Madness Of Mother, Badness Of Brother: How Media Protect Canada’s TRUDEAU REGIME

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Within socialist and communist societies, one staple of media presentation is a protection of the ruling government regime.

So it has been within Canadian society for nearly five decades in a row. For verification, we turn to Canada’s equivalent to Britain’s royal family, the Trudeau family of Quebec, Canada.

In truth, if it were not for establishment media’s cover-up of a plethora of family curiousities, general Canadian society may well adhere to the belief system as advocated by Cultural Action Party of Canada:

The family and offspring of ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau are a dysfunctional collection of communist-infused Canadians. The degree of which CBC and corporate media has obfuscated the dysfunction is one of the great deceptions of modern Canadian history.

Margaret Trudeau:

“I had to rebuild myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital finally strapped down because I was so resistant and so ill, but I didn’t know it,” she said.

To keep everything hush-hush, she was put in a part of the hospital normally populated by men with erectile dysfunction. “Being in the psychiatric hospital and being the prime minister’s wife are similar.”

Serious metal illness, no? Why is it that every single piece of media presentation regarding Margaret’s mental illness has been presented in a jocular manner? Blimey– the mother of our current PM even put on a one-woman Broadway Show(okay– it was in Chicago) which made good fun out of the former Ms. Sinclair’s incarceration in a mental hospital.

Ms. Trudeau is a self-admitted “manic depressive.” Science informs us that“bi-polar” disorder can be passed from parent to child. In CAP’s opinion, this very thing is manifest in the character of first son, Justin Trudeau.

In other Trudeau family matters, CAP has also shone a spotlight on our current prime minister’s brother, Alexandre Trudeau. Why did we do this? Simple–because NO MEDIA outlet in Canada has ever properly positioned communist-enthusiast Alexandre as he truly is.

What a true Trudeau he is.  Of the murder of tens of millions of Chinese by way of Chairman Mao during China’s Cultural Revolution,  Alexandre has not a word to say. That is, apart from praising the communist nation in no-uncertain terms.

Islamic terrorism resulting in the murder of thousands of innocent civilians? Total silence from “Sascha”Trudeau.

Regarding Fidel Castro’s despotic rule of Cuba–again nothing. In fact, upon the death of Castro, Alexandre issued a public statement praising Fidel to the high hills. He was a “giant of a man” both physically and mentally.

Do these instances not paint a portrait of Alexandre Trudeau as a communist-loving brother of Justin Trudeau, ostensible leader of  Canada?

If not, try this on for size:

Listed in Alexandre Trudeau’s documentary “The New Great Game” as producers in association,” but not acknowledged by the CBC, was Iran’s state-funded propaganda arm Press-TV, along with the broadcaster Al-Jazeera Arabic.

So brother Alex is a film maker for the Iranian regime. Wonderbar.

CAP Question: When making a film financed by the Iranian government, to what extend is one permitted to criticize or condemn any aspect of Iranian society?

Answer: No extent at all. Bingo–Brother Alex is a card-carrying supporter of fundamentalist and militant Islamic regimes.

CBC Response? More jocularity–just as they apply to the madness of mother Margaret Trudeau. Coincidence? Of course not. Within the auspices of the golden Trudeau family, serious, tangible breaches of patriotism toward Canada are “par-for-the-course.”

An allusion to the psychology of King of Canada Justin Trudeau by way of the mania of Margaret? Nothing–not one peep from Canada’s pseudo-communist media cabal.

BURIED BY CBC: Prime Minister’s Brother Alexandre Trudeau Makes Film JUSTIFYING Iran’s Nuclear Arms Build-Up

Now, let CAP place this is the context of “political science”– a brief analysis of what form of governance this political/media dynamic falls into.

True democracy? Not quite. Objective news reporting presentation? Not a chance. A microcosm for authentic democratic governance? Sorry Liberal snow-flakesno can do.

Conversely, the cover-up is 100% emblematic of the true condition of Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada. Our nation in the year 2020 has transitioned to a post-democratic nation.

How thrilled the Trudeau clan must be. Turns out the gang has never had any use for democratic process. For uber-intellectual Pierre Trudeau, Central American socialism and far-east communism were just so much “cooler.”

For spawn Alexandre, Canada is a racist nation. Not so for China, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan. Meet Alexandre Trudeau–defender of militant Islam.

“Canada’s ethics watchdog has no immediate plans to investigate a letter the prime minister’s brother[Alexandre Trudeau] sent to a federal cabinet minister on behalf of an accused al-Qaida terrorist.”

Alexandre Trudeau wrote to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale urging him to halt the deportation of Algerian-born Ottawa resident Mohamed Harkat.

Alex Trudeau has long been an advocate for Harkat and others, including Hassan Almrei and Adil Charkaoui, detained under Canada’s controversial security certificate legislation.

So there you have it, brother and sister patriots. Watch and witness as mainstream media back the traitorous Trudeau’s to the hilt, communist-style.

For CAP, this adds to a mountain of evidence suggesting Trudeau-family dedication to non-democratic governments, theocratic Islamic regimes, communist China and Cuba, as well as blatant admiration for some of modern history’s greatest despotic national leaders.

CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail make fun of it all. Not a single media presentation in the past 50 years has alluded in any manner to the Trudeau family’s ubiquitous dedication to socialism and communism.

Pourqoui? Here, CAP can only speculate. For us, the reason is obvious–because Canada is being railroaded by government and their media partners into trans-itioning to “one of them”— a pseudo-communist nation first conceived by Canada’s first democracy-loathing national leader– Pierre Trudeau of the Quebecois Trudeau family.







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    • Agreed–and one of the main points CAP promote— the Trudeau family transitioned canada to a socialist, China controlled, Islamic promoting society.


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