Liberals, NDP Approve Euthanasia For Minors In Canada

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“Canada’s assisted dying laws should be expanded to include minors, a parliamentary committee has recommended in a report tabled in the House of Commons.”

 “The special joint committee of MPs and Senators concluded that minors deemed to have the appropriate decision-making capacity should be eligible for assisted death.”

Welcome to systemic assisted death for Canadian youth. AMAD, a special joint committee for analysis of MAiD, consists of ten members of Parliament. Five are Liberal, one is NDP, and four are Conservative.

What a shock it is to realize that the combined Liberal-NDP vote wipes out the Conservative contingent. In fact, this is exactly what has occurred, as the Liberal government of Canada move one step closer to totalitarian governance in the dying Great White North.

What have we become? Sanctity of life– a fundamental of Christian morality– has been thrown out the window by Justin Trudeau and his quirky, odd-ball Minister of Justice, David Lametti.

Seems some politicians are never satisfied. Physical illness not good enough for ya? Must expand systemic human expiry to mental illness. Age 18 not satisfactory? Must lower minimum age to any age at all.

CAP has to wonder about the level of sanity emanating from Trudeau and team. When it comes to justice, David Lametti has gone and transitioned Euthanasia to next door to eugenics policies maintained by the Nazis in World War II.

Truth be told, it’s not just the physically or mentally ill or poor Canadians who are dying. It is, in fact, our country as a whole. As Cultural Action Party anticipated from day one, the introduction of Justin Trudeau as catalyst would serve as the starting point for Canada’s crossover to an authoritarian state.

With the latest development, CAP abandon all thought that our country can be saved from morphing into a communist dictatorship.

“The recommendations to expand MAiD eligibility were among 23 proposed changes to improve Canada’s assisted-dying regime made by the special committee.”

At least they got one thing right– it is a regime. One key driver of youth expiration policy happens to  a Trinidadian-Canadian politician and physician named Hedy Fry. She is currently the longest-serving female Member of Parliament, winning ten consecutive elections in the constituency of Vancouver Centre.

Ten election victories in a row for the “good doctor,” culminating with her crowning glory: assisted suicide for the very young. The entire situation drips with pathos as Trudeau’s Liberals and Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party control mechanisms of life and death for Canadian citizens.

“Members of Parliament are expected to pass a government bill during the present sitting to delay that expansion until March 2024.”

“Federal officials have said a one-year delay is needed to allow the federal government to develop practice standards and clinical expectations for physicians and nurse practitioners who administer MAiD to complex cases involving mental illness.”

Can you get to that? Government has to pass legislation to create a delay in market expansion for Canada’s assisted dying industry. Of course, they’ll be back.

From sunny ways to the dark days of neo-totalitarian governance. And to think it passed the mustard based on an individual NDP member of Parliament. It’s what the Trudeau-Singh political pact has brought to our nation.

CAP condemn the entire affair. After which we do the math:

Justin Trudeau + Jagmeet Singh = Canada’s transition to a communist authoritarian state.

4 thoughts on “Liberals, NDP Approve Euthanasia For Minors In Canada”

  1. “O Canada” should be replaced by “Danse Macabre” (Dance of Death)—With Fuhrer Trudeau’s “Cabinet” representing the dancing skeletons. This symphonic poem is actually meant to portray the equalizing power of death; but the imagery equally applies to Turdo. Come to think of it; replace the skeletons with demons. Much more appropriate.

    Perpetual MP Head Fried–This venomous snake has been slithering around a long time. Too long. She “won” ten elections in Vancouver? Masochistic voters. “Dr.” Head Fried was ahead of her time; almost a harbinger. She’s now in her element; wallowing in Turdo’s manufactured excrement.

    Danse Macabre–The Dance of Death. RIP present and future victims of Trudeau’s extermination policy. RIP Canada.


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