Liberals Propose $20,000-$50,000 Fines For Online Hate Speech Violations

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The Trudeau government is proposing legal changes to reduce online hate speech, making it easier for the victims of hate speech to launch complaints.

According to CBC News, Bill C-36 “includes an addition to the Canadian Human Rights Act that the government says will clarify the definition of online hate speech and list it as a form of discrimination.”

Evan Balgord from the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said the bill largely addresses the gap that was left when Section 13 was repealed.

Section 13 was a provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act dealing with hate messages. The provision prohibited online communications which were “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt” on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination such as race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, etc.”

Complaints under this section were brought to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. If the Commission found sufficient evidence, the case would be heard by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Section 13 was repealed by Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in June 2013. This followed a campaign when a group of young Muslim law students attempted to use the human rights system to challenge alleged Islamophobia as communicated The Rebel founder Ezra Levant and American activist Mark Steyn. 

What is interesting in this scenario relates to culpability regarding hate speech in Canada. Throughout the process, Liberal Heritage Minister Stephen Guilbeault has emphasized a focus on the “major players” — Facebook, Netflix, Google and several others. According to media presentation, the bill is aimed at a retention of Canadian culture through an elevation of domestic content. The degree of punitive damages toward individuals were to fall between minimal and nothing at all.

Fascinating it is to discover what CBC News are now reporting regarding a bill recently tabled by the Trudeau government:

Bill C-36 includes an addition to the Canadian Human Rights Act that the government says “will clarify the definition of online hate speech and list it as a form of discrimination.”

“In cases in which the hate speech specifically identifies a victim, the person responsible could be ordered to pay the victim up to $20,000.”  A person who refuses to stop expressing hate speech could also be ordered to pay a fine of up to $50,000.”

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Suddenly, the punitive focus has transitioned to the individual citizen. Tucked into the mainstream article as it is, media have intentionally down-played the development. Let Cultural Action Party offer a hypothetical media headline which captures the essence of the situation:

“Canadian Citizens To Be Fined $20,000-$50,000 For Promotion Of Online Hate Speech.”

Now, that is a headline. Yet, it will not appear. Such as the structure of Liberal government-mainstream media relations exist in 2021 Canada. How will this effect the collective psyche of Canadians who indulge in personal expression on the internet?

The correct response is — fear.  By way of what is in reality a Canadian emulation of China’s Great Internet Firewall, the fear factor will linger in the minds of Canadians as they consider expressing their true feelings on the world wide web.

Speaking of living in fear, and its impact upon the consciousness of society, is this not what the Covid pandemic has established in ubiquity within Canadian society?

Is there any method of successful control and manipulation of a society superior to instilling fear among citizens? Why not ask China, the former Soviet Union, 20th Century European Fascism, Pol Pot, and Benito Mussolini? You name the despotic regime, and its citizens live in fear of government reprisal for potential “misbehaviour.”

Such as it has been instilled by PM Justin Trudeau within “no core identity” Canada. With establishment media under government control, an emulation of totalitarian governments of history continues to roll forward in the dying “Great White North.”

Trudeau’s methodology is rooted in a common denominator: in the name of protection of the people, incrementally erode freedom of expression until non-existent.

Message to Canadian citizens who violate these tenets of Liberal-Communism: do so with an awareness that the price to be paid runs between $20,000-$50,000 dollars.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

14 thoughts on “Liberals Propose $20,000-$50,000 Fines For Online Hate Speech Violations”

    • Of course. They’ve already got their enemies list drawn up, I’d expect.
      “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” – Lavrentiy Beria, Head of NKVD.

  1. Free Speech, Freedom and Common Sense is dead in Canada. Looks like Justine (not a spelling mistake) has finished the job his daddy PET (literal meaning as he was a puppet) started, Canada is no more.

    • Do you publish this crap just to piss off educated, reasonable Canadians, who don’t get caught in your whirlwind of hate – hate for the Trudeau family, hate for government in power, hate for people who don’t share your views, and I think hate for those who don’t live in For McMurray?

      • CAP publish what we believe to be the truth. If you want hate, simply turn to Trudeau’s attitude toward Anglophone Canada — Brad

  2. At the risk of becoming Captain Obvious–You can “take it to the bank” that even blatant internet hatred toward Christians/Christianity won’t be “protected” by any of this wax nose bumpf. Twist its serpentine provisions until kingdom come–Christians/Alt Right media need not launch any “hatred” complaints under Bill C-36. Categories covered: Snowflakes: Check. Muslims: Check. LGBT+. Check. Trannies: Check. Turdo’s Liberals: Check. Turdo’s master Xi-Jinping will give his chin stubble puppet an extra treat. Good Boy!!!! Give those Christians an extra whippin’.

  3. Mr. Dressup playing the role again? Justin Trudeau is the son of a ferret faced Marxist & the highest priced hooker on the lower mainland, a drama queen, a two tongued liar, a quasi-Roman, communist, socialist, Marxist, freak! Is what he is.


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