Liberals Preparing Canadians For China-Derived Digital ID, Social Credit

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When Canadian authorities are out to push citizens into compliance, they utilize a well-worn method: informing citizens that “our country is falling behind.” When it comes to Digital ID adoption, it is simply not the case.

The Liberal government are making significant strides forward in Digital ID implementation. Apart from China— founding nation of social credit-based digital ID – few nations of the world are further along the path than ours. In Canada, British Columbia is considered the leading jurisdiction on digital identity, followed by Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.

In terms of negative impact, Brett Solomon from tech stalwart Wired Magazine had the following to say back in 2018:

“As someone who has tracked the advantages and perils of technology for human rights over the past ten years, I am nevertheless convinced that digital ID, writ large, poses one of the gravest risks to human rights of any technology that we have encountered.”

“This isn’t just about efficiency and market share. In places like Syria and Jordan, refugees are often displaced without an identity. Giving them proof of who they are can improve their settlement, financial security, and job prospects in foreign lands.”

In 2022, Digital ID is a global inevitability. The technology is going to implemented in Canada, and sooner than later. Our Liberal government wouldn’t have it any other way. DID represents the commodification of Canadians. This is, without question, the apple of Justin Trudeau’s eye. Six-plus years in office  deliver credence to a vital observation: if a practice is derivative of communist ideology, Justin Trudeau will be all over it.

“Governments seek to digitize their citizens in an effort to universalize government services, while the banking, travel, and insurance industries aim to create more seamless processes for their products and services.”

How perfectly aligned with Woke Liberal ideology. Positioned as the greatest benefit to a country since sliced bread, an upside for government is light-years beyond public benefit. Digital ID is, in truth, one giant leap for people-kind. That is, the kind which hold public office for Trudeau’s Liberals, as well as the prime minister himself.

Canadians become the entity our neo-communist government most desire– trackable human cargo to be rewarded or punished based on “public performance.” This is the essence of China’s Social Credit system. Adhere to the will of government– inclusive of ideological beliefs– and receive high marks on your social credit score.

Invert the behaviour, and witness as punitive damages are administered. Not just toward the individual, but their family, businesses, and other personal rights.

Of course, legacy media in Canada will not position Digital ID in this manner. How could they, when CBC, CTV, National Post and the rest have thus held back the coming storm of Digital ID/Social Credit.

The moment has not yet arrived. Not because Canadians don’t have the right to understand, but rather because the Liberals instruct media not to so. Reality will be rolled out in due time– after systems are fully in place.

“Digital identity is a top file in the government. I think we’ve got a coalition of the willing at the political level.”

Interesting that someone thinks so– because 38 million Canadians do not. Apart from a smattering of media references, mainly via the Toronto Sun,— the magnitude of digital citizenship control is being downplayed big-time.

From day one of the Trudeau regime, CAP predicted the rise of neo-communism in Canada. A deliverer was chosen, and everything has gone according to plan since that fateful moment.

The future is being mapped out before us. Every bit of it devoid of the desires of Canadians. All aspects falling outside parameters of authentic Liberal governance. Justin Trudeau admiration of China has morphed into replication of their political system.

It can only go up,up,up from here.

6 thoughts on “Liberals Preparing Canadians For China-Derived Digital ID, Social Credit”

  1. “In Canada, British Columbia is considered the leading jurisdiction on digital identity, followed by Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.” No surprise. In a nutshell; these provinces are run by horrid people. Alberta–Bait and switch. Albertans voted for a conservative premier; they got a Globalist. Ontario–Again; Bait and switch.

    They voted Conservative provincially; they got a Trudeau globalist/communist. Ontario “Premier” Doug Ford is a Trudeau/Freeland sycophant. Quebec–Sorry; but they should have separated long ago. They’re an economic, and social mess.

    Supported in vain w/ billions of our tax dollars. Their controlling millionaire Premier Legault is a Trudeau clone. Which one is worse? This is a domino match. Most of the world will fall, and come under the satanic digital identity shackles.The once free West leads the pack. Truly an insane sight to behold.

  2. The implementation of digital id is going to produce a very interesting situation in my case because, by choice, I have no address and no phone.

    And I might mention that in response to Trudeau’s mere threat made months ahead grabbing peoples’ bank accounts, I also have no bank account long before he grabbed bank accounts.

    So, no name, no address and no phone and no bank account – that will look very interesting on any digital id.

  3. I also meant to state that when Trudeau declared that Canada has no core Identity, I decided to imitate his coreless Canada.

  4. Justin Trudeau took an unprompted jab at his main political rival today over a Senate porn bill that the prime minister says could usher in a digital ID for adults who want to browse certain websites.


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