Lowest Birthrates, Highest Immigration Define Trudeau’s Disastrous Legacy

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Held back from general awareness, the story of declining birth-rates in Canada deserves far greater exposure to the public. That it hasn’t occurred is entirely suspect. A thorough analysis of the issue would expose fallibility on the part of government, something media managers are loathe to do.

Statistics Canada released new data showing that the country’s fertility rate has plummeted to an all-time low of 1.33 children per woman in 2022. One demographer warns the drop is closely linked to a rise in economic pressures.”

Placing this dire information in historical context, in addition to comparisons with foreign birth-rates, sheds much needed light on the topic.

“The decrease in the TFR [total fertility rate] from 2021 to 2022 (-7.4%) is the largest decrease since 1971 to 1972 (-7.6%), at the height of the “baby bust” that followed the baby boom (1946 to 1965). Canada’s decrease was one of the largest among high-income countries.” 

In 2022, the Liberal government of Canada set a new immigration record  with 471,550 new permanent residents admitted to our country. All of which brings about questions conveniently eschewed by Canadian media.

Why did a succession of federal governments disregard the relevancy of birth-rates in our country? To what extent, if any, could this be considered intentional? Is it possible that the situation is emblematic of government’s agenda to re-imagine Canada as a “post-modern, no core identity” society as originally conceived by PM Justin Trudeau?

Paranoia can run deep, but under iron-clad “woke” control of the Liberals, smart money says not to count these concepts out. We turn to Europe, where declines in domestic birth-rates have also run rampant.

“For Emmanuel Macron, more babies are vital to maintain France’s national vigour. Italy’s Georgia Meloni has made encouraging more Italian women to give birth top priority.

“In the far north,  Finnish parents are being paid to have babies. The municipality of Miehikkälä has increased that[payments] to $10,970 per child. Other European countries are pursuing similar policies as they try to reverse the continent’s falling birthrate.”

Then there is Canada:

“Many countries saw a substantial decrease in fertility from 2021 to 2022, but Canada’s was among the largest. Among G7 members and other selected high-income countries with comparable data, Canada and South Korea tied for the largest absolute decrease in TFR from 2019 to 2022.”

What to make of this ominous social condition? When media refuse to pipe-in, they are relieved of responsibility for shedding light on additional factors involved. Without question, the Covid pandemic has contributed in a profound manner:

“There are many ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic may have negatively impacted fertility. The number of births in January 2021 was 8.3% lower than in January 2020; in contrast, the average year-over-year decrease in the number of January births for the period from 2009 to 2019 was 0.1%.”

There you have it. As disseminated from China, the pandemic is responsible for a rapid decrease in our domestic fertility rates. As most are aware, Trudeau considers China to be his favourite country, apart from Canada [or likely inclusive of it].

“The Canadian birth rate is continuing to drop to historical lows — a trend that is likely connected to the crushing price of housing for young people looking to start families.”

Economists explain that one of the main reasons for lack of home affordability is due to immigration policy, a situation which the Liberals waltzed into with all-eyes-open.

Beginning to get the impression that something nefarious exists at the heart of the birth-rate/immigration/housing dynamic? If so, it’s likely you are not alone.

“In 2006, Quebec joined the ranks of the provinces with the highest fertility rates, following the expansion of family-related policies in the province.”

Quebec– but not English Canada. What a shock this is. [Not- Ed.].

As distasteful as it is, Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] choose to dig deeper.

Is shouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to recognize that our Liberal government’s social policies contain a damaging commonality. What effect do abortion, LGBT, Euthanasia and transgenderism have on Canadian birth-rates? Answer– they impede domestic births.

Why would Trudeau and his woke Liberal cabal go and do something like this? The answer is likely found in another media omission, discovered in the “type” of Canadians who most indulge.

The stats aren’t available, but it appears more than likely that new arrivals from top source nations– India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria— indulge far less than locals. Likely it is that the lion’s share of those who partake derive from our multi-generational “Old Stock” communities.

Looking at abortion statistics alone weaves a tale of demographic woe. Not for 95% of Canadians, because media have yet to expose the truth in this regard. The founder of abortion policy [in reality a non-policy] is ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. The result is a staggering 2.5 million abortions taking place since the 1970’s.

