Listen LGBT-Promoters, Canadians Don’t Want What You Are Selling

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All across Canada, parents and common sense citizens are pushing back against government-funded LGBT propaganda promotion in the Canadian public school system.

On June 1, 2023, the first-ever National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day took place in Canada. An unprecedented number of families withdrew their children from school for a day or more. In Ontario, a majority of students were absent from several schools. 

The LGBT lobby couldn’t give a damn. Despite opposition from Christian and Muslim communities, transgender-for-children advocates remain cast-in-stone. Of course, it helps that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is as cold as concrete in this regard.

What developed is a monolith of pro-LGBT promotion from coast-to-coast. Talk about a closed-minded, non-inclusive gang of globalist disciples. You can’t talk to them, you can’t reason with them, nor can one pose any form of alternative to what Cultural Action Party has branded Canada’s “Pink Fascist” movement.

Despite the obstinate ones, anti-LGBT momentum continues to build, with protests taking place throughout the country— outside the BC Teachers’ Federation; Calgary City Hall; a high school in Vaughan; school boards in Windsor, Hamilton, and Durham, Ottawa schools; Justin Trudeau’s office; and many other locations.

In neo-communist fashion, Canadian school boards have decided that they, not a child’s parents or guardians, are to hold jurisdiction over a Canadian child’s sexual identity.

In this regard, “the Leger survey commissioned by the think tank found that 57% of Canadians agreed with informing parents while only 18% disagreed.”

That’s a majority of those surveyed. Upon which we move to the topic of democratic governance in Canada:

The word democracy comes from the Greek words “demos”, meaning people, and “kratos” meaning power; so democracy can be thought of as “power of the people”: a way of governing which depends on the will of the people, including the will of the majority.

Is Justin Trudeau exercising authentic democracy in terms of LGBT promotion in Canada? Of course not. Rather, our social structure is rooted in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982) as passed by the Liberal government of Canada under PM Pierre Trudeau.

On a practical level, this component of the Canadian constitution transformed Canada away from its organic development as an authentic democracy. By transferring power away from the majority and into the hands of fringe and special interest organizations, our nation shifted on its political axis.

Mainstream media in Canada have never spelled this out in basic terms, or in fact, in any terms at all. What developed in the wake of Charter Rights is the social structure experienced by Canadians in 2023. It occurs when a fringe minority group acquires the power to push around the rest of the country.

This is LGBT-Transgender politics, as advocated by the “big three” of institutional Canada– government, media and academia.

Today, we experience the fall-out in the Homo-Hetero wars cultivated for the purpose of dividing Canadian from Canadian, community from community.

Intentional as Trudeau’s Carbon Tax? CAP believe it to be true. Call it organized social chaos, intended to divide a country in preparation for our ultimate political transformation.

New Brunswick Changes Its LGBTQ Policy In Schools, Advocates Worry It’s Just The Beginning”

So claim the CBC, the Liberal government’s official media promoter of transgenderism for Canadians of any age. Paid by  Trudeau to deliver a steady stream of pro-LGBT propaganda, they too couldn’t care less about majority opinion, or for that matter, democracy itself. Under the pretence of “social equity” CBC is assisting the Feds in a creation of inter-community social conflict.

LGBT advocates worry that their trans-kingdom could potentially fall. Did you know? A study financed by the Feds claims that less than 1% of Canadians have undergone sex-change surgery.

CAP has asked it before, and will ask it again: what circumstances would establish a scenario whereby 99% of Canadians have no interest in transgenderism, while the issue permeates our entire society?

Is there not something entirely unnatural about this social development? We speak of an unprecedented dynamic within a western democracy. At the head-of-the-table sits Justin Trudeau– obsessive LGBT-pusher, advocate for sex change surgery for Canadians of any age.

If all provinces and territories threw the SOGI-LGBT propaganda in the trash bin, it would constitute an application of the will of the majority. The very reason why Justin Trudeau and Minister of Gender Liberal MP Marci Ien will never do it.

“Transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, they’re all on the rise. It’s been difficult to watch people and institutions still continue to reject who you are, to try to deny members of our communities the rights to be seen and heard and celebrated.”

— Justin Trudeau

They’re on the rise because government elevated LGBT to the top of the Canadian totem pole- that’s why. But don’t expect a specious thinker like PM Trudeau to recognize or acknowledge as much.

“The federal government announced $1.7 million in funding for six LGBTQ rights groups in conjunction with the ceremony. Women, Gender Equality and Youth Minister Marci Ien announced emergency funding earlier this week to help cover rising security and insurance costs for Pride festivals.”

Obstinate, arrogant and generally a giant pain-in-the-behind.  Listen up, Mr. Prime Minister: Canadians do not want the Pride Parade that you are walking down the streets of our society.

On this basis, why would the Feds continue to push an agenda which results only in social consternation? In contemplating the condition, there can only be one answer:

Because Trudeau and the Liberals want it this way. For what purpose becomes the question of the moment. Call CAP paranoid, but we say the purpose is intentional social division as part of a pre-meditated conversion of Canada away from its democratic foundation.

Hear ye, hear ye: the government of Canada wages war against its own people. Racism, bigotry, xenophobia, genocide, homophobia, Islamophobia. These and other pejoratives have permeated Canadian media presentation since the day Trudeau was placed into office.

For certain, there’s a method to the madness. For what purpose does a government tear down the historical identity of its own country? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie– because they are intent on building a brand new, “post-modern” model of national governance.

LGBT is an essential part of the plan. Only through grass-roots activism can this social scourge be overcome.

5 thoughts on “Listen LGBT-Promoters, Canadians Don’t Want What You Are Selling”

  1. (1) Naked homosexuals prancing around in public. Shaking their willies at children. No shame. Proud?? We should be thankful they don’t “perform.” No arrests. Handcuffs nowhere in sight. As Brad would say–“Pourquoi?” Answer: They are high on the list of Trudeau’s “privileged” class. We are living in perverse; unprecedented times. Something to ponder: “As it was in the days of righteous Lot (The tipping point of Sodom) so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man” (Luke 17: 29-30). Note: Slightly paraphrased from original.

    (2) “The federal government announced $1.7 million in funding for six LGBTQ rights groups in conjunction with the ceremony. Women, Gender Equality and Youth Minister Marci Ien announced emergency funding earlier this week to help cover rising security and insurance costs for Pride festivals.” Contrast this with Annette Lewis. Denied a life-saving organ transplant by the Alberta “Health” “Authorities.” She’s running out of time. People are crowd funding $600,000 US. (An American hospital has agreed to perform the ultra expensive surgery–Despite her “unvaxed” status.) Although a provincial responsibility; this poor woman should never have had to undergo such shabby; unscientific; immoral treatment. But hey! Lots of cash for “LGBT” gimme groups. Big “emergency.” But a woman’s life? Priorities! Burn in Hell the lot of you.

    • Thank you for posting this…you are so right….this PM has to go and damn fast…he is ruining this country, but lets hope and pray there are still enough Canadians who will do the right thing , and help each other , …….why should “LGBT” get bonuses and help from the government ?? They can still work like any other person, earn their damn money and pay for their own frigging their own little world…

  2. In this regard, “the Leger survey commissioned by the think tank found that 57% of Canadians agreed with informing parents while only 18% disagreed.”

    WTF do we do with these loogans who compose 18% of our society. They are incredibly stupid… Progressives who worship the Statist values is being too kind.

    This is a large enough, critical mass that can sway political direction as these morons have incredible amounts of energy. While fools like us are sitting on FB posting dumb memes thinking we’re doing something, getting ‘likes’ for endorphin hits, they’re out organizing, activating, voting, getting seats on school boards.


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