How “White Guilt” Theory Is Used To Disempower Canada’s OLD STOCK Communities

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Has been that long since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was prancing around in Pride Parades while waving a transgender-patterned flag high in the air?

Seems Mr. Trudeau has dropped his vehemence in this regard. Obviously, an advisor informed him to tone down the rhetoric, should he lose votes as a result. For a PM with a disposition such as Trudeau maintains, there could be no other reason for doing so.

Yes, Justin Trudeau admires transitions. While media “made hay” of the sexual side of transformation, they continue to hold back something far more fundamental:

A transition from true democracy to Trudeau-brand pseudo-communism. Add Anglophones transition to a peripheral, black-sheep peoples of Canada– and the inevitable transfer of social power to Trudeau’s preferred “3rd World” Canada.

So, if you were a Liberal-Globalist destroyer like Mr. Justin, how might you go about this? One critical piece is to brand all Anglophone-Canadians as oppressive racists. Doing so is one thing– yet for Trudeau & Co. the agenda is far more insidious. Anglophones and European-Canadians are being brainwashed into “hating themselves.”

Truly, madly, deeply–this has been going on for decades. Canadian universities are in 2020 centres for the dissemination of anti-white globalist propaganda. CAP Theory states these schools are not Canadian in the least– they are “international propaganda centres” that happen to reside upon Canadian soil— a giant difference indeed.

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Okay–so in order to steal Canada away from its largest identifiable community, how would you as a national leader go about?

One slick move would be to trans-fer said peoples into a minority community. This Justin Trudeau is working on to the maximum–the man seems to be in a giant rush to accomplish this goal.

What else? Get Canadians to hate themselves. This piece is absolutely critical, and the Liberals have achieved the goal with aplomb. Astute observers of media in Canada know the deal. Check out articles by wasp-writers Susan Delacort, Heather Mallick, or Heather Scoffield.

Here you can witness the fine art of self-abbasement: these people write about our country as if it is the most racist country in the history of the world. Bashing “their own” till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef farm, these mentally-confused Canucks enjoy running down the communities from which they personally derive.

Not so for 3rd World Canada. Shanifa Nasser from CBC, Sheema Khan from Globe & Mail? Shree Paradkar of Toronto Sun?

Forget about it! CAP has read hundreds of article’s from establishment media’s resident Anglophone-bashers, and not ONCE have we witness one critical word of their own– Sikh, Hindu and Muslim Canada.

In this, serious students of history will find the “key to the kingdom” — government, media and academic-induced self-hatred. In the meantime, 3rd World Pride is hereby established  as the “belle of the ball” within Trudeau’s Canada.

This inversion is 100% emblematic of the destiny for Canadians of European heritage. Media do not want our communities to comprehend all this–so they are hide it away from 37.8 Canadians.

Pseudo-socialist Canada has arrived–and they want our people in a societal prison cell. In an incredible situation of irony, the prison warden happens to be  the current prime minister of Canada.

These terms the globalists utilize–“white guilt, white privilege”— these words are pure weaponry. Think about it– is it not factual that within 2020 Canada, the “three-headed hydra” of globalist decimation have sanctioned just ONE community to be bashed and trashed as racists?

Is this community not Anglo-European Canada? Of course it is. So how is it our people maintain the privilege the multicult-mongers claim we have?

Simple–we don’t. CAP claim that the real Canada of Justin’s dreams is something entirely different than what media project. They have it “backwards”– the privileged are those being fast-tracked into employment positions due to their dark skin.

Oppression against non-whites? Yes–according to a political movement of national transformation. From democracy to dictatorship, from “1st World” power to “3rd World” political domination.

This is the deepest dream for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist gang of cultural assassins.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.


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  1. We are losing both our countries. Here in the U.S. to the Lunatic Left co-opted Democrats and their open borders anarcho/stateless communist agenda. They are equally committed to TRANforming the U.S. into a Third World Malthusian shit hole.


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