Are Liberals Using Carbon Tax Increase To Push Canadians Into Rebellion?

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April 1st, 2024: ‘Countrywide Protests Against Carbon Tax Slated To Begin Monday’

“This is a peaceful event aimed at uniting Canadians for a common cause and we will be holding the line indefinitely until our mission objective is achieved.”

Without question, behaviour exhibited by those protesting against the Liberal government’s April 1st, 2024 Carbon Tax increase must keep themselves in check. It’s beyond critical that activists refrain from crossing over into physical violence.

As for “uniting Canadians,” it’s the last thing the current controllers of our society wish to witness– social division being weaponry in the woke globalist assault on freedom and democracy in Canada.

Call CAP nihilistic, but in our opinion, PM Justin Trudeau and partner-in-politics Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, very much desire that attendees commit illegal acts during the protests.

For what purpose? Cultural Action Party[est.2016] has touched on the topic in a recent article, so brevity is called upon.

The reason relates to federal election polls. Staring Trudeau and team in the face is the idea that a future election will wipe-them-off-the-map. Reduced in power to a smidgen of what once existed, backroom strategists are pushing panic buttons to come up with a remedy.

What to do? Considering extremities in the polls, in addition to near-certainty that a replacement for Mr. Trudeau will fail to improve electoral chances, few options remain. Based on the Liberal neo-authoritarian playbook instituted by our PM over the past eight-years, one option stands out above all:

Based on civil disobedience, PM Trudeau can invoke the Emergencies Act as a veiled attempt to instill what is otherwise known as “Martial Law.”

“Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule, and is usually invoked in time of war, rebellion, or natural disaster.”

At least a half-dozen articles have appeared recently in media suggesting public rebellion may be imminent. With the Carbon Tax protests now in action, the Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition could have this remedy in the back of their minds. All they may need is a few rowdy Canucks to get out of hand, and down comes the arm and hammer.

Sound like a condition found in communist and authoritarian societies to you? CAP will assume it does, because in reality, eight years of Liberal rule have brought Canada to the precipice of such a political nightmare.

“When martial law is in effect, the military commander of an area or country has unlimited authority to make and enforce laws.”

Including an ability to create a law to postpone a federal election? Bingo– problem solved.

To which we add a corollary: could it be that an across-the-board increase in Member of Parliament salaries on the same day as the Carbon Tax increase is designed to make a bad situation worse? Rubbing salt into the would, the more volatile citizens in society could cross the line into crime.

“The group is calling for the immediate removal of the carbon tax, without replacement by any other form of taxation…demonstrations will take place simultaneously at more than a dozen locations across the country.”

“The website includes a code of conduct for participants, urging them to refrain from violence and vandalism, dress appropriately for the weather and behave respectfully.”

They best adhere to the rules– the fate of our country may depend on it. Not that messaging of this nature will be disseminated by legacy media. In the pocket of government, media in Canada today function not unlike the press in China.

Working the will of government for the purpose of paycheck accumulation, the nature of media in Canada has been rewritten over the past decade. On an historical basis, media in western democracies delivered at least a semblance of unbiased, objective news information.

Those days are no more. In 2024, media work for government, as it is within nations that remain authoritarian in nature. Put it together in a political blender, and what is delivered reeks of a form of neo-communism, also known as socialism.

In Marxist theory, socialism is to be followed by “the real thing.”

Let us face a certain truth: no media organization, no publishers, editors or journalists in Canada will express these thoughts to the citizens of our country. Sadly, Canadians must figure it out for themselves.

CAP recommend they get to it right quick— the difference between democracy and dictatorship could well hang in the balance.

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  1. “Are Liberals Using Carbon Tax Increase To Push Canadians Into Rebellion?”

    — Certainly, IMHO, that would be the only remaining conclusion at this point in time for any “Canadians” with an IQ north of 65…!


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