Like An End To Democracy, Mandatory Vaccines Are Inevitable In Canada

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“We’re not a country that makes vaccination mandatory,” stated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in May, 2021.

As 2022 begins, these comments are likely to transition to a fallacy. Trudeau’s pandemic pit bull Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos is now hinting at mandatory vaccinations for Canadians.

“We know that COVID-19 will be with us for many more months to come, maybe even many years,” he said in French.

Cultural Action Party believe him. It takes long term planning to fundamentally transform a country. Away from the media spotlight, this is now taking place in Canada.

Another Quebecois Liberal pit-bull has been on the case. In mid-2021, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault introduced internet censorship Bill C-36. It’s purpose is to “amend the Criminal Code to permit house arrest for any Internet user suspected on reasonable grounds of thinking they might commit an offence motivated by bias, prejudice or hate.”

Back in Covid-land, a breach of mandatory vaccination laws would result in heavy fines, or even jail time. Last week, the Canadian Armed Forces were deployed to accelerate vaccinations throughout the province of Quebec. In rural areas, the RCMP have been deployed for a similar purpose.

In the process, flagrant violations of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms violations go unchecked:

“There is a sense among the body politic that something is wrong. There is extreme, deep concern for our nation– they see it falling apart”

— Charter architect and former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford.

Establishment media have ignored Peckford’s warnings in totality. In general, not a word of questioning or push-back has emanated from CBC, Global News, National Post, or any other mainstream publication. Turns out media are no longer free to apply freedom of speech to their output.

Drawing these variables together delivers another message cast aside by media. Add it up, and what emerges are blatant signs and signals of an advancing form of neo-totalitarianism.

Try this experiment– extract the primary motive[Covid] from the equation, and focus only on related repercussions. The result is a litany of impediments on personal freedoms and individual rights. Otherwise known as an emulation of life within authoritarian and communist societies.

A look back at 20th century totalitarianism reveals the commonality. Social restrictions unfold in incremental fashion. Ever so methodically, step-by-step, impediments to personal freedom unfold.

It will take two weeks to get Covid under control. You will need a single jab. You will need two jabs. Make that two and a booster shot. There will be no lockdowns. Lockdowns have just been implemented. Mandatory vaccines are an impossibility.

It now appears vaccines will become mandatory. Let’s hear it for a proverbial, step-by-step implementation of authoritarian governance.

What was it that CAP stated upon the elevation of Justin Trudeau to the throne of Canada in 2015? Try this– “hear ye, hear ye, the end of democracy is nigh.”

As year 2022 unfolds, the pre-meditated stars unite in ethereal alignment. The days of democracy in Canada are numbered.

“We know that COVID-19 will be with us for many more months to come, maybe even many years.”

Government’s “many years” equating with the length of time it takes to decimate democratic governance in Canada.

7 thoughts on “Like An End To Democracy, Mandatory Vaccines Are Inevitable In Canada”

  1. Brad most of us get why you write about this despot wanna be dicktator but now is the time to write about how to dethrone the Messiah of Fools and shame his legion of lemmings.

    Most intelligent Canadians know what the Prime Idiot is trying to do but some need re-educating and encouraging words to get them back on track.

    The most common response when the destruction of Canada is mentioned is what can I do or there’s nothing I can do. People need hope in this time and direction. It would be great to see some written ideas on how to remove this cancer from Canada.

    • You’re input is appreciated, however the only legal manner to remove a PM is through a vote of non-confidence in the House.

      Meaning the public has NO SAY in the matter–typical in a false democracy such as ours.

      • Yes it would be hard to cut the head off the protected rotten snake but a campain of smearing and discrediting his band of braindead minions would be like starting at the tail and cutting off small pieces to start.

  2. “We [hope] that COVID-19 will be with us for many more [years] to come, maybe even [as long as we decide],”[Donald Ducklos (sic)] said in French.

  3. Canada is dead. They don’t care about marches. They ignore letters and petitions. The only thing that will make them stop is violence and that is not going to happen. Canadians are too compliant and polite.


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