That’s a lot of potential Canadians, to which the Liberals offer their panacea: the highest per-capita immigration rates on planet earth. Ever get the feeling that behind-our-backs, as obscured by mainstream media, an agenda exists for complete renovation of Canadian society?

And who, pray-tell, exists as the ‘fall guy” in all this? It doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to deduce a correct response: “Old Stock” Canadians– Anglophones, Christians, multi-generational citizens of European origin, and the like.

The Greatest Story Never Told? CAP leave readers to draw their own conclusion.

3 thoughts on “Lowest Birthrates, Highest Immigration Define Trudeau’s Disastrous Legacy”

  1. “The decrease in the TFR [total fertility rate] from 2021 to 2022 (-7.4%) is the largest decrease since 1971 to 1972 (-7.6%), at the height of the “baby bust” that followed the baby boom (1946 to 1965). Canada’s decrease was one of the largest among high-income countries.”

    Question: Who was the prime minister of Canada during the years 1971-1972? Hint: His alleged offspring is currently glued to the wheel of our modern *Titanic* . We’re all sinking; including his favored groups. They are not immune to the very real consequences of his folly.

  2. As an ” old stock ” Canadian, I am proud of what my fellow citizens have created in this country. All the benefits and modern technology that EVERYONE has access to, is the result of decades of taxes and labour from ” old stock ” true Canadians.
    It saddens me to read how 2 political clowns want to destroy it all. Between the failed immigration system and the lies about our history, we are all of sudden, nothing more than a racist society that is guilty pf genocide. Both of which are fabricated without any proof from a Federal government that is comprised of individuals who are only concerned about producing a wealthy retirement plan for themselves.
    Ask yourself, what’s an idiot like Justin Trudeau going to do for work after he’s booted out of politics. A cushy non meaning position awaits him because someone else wants to look good in society. And as far as Singh goes, well I’m sure his hometown can accommodate another security firm.
    This Country used to be proud. We used to celebrate our deceased workers, enjoy Christmas and Easter as very important.
    Now all we have are demonstrations for third world countries. And the latest news today, is yet another immigrant making headlines about OUR heritage and way of life. ” “I was shocked. It feels obvious that they’re saying to us Palestinians that we’re not welcome. Usually, racism and discrimination are much more subtle,” said Beisan Zubi, a Palestinian-Canadian anti-racism and equity educator. ”
    Years ago, we had immigrants complaining about the religious cross in schools and public buildings. Then it was the picture of Jesus. None of this was an issue for 60 years I lived here. Nor was it an issue for the 79 years my father lived here. Once the politicians got involved, the cross and picture of Jesus came down.
    Now those same immigrants want Canada to display it’s religious symbols.
    I wish I could say what I really feel and want to say on that.
    Enough is enough. If you immigrants can’t ” integrate “, then please stay in your Country or maybe leave and go back to your home Country and make changes there.
    And while we’re at it, NO politician in Canada should have the right to overturn a deportation. That change alone will mean less immigrants.
    I am not against immigration. But I sure don’t see the benefit to Canada when someone gets their own kind politician to allow your 86 year old parents to live here. What benefit is that to Canada ? No Old Age Security for immigrants unless they have been here 10 years or more and PAID taxes.
    Canada needs to STOP bending over for these immigrants. Especially from the Middle East with all their religious infighting. We DON’T need here in Canada.
    And we need to deport the immigrants who wrong Canadians. Like the family accused of stealing Millions in C.E.R.B. money. Or the gang of 27, that were pictured in a Toronto news site as one of the gangs stealing vehicles.
    It’s not difficult to figure out who we’re talking about when they all have the same last name.
    Immigrants should have skills we need. Doctors and nurses to start.
    Wake up Canada, let’s look at Australia and now the EU. These countries are realizing how uncontrolled and politicized immigration CAN RUIN A COUNTRY.

  3. you whine about quebec again, like always, when quebec is only at 1.4-1.5

    which means what? bad news for quebec as well

    the number has to be 2.1 or above to repopulate, so your pointless cry baby shit about quebec being the beneficial province of canada is tiresome.

    i wish you could post stuff that made more logical sense but you’re only a propagandist looking for clicks


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