Lockdowns “Massive Epidemic Of Stupidity” Says University Of Toronto Medical Expert

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Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of medicine, has branded pandemic-related lockdowns “counterproductive.” Risch stated that  Covid lockdowns in Canada qualify as no less than a “massive epidemic of stupidity.”

In his so-called subversion he is not alone. Paul Elias Alexander, a PhD from the Health Services Department in Washington, D.C., stated the lockdowns are “driven by an ill-informed, sensationalized media.”

According to a recent Toronto Sun article, Americans have pushed back more about lockdowns, but Canadians have greatly surprised him because they’ve just “acquiesced” and believe everything the government tells them.”

Now why would citizens of Canada do such a thing? Could an answer be found in divergence  between Canadian and American news presentation?

Not that the USA  is devoid of “Great Reset” propaganda.  Still, there is something special about media in Canada— a quality which makes it unique relative to American news.

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post and the like are 100% “in the pocket” of government.

Our Liberal government and media are today business partners — a tag-team of Great Reset propaganda distribution. As a result, most Canadians buy what they are selling– pandemic rhetoric in particular.

“Once an epidemic has spread widely in a population or around the world, there’s no chance you can eradicate the virus completely. Putting travellers in quarantine for 14 days is a waste of time.”

Then why do so? Some thoughts on this:

Number one is conditioning 38 million Canadians toward an acceptance of life within a communist-oriented society. This is Canada’s pending fate, and  incremental delivery is necessary for successful implementation. The pandemic is functioning as political subterfuge for this purpose.

A degree of social consternation is required for public acceptance of the transition. First comes Covid catastrophe, followed by pandemic-justified economic collapse. At this point, the public will be conditioned to accept–meaning to approve— an eventual transition from democracy to dictatorship.

Enter stage leftist– Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This person really is a post-modern prime minister. His job is to serve as a conduit for an axiomatic national transformation. Out of the dust of the Pandemic era shall arrive a Canada that couldn’t be imagined in the dreams of the founding fathers of our nation.

Speaking of dreams, Justin Trudeau’s psyche is jam-packed with such. Cultural Action Party will venture a guess as to what is contained within:

A Canada with a population of 100 million citizens. An end to democratic governance. A citizenship compliant with all government imperatives. No push-back from the public– no pesky “little people” and their tedious demands.

No elections. Total media compliance with the will of government. Social engineering as a staple of society. The demise of English Canada. An erasure of the form of freedom and democracy which existed from 1867 until Justin Trudeau arrived in 2015.

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Is Covid not a perfect catalyst for accelerating this process? As it happens, the source of Covid is China. Speaking of China, is the social condition described above NOT indicative of present-day life within this communist country?

Is China not the self-proclaimed favourite nation not only of PM Justin Trudeau, but also his brother Alexandre Trudeau, as well as Pierre Trudeau before them?

There it is in black and white. Going off-topic, it just so happens that Trudeau’s quasi-communist government are about to introduce laws inducing major censorship of “non-compliant” websites on the internet.

Cultural Action Party of Canada expect to be one of them. This way, theories expressed herein will never reach the consciousness of the Canadian people.

How “communist China” is this? Witness as Justin Trudeau walks a once free and democratic nation down the plank to a socialist dictatorship on the heels of the Covid pandemic.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016) 

5 thoughts on “Lockdowns “Massive Epidemic Of Stupidity” Says University Of Toronto Medical Expert”

  1. Yep, they hit the nail on the head. Intelligent people who actually research all this and read the real truth have said this all along.

  2. Government lying to us everyday in the news about soaring numbers in Hospitals the truth is they are empty!!!!!.

    680 AM radio you can hear 24/7 about soaring numbers just spend 1 hour front of any hospital in the GTA sit in your car and count the Ambulances and people come in and out…then you will ask your self where the 5,000 cases daily are coming from??



  4. It amazes me that intelligent educated people believe this Covid shit, or should I say FLU, PCR test is 50 to 75% false positives, yet they continue to use a test that is not meant for this purpose.

    Hospitals over loaded. There are 161 hospitals in BC and only 19 are used for Covid, as per a story today. In 2019 there was 19,200 people who died of the flu, pneumonia, and respiratory. Covid 2020 there was just over 20,000 dead. Let that sink in. How the hell did the variants get here from UK, India, etc…Hmmmm maybe they flew in on a plane, oh wait are the borders not closed. Oh wait it doesn’t spread on the plane they have better filtration now.

    What a joke! Dr. Patty Hadju just said that Vitamin D is fake news, like are you kidding me does this women know anything about health. She obviously missed the scientific study done on Vitamin D and cancer patient of which 80% are deficient, also with Covid patients. No talks ever about how to stay healthy. Lock downs do not work yet we continue with them. Dr. Bonnie Henry stated at the beginning masks did not work, for 10 months she said the scientific says masks do not work, yet about faces in 10 months mask wearing and lockdowns and whaat the numbers start rising.

    You cannot see your parents or grandparents, yet we are going to allow close to half a million immigrants into our country. Where are they going to live, we do not have enough affordable housing for Canadians. We have 25% of homeless here in Vancouver are seniors.

    With their new Assisted dying for mental health they are hoping all the seniors in homes will want it since they cannot see their family, the only thing they have left is there family.

    So is this China’s doing, the deep states doing, the WHO, whoever started this bio terrorism should be cut down forever.


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