M103 Founder Iqra Khalid Announces SNC Inquiry Shutdown, Silences Media

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“I scrummed @iamIqraKhalid the MP who wrote the letter announcing Liberal MPs would shut down the Justice Committee investigation into #SNCLavalin allegations. She DID NOT ANSWER MY QUESTIONS about why the Liberals do not want further witnesses.”


2 thoughts on “M103 Founder Iqra Khalid Announces SNC Inquiry Shutdown, Silences Media”

  1. Iqra Khalid’s only interest is M103/Sharia Law, she is no more interested in the needs of Canadians except what she can squeeze out of Trudeau to suit her radical interest.
    Trudeau is liked among the radical Muslims not because he caters to their needs but is very easy to manipulate and program to their own interest. They know that Justin will betray his own people and country for power and is determined to do anything to achieve that goal but do you think the radical Muslims trust Trudeau? Not one bit.
    Once a leader betrays his own country and his people. HE IS NEVER TO BE TRUSTED AGAIN.

  2. The people of this country demand that we have a right to know exactly what is going on…it stinks of corruption and cover-ups. The entire government works for the people….no one should have the right to tell us that it is closed. Let Jodie speak again with no limits on one she can say.


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