Liberals Promote Ramadan, Brand Easter “March Holiday Season”

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Definition, Microcosm

“Something, such as a place or an event, that is seen as a small version of something much larger.”

“The village is a microcosm of the whole country. The game was a microcosm of the entire season.”

With each year that passes under the auspices of Canada’s ruling Liberal government, a microcosm within society becomes more pronounced. Considering government and media’s approach to religious holidays, the differential has becomes progressively more prominent.

CAP speak of government-media’s approach to two religious celebrations: the Christian holiday of Easter, and Islamic holiday of Ramadan. The differences couldn’t be more glaring.

Each year, the 30-day holiday of Ramadan is treated with reverence by government. From a media perspective, it’s a time for fasting and introspection for practicing Muslims. In contrast, a basic internet search brings up a plethora of articles informing shoppers about Easter weekend discounts at big box retail stores, and the like.

What a strange “coincidence” it is. A statement from Liberal Minister of Diversity and Inclusion, MP Kamal Khera informs Canadians that: 

“Ramadan is also an opportunity to remind ourselves of our collective commitment and duty to uphold the value of peaceful coexistence and to stand up against hatred wherever and whenever we see it. Islamophobia, and all forms of hatred and discrimination, have no place in Canada.” 

“I wish all those observing a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.”

“Ramadan Mubarak”

Canada Post is a Crown corporation owned by the federal government. This month, the corporation said that Canadians can use their Ramadan holiday stamps to send greetings ahead of Eid al-Fitr, a festival in April that follows the 30-day celebration.

Let us juxtapose this with messaging issued this week from Veterans Affairs, a division of our Liberal government:

“Veterans Affairs Canada Trolled For ‘Politically Correct’ Easter Tweet: Happy March Holiday Season”

How’s that for “progressive” Liberal government politics? We stand witness as Orwellian “wordspeak” enters the political picture. Easter, recognized in Christianity as the time period in which Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, is reduced to a generic piece of religious non-identity.

For what reason would a microcosm of this nature exist? A darn good question it is, therefore we know that leading journalists in Canada–most of whom derive from a secular or religious Christian background– will write not a word on the topic.

In light of this, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] take a stab at the meaning of this tell-tale microcosm.

Much of its symbolism can be found in a statement we have harped on since the day PM Justin Trudeau seized control of Canada. Once again, that old bugaboo “post-modern” society comes a’calling.

As implied, post-modernism  focuses on the future. The concept sets aside the importance of “tradition,” as well as relevance of historical identity and national heritage. Within western democratic societies, political conservatism seeks to uphold traditional structures and social values.

It’s no exaggeration to conclude that the ruling Liberals place no value in the latter. For Trudeau, it’s all about the future. As in, prodding and pushing Canada toward a socio-political condition that no one asked for, or voted for.

“In 2021, over 19.3 million people reported a Christian religion, representing just over half of the Canadian population (53.3%). This proportion is down from 67.3% in 2011, and 77.1% in 2001.”

Justin Trudeau knows this. Indulging in CAP paranoia, we speculate that the PM and his Liberal cohorts are knowingly contributing to the rapid decline.

From 2001 to 2021, community populations rose from 2.0% to 4.9% for Muslims, from 1.0% to 2.3% for Hindus, and from 0.9% to 2.1% for Sikhs.

While rapid growth is occurring, those celebrating Ramadan account for less than 5% of Canada’s demography. Wouldn’t it therefore make more sense for government to emphasize Easter over Ramadan, seeing as StatsCan claims Christian Canadians come in at ten times the number of Muslims?

Why would it not be the case? Again, we come back to Trudeau’s “post-modern” proclamation. Government have rendered Canada’s historical identity meaningless. Do the Liberals know what the general population does not? Likely it is the case.

They know that Christianity is dead in the water, and that 3rd World immigrants will one day surpass white Canadians in terms of percentage of population. They know it– but never do they pass on this information to our citizenship so all of us can understand the truth about our country, and its future.

Within the political realm, this is known as “subterfuge.” If legacy media are working the will of government, they are relieved of informing Canadians of a vital fact:

Justin Trudeau’s transitory agenda for our country is rooted in Marxist and communist ideology.

