M103 Founder MP Iqra Khalid Strikes “Islamophobic” Content From Government Record

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MP Iqra Khalid, founder of M103--a government motion elevating Islam above all other religions in Canada, has spearheaded a drive to strike comments made by  Conservative MP Michael Cooper from the government record.

After a testy exchange, MPs on the Commons justice committee voted 6-0 today in favour of the unusual move to purge Hansard, the official parliamentary record. Three Conservative members abstained from the vote. One Conservative MP, Michael Barrett, called the Liberal-led manoeuvre a “stunt.”

Yes, it is a stunt. One which affirms the concept that arbitrary muzzling of comments critical of ANY ASPECT of Islamic practise and ideology must be in itself an act of racism.

MP Cooper’s commentary does not even COME CLOSE. The Alberta MP told Faisal Khan Suri he should be “ashamed” after he drew a link between “conservative commentators” and the online history of Quebec mosque shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette.

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In no manner is this racist or bigoted. The comments do not breach Canadian hate laws, nor are they in violation of our criminal code. There is no breach of Charter rights. These are the concrete elements necessary for an act to be racist.

MP Iqra Khalid eschews the ENTIRE PROCESS. For this Sharia Law supporter, ANYTHING SHE or her community deems racist, is racist. Bollocks. A politically correct pile of parrot droppings.

Either the LAW has relevance and meaning, or it does not. For Khalid–a half-Canadian import from Pakistan— nothing matters except what she and others like her DEFINE as racism. This is a LOSING GAME for the rest of us–some 95% of Canadians who are non- Muslim.

Will another half Canadian Liberal politician, Ahmed Hussen of Somalia, challenge Ms. Khalid? Yes– on the 12th of never. How about half-Canadian Liberal MP Omar Alghabra?

All these figures have been MP’s for just under four years. During this time, not one of them has issued A SINGLE WORD critical of any Islamic practice. Female Genital Mutilation? Not a PEEP. Sharia Law-endorsed child marriage?

Both are proven to have occurred in Canada, yet NO POLITICIAN–including yet another import from the Middle East, Minister of Status of Women Maryam Monsef, has uttered a  word against these practices. Not regarding Canada, or ANY OTHER nation on earth. As it happens, Hussen’s Somalia is the world-wide LEADER in cases of FGM.

Basically, MP Iqra Khalid wants Canadians to SHUT UP. According to this ethnocentric, Islam is sacrosanct in Canada. Yes, go ahead and  bash Jesus Christ all you want–no problem there. But say ONE WORD AGAINST ANY ASPECT of Islam, and you are a bigoted “islamophobe.”

What a TRAP for the Canadian majority. Iqra Khalid supports hard line anti-Christian and anti-Jewish IMAM’s and religious figures in Canada.

In 2018, MP Khalid dedicated a park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the mass murdering founder of her beloved Pakistan.  She has labelled average Canadians racists and bigots on multiple occasions, yet never once condemned Pakistan for its virulent racism against Christians. What a DISGRACE!

With multiple polls telling Canadians Justin Trudeau may well be ousted as prime minister come October, it is likely his gang of ethnocentrics will be out of office as well.

Despite media obfuscation, this is CRITICAL to a return of freedom and democracy in Canada. Both have been DECIMATED by Trudeau and the Liberals. The defeat of the Trudeau government is essential to a restoration of Canada as a nation rooted in freedom and democracy in Canada.

Contact MP Iqra Khalid at:Iqra.Khalid@parl.gc.ca


4 thoughts on “M103 Founder MP Iqra Khalid Strikes “Islamophobic” Content From Government Record”

  1. Canadians will soon find out what “FREEDOM’ truly meant. The suffocation without the fresh air of Freedom will take a toll on many canadians who took such a gift of being Free for granted.
    Immigrants fleeing from the darkness of Sharia law kisses the air of freedom upon arrival in the Free World. It is they who are speaking out with courage and determination warning us all of the danger of Sharia law. I thank them for their warnings.

    Iqra Khalid wants to be the matron of this Vile law.

  2. Too many in our government have too much power & say , even the don’t care about Canadians. Get off boat or airplanes & some are automatically government employees. I call that stirring the pot , best way get Canadians up in arms . You will get things started that will destroy a lot of our Country. People will be hurt or worse .These lying , do as they like government so called employees, are paid by our tax $$$$ . We are not as stupid as some of them look. Our government has been deliberately set up crooked,for crooked government gains , careful karma may bite you where yo like to be kissed,but it looks tooo much like your faces & I refuse to do it . Smarten up, give Canadians back their Country along with the money you stole

  3. I’m sick of this Islamic Government we did not vote for any of these fools . Justin Trudeau alone is the sole person that was voted in on a platform of lies and Islam has no place in Canada. Are they purposely provoking Canadians. We are willing to fight back to protecting our children and Values .. There is no value to Canada to allowing these Inhumane people to dictate to us over a terrorist organization. They have no compassion for Human Life . Not one compassionate act has ever come from Muslims . We do not owe them a living they came here illegally and living better than Canadians who built this country . We don’t want them here .They are not welcome here . Canadians have to fight against this evil and take back Canada . They allow beheadings and FGM child marriages which in itself is child abuse . Polygamy is also against the law of our Land . They have brought with them Terrorism as in murder, rapes and changing our laws for their own gain . Time for this Government should be ousted , so they do not continue the Genocide of Canadians. Because in our eyes that’s exactly what this is . Telling our law enforcement that we need two laws one for us and another one for special treatment of this very non Religious views. We all know it’s a Political practice


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