years is going to boost the number in dramatic fashion.

66 out of 338 ridings in 2028? 166 in 2048? Tell us, Mr. Mainstream Media– which identifiable community shall be the minority then? Silence is your answer.

“The election resulted in 47 visible minority MPs (13.9 percent of MPs), a record number and proportion for Canada. While most of these MPs were elected in ridings with large visible minority populations, nine were from ridings with 20 percent or fewer visible minorities”

“17 percent of all ridings, meaning that any path to a majority government requires winning these ridings.”

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Alas, now we know why Justin Trudeau behaves in the manner he does. His pandering to 3rd World voters, his ubiquitous presence all speak to boundless favouritism toward “new Canadians.”

In other words, Trudeau knows what many of us do not– the future of Canada is of the non-Anglophone variety. Yet rather than announce it in so many words, he has chosen a different approach.

This takes on the form of branding Anglophone-Canadians racists, bigots and xenophobes. Turns out that Trudeau is going to get what he wants in due time–  disempowerment of “Old Stock” communities.

All his hopes and dreams are waiting in the Canada’s demographic wings. Therefore, based on punitive branding of our communities, our prime minister is in one hell of a hurry to bring this to fruition.

Yes–the future of our country is being mapped out for us as we speak. Unfortunately for millions of Anglophones and Canadians of European heritage, establishment media never speak about it. More than likely, they never will.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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