“Democracy has been criticized as inefficient and a creator of wealth disparity. It is criticized as a system that allows the uninformed to make decisions with equal weight as the informed, and one which allows for oppression of minorities by the majority.”

True or False? Since coming to power in 2015, the Liberals have pushed the “oppression of minorities” ticket like a bat out of hell.

“In its ideological form, communism has no governments. However, it considers a dictatorship to be a necessary intermediate stage between capitalism and communism.”

True or False? Justin Trudeau is the most dictator-like PM in Canadian history.

“Communism has always fallen into single party control over society. This can be due to its basic structure of consolidating all the power and resources, but then they are never relinquished to the people.”

While not a single party(not yet), the Liberal-NDP supply and confidence agreement is indicative of single party control.

“Government in a communist-state is the agent of change rather than any market or desire on the part of consumers.”

Is this not the exact state-of-affairs? The Liberals are purveyors of socio-political transformation, while the market(economic) conditions at present have sunk to their worst condition in decades.

“Private property in communism: the concept of property is negated.”

Housing affordability is at its worst condition in decades.

The signs along the pathway exist for all to see– but generally speaking, Canadians do not see it. Back to the future of national identity:

“Critics, and there were many online, noted the post skirted around mentioning the Easter Christian holiday celebrated around the world both culturally and religiously.”

As Conservative MP for Oshawa, Colin Carrie put it: “Respectfully, this was beyond silly.”

A typical lightweight comment from a hapless Canadian MP. The situation is not merely “silly”–  it’s nation-changing, and democracy-eroding. That is, for millions of citizens derived from our rapidly shrinking white Christian populations.

In 2023, in “no core identity” Canada, Christianity represents the past, while 3rd World communities signify the future.

In this dynamic we recognise a cogent fact: Justin Trudeau is a communist. As such, the man has no concern for any aspect of society that doesn’t contribute to  Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

4 thoughts on “Liberals Promote Ramadan, Brand Easter “March Holiday Season””

  1. CAP quote: “In 2021, over 19.3 million people reported a Christian religion, representing just over half of the Canadian population.” Three years ago; fifty percent. Thirty years ago; eighty-three percent. “A few numbers should illustrate the plight of Christianity in the 21st Century. In the 1991 census, 83 per cent of Canadians identified themselves as Christian.” Source article:

    Tellingly; the relevant Statistics Canada numbers for the years preceding the rise of the enchanter P. E. Trudeau have “disappeared.” (P. Trudeau; supposed father of J.T; entered federal politics ca.1968.) One can reasonably assume that the numbers in the years/decades preceding Trudeau’s ascendancy to political office were above ninety percent. That number would mirror the percentage of (gasp) White; European descended Canadians. (Close to ninety-eight percent.) Note: I can personally attest to have seen this figure. I can no longer find the table on the StatsCan website.

    The inborn tendency of the clay (us) to push away the Potter (The living God of the Bible), and the unilaterally imposed; Third World sourced “multiculturalism”–(Inviting their foreign gods)–Are two of the driving forces moving the “post-Christian” needle toward Trudeau’s playground.

    As Bob Dylan sang; The times they are a-changin’. Not for the better; unless you’re a Trudeauphile.

  2. Treason pays extremely, and increasingly…VERY well in Blackface’s “Post National Bananada going on nine straight years now!

    Fat April 1 raises yet again for the pigs from Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, whilst the peasants get further hosed with arbitrary slush-fund “climate change” taxes, and are lined up secretly but carefully for future longterm jail sentences for “hate speech” (aka ‘free speech’) 🙄.

  3. PS

    ONLY the mentally challenged b*stard commie offspring of a bona fide bar-star “flapper” and either of two hardcore marxist “stepfathers” could possibly be legendarily idiotic enough to sport “Eid Mubarak” rainbow Islamic-themed socks at an in-your-face, prancing homosexual parade!

    …AND…the bought-and-paid-for quisling Cdn msm painted it as a male-feminist national treasure for its tone-deaf lunacy!

    You couldn’t make this sh$t up, seriously!



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