Liberals Using Quebec, First Nations To Dismantle English Canada

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“Only one day after Ottawa for the first time named an Indigenous person as lieutenant-governor of Quebec, the province’s National Assembly unanimously voted in favour of a motion calling for the abolition of the vice-regal position.”

“Manon Jeannotte, originally of the First Nation of Gespeg, a Mi’kmaq community on the Gaspé Peninsula, was named to the post on Thursday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It doesn’t take the ghost of Pierre Berton to deduce that political forces in Canada’s french nationalist province of Quebec maintain long-term animus toward the Anglophone-Canadian segment of our society.

Away from the media spotlight, a covert war continues to play out. In this, insiders could argue that for our Quebec-centric Liberal government, the battle on the Plains of Abraham never really ended.

Like the Liberals, mainstream media neglect to point toward a Liberal-Quebec tacit attack on English Canada. A primary tactic exists in the leveraging of First Nations issues focusing on what Trudeau & Team have transitioned to the epicentre of post-modern warfare.

Colonialism, and all its manifestations:

“Quebec Votes In Favour Of Abolishing Role Of Lieutenant-Governor”

“The function of lieutenant governor has no democratic legitimacy, reads the motion tabled and read Friday by QS MNA Sol Zanetti.

“Its origins remind us of a colonial period in our history which no longer has any anchor in modern Quebec.

Anchors away, indeed. Quebec nationalism– the only form of patriotism sanctioned by our Liberal government– are free to preserve and advance French culture in Canada.

In contrast, to display community pride from an Anglophone perspective falls under the category of “white supremacy.” What a trap this is for Canadians of European Heritage.

Justin Trudeau may not be an expert in pragmatic elements of Canadian society– proper fiscal planning, housing availability, heathcare or curbing inflation.

Yet, there is one skill he commands in spades: utilizing Canada’s various identifiable communities for the purpose of transitioning our country to a neo-communist, pseudo-authoritarian society.

CAP has spoke of the common denominator in the past. While Trudeau’s prefered societies– communist China, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, various Middle Eastern theocracies– fall outside the spectrum of democratic societies, none were founded by way of colonial expansionism.

Bingo. Justin Trudeau holds an ace-up-his-sleeve. Leveraging the Liberals massive intake of Muslim migrants, our nation is branded “Islamophobic.”

Turning away a boatload of political reactionaries from India via the century-old Komagata Maru incident, Canadians are labelled racist. Reaching back in history to the Chinese Head Tax, our nation is branded xenophobic.

Such wicked hate perpetrated against communities who played no role in historical prejudices. Heck, these people weren’t even alive at the time.

Doesn’t amount to a hill-of-beans for CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest of the Liberal’s paid-off mainstream press. Canadians are prejudiced against Blacks, Jews, Hindus. And, of course, our First Nations communities.

Even a school boy could deduce what legacy media refuse to acknowledge. Our Liberal government are jammed-packed with power people who derive from a French-Canadian background. Placing the phenomenon on steroids comes in the form of promoting a selection of foreign-born and half-citizens from the 3rd World to lord it over Anglophone Canada.

Consolidating the scenario, we come to understand the nature of a multi-faceted war upon English Canada, and its Anglo-European communities.

“Before her appointment, Jeannotte was director of First Nations executive education at the HEC Montreal business school. She previously spent 12 years serving in elected leadership roles in her community, first as a councillor and then as chief.”

First Nations, Quebecois– we stand witness as PM Trudeau hits the politically-correct button on behalf of communities who want to sever Canada’s relationship with Britain and the Crown.

This is one key reason why Justin Trudeau selected First Nations leader Mary Simon as Canada’s Governor General. She’s Indigenous, she’s not too bright, and very much malleable in terms the Liberal’s desire to sever ties from Britain in totality.

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] believe these people will ultimately succeed.  As willed by globalist forces supporting the Trudeau government, Canada will eventually cut ties with Britain.

The silver bullet to get the job done? Colonialism is the culprit:

“What Is Climate Colonialism? What to Know About Why Climate Change and Colonialism Are Linked”

There’s two main ways to look at climate change in the context of colonialism and, as the Conversation put it in an article published by Global Citizen:

“Connecting climate change to such acts of colonization involves recognizing that historic injustices are not consigned to history: their legacies are alive in the present.” 

Thinking of a quality description of the sentiment, CAP label this a “dangerous lie.” To say their “legacies are alive at present” constitutes an veiled attempt to demonize Canadians of European heritage, as well as rationalization for stealing the land back from big, bad whitey.

Climate change and colonialism. How Justin Trudeau it is. How Jagmeet Singh it is. How World Economic Forum, government of China, Liberal Party of Canada and World Health Organization.

We bring together what government and media purposefully keep in independant silos:

First Nations. Quebec. Islam. Sikhism. Colonialism. “Systemic” Racism. Critical Race Theory. Carbon Taxation. Climate Change. Social Equity.

All of it uniformly advanced by Canada’s “Bermuda Triangle” of Woke Liberal Globalism:

Government, Media, Academia. Let the war against English Canada proceed.

Place it all in a cooking pot, and heat until fully integrated. What emerges is a silent war against one particular segment of Canadian society.

Will they succeed? Hard to say, really. CAP believe they will, at least in the long term. Bringing about another critical piece in a puzzle hidden from the purview of the Canadian people:

“The Century Initiative”

“The world is changing at a rapid pace, and Canada is falling behind. Our population is aging, we’re having fewer children, and our workforce is shrinking. If we stay the course, Canada’s annual GDP growth will decline, along with our influence on the world stage.”

Enter, stage leftist, PM Justin Trudeau. Has the “world stage” not been his number one concern from day one in office?

“Growing our population to 100 million by 2100 would reduce the burden on government revenues to fund health care, old age security, and other services.”

It will also reduce a few other things. Namely, white Canadians will be transitioned to a fringe element of society. 100 million citizens means Anglophones will be reduced to a powerless minority.

As far as health care and old age security go, our communities will be lucky to even exist in the year 2123.

Every bit of it sublimated by establishment media. A sorry tale of covert warfare it is, but if Cultural Action Party don’t reflect on the situation, who will?

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  1. 6-8 months of canada is sitting at home waiting for the cold to go away, while the other 6 to 4 months (away from vancouver/victoria) is hoping to not be drenched in moisture from all the 90% humidity

    the life of canada sucks, for anyone. vancouver/victoria doesn’t suffer from the rest of canada’s climate problems, but that region requires a lot of money so most can’t go there.

    i bet you, if a lot of canadians and their families we’re allowed to move to the west of US or south of US… or even europe… a lot would take the ticket.

    life here is horrendous as hell. i’m either freezing my ass off or i’m melting while wearing almost no clothes. i fear going outside unless i can enter a car or other building with AC/heating.


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