Mainstream Canadian Media SPIN Anti-Trudeau Protest To Protect Their “Boss”

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Justin Trudeau got a rough reception at a Labour Day rally, with things not going as he had planned. As Trudeau tried marching, people chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Justin Trudeau’s got to go!”

According to journalist and political critic Spencer Fernando,“there were so many anti-Trudeau protesters that the PM’s marching in the rally had to be delayed.

And while the establishment press referred to this “as a group hijacking” the rally, the reality is that we are seeing what many Canadians really think about Trudeau, who has become a deeply unpopular politician.

Now, let’s contrast this with an extract from a Huffington Post article. For this purpose, CAP will select the most incriminating part of the article we found:

“A group of protesters briefly stopped the union group from marching in the parade, forcing Trudeau to join in several blocks down the parade route.From there, he moved onto the area’s Labour Day picnic, where he was greeted by the same protesters, who among other things were calling for more action on mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows First Nation.”

At the labour picnic at Bayfront Park after the parade, Hamilton Centre NDP federal candidate Matthew Green, however, said in an interview that “Justin Trudeau is no friend of labour,” given his record on steelworkers’ pension cuts.

Right. Trudeau is no friend of “labour.” How can this be validated? Simple– Justin Trudeau is no friend of Canadian workers period. He is, however, friendly with China’s labour force, as he recently outsourced LNG pipeline construction to his favourite country–China.

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Anyone recall reading about the steel tariff issue in the Globe & Mail?  More media spin– establishment media have positioned the protest as one filled with First Nations Canadians protesting the poison water debacle Trudeau has done nothing to alleviate. The video footage shows many non-Aboriginals are in attendance.

How could he manage this when 90% of his working day is spent on trans-forming Canada into a Third World/Islam dominated nation? One can only imagine how much energy and commitment this project must take. Fortunately for him, King Justin hired the best in the business– half Canadian Somalian Refugee, Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

As far as CAP can tell, Justin Trudeau is the most divisive Canadian politician in history. Like a petulant, self-centred child, his decision-making consistently results in conflict within Canadian society. Specific to this article, we will state that Trudeau has divided media from “the people.”

Under the iron-clad rule of King Justin, the contrast between mainstream new(CBC, Globe, Torstar) and alternate media( Rebel, Post Millennial, Lifesite, Spencer Fernando) has never been more extreme. First, common sense Canadians( no snowflakes allowed) came to hate Justin. Then, sensible Canadians(non-liberal self haters) came to hate media.

What an accomplishment! Where has Justin Trudeau not caused division? Every nation on the planet EXCEPT Canada. Can anyone say that the Saudi’s have not benefitted? Under Trudeau, Saudi Arabia are selling Canada more oil than ever. Billions upon billions have been taken from Canadian tax-payers and handed on a silver platter to despotic, theocratic foreign governments

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The only outlier relates to abortion in Africa. Did you know? Within a number of  the African nations Trudeau awarded  hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars, abortion is ILLEGAL. Remember when CBC mentioned this part of the equation in a recent broadcast? Oh, for sure, eh?

Bottom line: The Liberals are funding illegal abortion in Africa. Does Trudeau get trashed for this by way of the Toronto Star? Of course not–there job is to minimize anti-Trudeau sentiment so that he will win a second term in office.

The other major factor, of course, is the overall rise in market share for alternative news sources. Trudeau hates this, to be sure. The result is a lack of CONTROL for Justin. Within contemporary media structure, the spin, propaganda and lies of the liberal left are being exposed like never before. Secondary media sources can now expose what government and their CBC puppets refuse to print. Result? More and more mainstream media are caught in their deception of  general Canadian society.

Think this benign? If one does, it is only because the MSM have BURIED this entire dynamic. Of course they don’t want readers to comprehend this vast societal trans- formation. Keep ’em dumb and dumber is the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist-Butts motto.

Yet, the veneer is wearing thin. In truth, major media are in a panic. Advertising revenues are down, hard copy news consumption has fallen to a fraction of what they used to be. Social media is infringing on media monopoly in Canada.

What Canadians may not appreciate is that in terms of overal media presentation, Canada has the monolithic establishment media in the western world. Why don’t we know this? Because no one ever tells us. Andrew Coyne? Chantal Hebert? Of course not– no one of this ilk would breathe a word about this topic.

In terms of present-day and historical media control, Canada is far more extreme than the USA, Britain, Germany, France, or any other western democracy. Now, the walls come tumblin’ down, and these institutions are more and more being seen for what they truly are: Government-controlled propaganda outlets.

“Perfect,” says King Justin. “Hey, this is just like they do it in China. Me and brother Alexandre are over-the-moon about it.”

“Oui,” says younger brother– “this way our family can continue to control the destiny of Canada, edging it along in the trans-formation of this pesky nation from democracy to dictatorship. “Dad” would have been impressed.”

Such is– or was– the state of the nation formerly known as the “Great White North”– oh, how the Trudeau boys must hate this term.

This is the true family dynasty of Pierre, Justin & Alexandre Trudeau. The “myth” of the family–that they are good Canadians who care about ALL citizens within our borders is a stone-cold LIE. The truth is the exact opposite.












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