Lockdowns “Massive Epidemic Of Stupidity”– Yale School Of Medicine

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Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of medicine, calls pandemic lockdowns “counterproductive.” Risch stated that Covid lockdowns in Canada qualify as no less than a “massive epidemic of stupidity.”

Professor Risch contends that huge pharmaceutical companies have “controlled the narrative” — at universities and in medical journals — for their own interests.

Paul Elias Alexander, PhD from the Health Services Department in Washington, D.C., stated the lockdowns are  driven by an  ill-informed, sensationalized media.”

Americans have pushed back more about lockdowns, but Canadians have greatly surprised him because they’ve acquiesced and believe everything government tells them.”

Why would Canadians do such a thing? Can an answer be found in a difference in news presentation?

Not that the United States is devoid of “Woke Liberal” propaganda. Yet, there is something unique about media in Canada— a quality which diverges from American and European news presentation. Particularly when it comes to Covid.

In Canada, government and media are business partners — a tag-team of woke propaganda dissemination. Most Canadians buy what they are selling– pandemic rhetoric in particular.

“Once an epidemic has spread widely in a population or around the world, there’s no chance you can eradicate the virus completely. Putting travellers in quarantine for 14 days is a waste of time.”

Then why do it?

Could the pandemic function as subterfuge for a “higher purpose?” Could Covid be playing a covert role in the transformation of Canadian society?

Could it work like this: First comes the Covid catastrophe, followed by pandemic-derived economic collapse. In order to effectively work our way out of the disaster, government are “forced” to take complete control. To debate emergency bills in the House is too time-consuming. In a state of urgency, government must be free to expedite necessary legislation.

Canada thereby transitions to a condition we label “pseudo-communism.” As time passes, our citizenship grow accustomed to the social circumstances.

A key element of the equation is overlooked. Neither government, nor media or academic “experts” suggest the following outcome: Canada never returns to its previous state as a free and democratic society.

At this point, the public has been conditioned to accept– meaning to have approved– — a transition from democratic nation to a socialist state.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s role is to serve as a conduit for this transformation. Out of the dust of the pandemic era arrives a state of society unimaginable in the minds of Canada’s founding fathers.

Such as it is that Cultural Action Party offer our diagnosis for the future status of our our country. It is an opinion– we cannot predict the future anymore than our readers can.

Still, one piece of reality exists as an indication of future political status. No one ever talks about it. Think it over– more than 400,0000 immigrants arrive in Canada every year. Media speak not one word about the impact upon our demography.

Where are Canada’s futurists? Why is it that erudite journalists such as Andrew Coyne and John Ivison speculate on everything except the future of country? In what is arguably the fastest-changing society in the western world, no one has a word to say about our future destiny.

Why THE SILENCE? It is in this dynamic that thinking Canadians gain insight. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals do not want citizens speculating on our future as a nation.

Why not? Because hidden from public purview is the greatest social and political transformation in Canadian history. Democracy dies, and the true meaning of Trudeau’s “post-modern” society is thus revealed.

3 thoughts on “Lockdowns “Massive Epidemic Of Stupidity”– Yale School Of Medicine”

  1. I for one know exactly what Trudeau has been doing since day one as PM.

    Over and over again I stated it as well! But the Marxists got a powerful hold on our education system and indoctrinated so many to believe we should become a socialist nation, ruled by a dictator that promotes totalitarianism through a bought off media!

    Yes, it is time to take our power back and as an Old Stock Patriotic Canadian I know of what I speak! Wake up Canada bit by bit our freedoms are being eroded. The opposition to Trudeau has shown very little if any Leadership in regards to our democracy!!! Sad!

  2. In the immortal words of Pogo for those old enough to remember the comic character, “I have seen the enemy and it is us”. The people have been indoctrinated and dumbded down by academia, the media and treasonous pandering politicians and we consequently and continuously elect politically correct moron politicians like Justin Trudeau. If we don’t pay attention, educate ourselves and guard our country rather then paying more attention to who can chuck a ball or puck the farest and fastest then we get what we deserve.


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