6 thoughts on “M-103 “Islamophobia”: Canada Now Absolutely HALAL”

  1. Trudeau needs to go along with his Muslim brother hood of MPs..He is a traitor and needs to be charged with treason

  2. I am meeting you give me no rights And my people And you do this it’s treason The next time the election comes out I will Hound you with my children You are a bozo Not a great man like your father was nothing like him

  3. To stand against the preaching of hate against Christians and Jews that goes on in the Mosques, MODERN DAY; legal and blessed by Quran; pedophilia, child brides, genital mutilation, refusal to respect female teachers and authorities, refusal to learn or speak english, refusal to asssimilate into Canadian culture?
    Is NOT Islamophobia! To understand that most of them are COACHED into what to say to get in? By paid services? Is disgusting. To live among them when they first get here, in Toronto? Is to understand that they have NOOOOO intent of fitting in. They celebrate their culture, fine, but refuse to change. Neither do their children or grand children change. If anything they hold fast to “family culture” even more do.
    To ignore these truths is stupidity.
    STOP letting ANYONE in!! Stop funding of mosques by SAUDI ARABIANS! A country on which slavery is normal and legal. Where Sharia rules. My family are immigrants and WAITED OUT TURN PROPERLY. Get some common sense.

  4. First of all, I would like to comment that we have Canadian Laws! M-103 is a violation of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Protection for every Religion is covered in this Canadian Charter. Islam is a Satanic inspired Ideology and is the antithesis of our Judeo Christian values. There is no compatibility between the two. Those who follow this Islamic Ideology are the enemies of Canadians. They are worse than the Nazis of Germany whom our forefathers fought against and defeated. Islam teaches hatred of Christians and Jews and promotes the killing of Christians and Jews. We are at war and must FIGHT BACK!. People must learn the difference between good and evil. Are we at a place in time where people’s moral standard is so diminished that they don’t understand evil when it presents itself before our eyes?!. God commands us to stand for Justice and to hate evil! WE MUST FIGHT BACK NOW! Why is our Prime Minister not being charged with Treason. His MP’s have links to Terrorist Organizations (how can they be MP’s in our Parliament?). Do our Laws not state that an MP cannot have ties to Terrorist Organizations! Our PM prays in Mosques that chant death to Christian and Jews! Is this not Treason against the Canadian people! There is a deep veil of darkness here and it must be lifted now. It’s time for Patriotic God Fearing Canadians to unite and fight this evil enemy called Islam!


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