Liberals Will “Continue Diplomacy With China, India” Says Foreign Minister Joly

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Responding to criticism of foreign policy decisions related to Canada’s relationship with China in September, 2023, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued the following proclamation:

“There’s no room for rapprochement with China,” stated the PM.

China has made decisions over the past years that have made it more difficult — not just for Canada but for other countries — to engage,” Trudeau said in an interview.

The word ‘reproach’ means to “express disapproval or criticism of.” Despite accusations of treason within his Parliamentary ranks as a result of the scathing NSICOP report ,  Trudeau’s Liberals have taken this moment to  pursue diplomatic relations with the government of China:

“Canada will continue to pursue diplomacy with foreign states accused of interfering in democratic institutions, including China and India,” stated Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly told Global News this week.

“With China specifically, she said there are still areas where the two countries can cooperate ‘when we must’ — such as climate change, health, artificial intelligence and geo-politics.”

CAP focus on her words “Canada will continue.” As in, the Liberal government under any and all circumstances– inclusive of foreign interference and accusations of treason among their ranks— will not change a damn thing in terms of foreign relations.

Add to it climate change policies, increases in carbon taxation, immigration, refugee intake, support for a Sikh-Khalistani state, LGBT advancement, abortion and Euthanasia.

In other words, it’s full steam ahead for every “core value” expounded by our Liberal government. A curious condition it is, particularly in light of the political opinions of Canadians.

“According to Abacus Data’s latest poll, [June 17th, 2024], the Trudeau Liberals enjoy the support of just 22% of voters, the lowest level Abacus has tracked them at since the 2015 election.”

Instead of taking responsibility, Justin Trudeau has chosen to attempt to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Canadian voters. Refusing to speak openingly of the culprits, the Liberals offer rationalizations for their sublimation of MPs accused of colluding with the governments of China, India, Iran and Pakistan.

Some interesting statistics in this regard:

Canadians voted to send 18 Sikhs to Parliament.  The 18 MPs were elected in the provinces of Ontario (10), British Columbia (4), Alberta (3) and Quebec (1). Of these, 13 belong to the Liberal party, four are from the Conservative party and one from NDP.” 

“Sikhs form approximately 2% of the population both in Canada and India, but their representation in politics is unmatched — Canada has 18 MPs of Sikh heritage whereas India just has 13 Sikh MPs in the Lok Sabha.”

Holy Cow– Canada has more Sikh MPs than India does. There are 24 million Sikhs in India, and 772,000 in Canada. We offer up some related commentary:

“Justin Trudeau said Monday[June 17th, 2024] he sees a new opening to engage with India in the wake of that country’s election.”

Welcome to the world of “business as usual.” 

What to make of Trudeau’s globalist stick-in-the-mud brand of political theatre? Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] offer our thoughts:

First, the idea that somehow– through nefarious means– our PM knows that the Liberals will remain in office, thereby permitting him to throw up his regurgitations in the faces of Canadian voters. Another thought is that Trudeau knows that his party will be slaughtered in a future election, so he may as well continue with what may qualify as treason until the moment he is removed from office.

Either way, our nation is caught is a political spider’s web of nightmarish proportions. All of which boil down to the following ominous conclusions.

The entire debacle is pre-meditated. Canada was earmarked for socio-political transformation decades ago. Justin Trudeau was installed as prime minister to institute a meltdown of democratic governance, to be replaced with a post-modern, “no core identity” socialist society.

These are giant claims, to be certain. Still, it’s difficult to deny one observation: the longer Trudeau remains national leader, the farther down the road of economic and democratic degeneration Canada travels.

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  1. Photo: The Whirling Dervishes doing a jig; celebrating the transfer of Christian founded Canada to Islam. “Allah” be praised! Subjugation for the “infidels;” the Whirling Dervishes excluded….For now. Subtext: Trudeau and his easy-to-dominate squeeze Jolly; with his estranged wife close at hand….Pleased as punch to be rid of him.


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