Liberals, Media Create Partnership To Crush Poilievre’s Conservatives

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A confrontation between fresh-minted Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre and a mainstream media journalist sets the tone for our analysis.

At a gathering of reporters, Poilievre’s press handler, Anthony Koch, said longtime newshound David Akin told him to tell Poilievre “to go have carnal relations with himself.”

On social media, Koch states that  Akin dropped the F-bomb in expressing his sentiment.

Over the course of his 40-year journalism career, David Akin has written for the National Post, was a contributing writer for The Globe and Mail, and served as Parliamentary Bureau Chief for Sun Media. He has also been a parliamentary correspondent for CTV National News.

A microcosm for the condition of Canadian society it is. Since Justin Trudeau became prime minister, our country has undergone a fundamental shift in institutional structure. In 2022, the battle lines have been drawn:

Any future election pits not one, but two opponents against the Conservative opposition. We speak of synergy between our Liberal government and legacy media. Based on government(taxpayer) funding of over 1000 media outlets, establishment media today work for the Liberal Party of Canada.

CAP offer an example of how they roll. Splashed across the pages of CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Global News this week is a story informing readers that a upon hearing Pierre Poilievre had been appointed party leader, Quebec MP Alain Reyes defected from the Conservatives. It’s a minor story with a major purpose. As it happened, the Poilievre victory was a landslide:

“It was a commanding first-ballot victory for Pierre Poilievre as the Conservative leadership race reached its crescendo on Saturday night in Ottawa. Poilievre took 68% of the points needed to win, eclipsing second-place candidate Jean Charest with 16%.”

While the new CPC leader basked in momentary glory, it took but hours for the press to begin to tear down his decisive victory. Upon which we delve into media methodology designed to thwart Mr. Poilievre’s chances of becoming prime minister.

The process involves a pre-determined agenda of attack. Being a fiscally-oriented political figure, the Con Party leader plans to attack the Liberals based on pragmatic issues like inflation, personal debt, national deficit, and the like.

Media respond by poking holes in his plans. They’ve only just begun. Where the rubber hits the road lies in the distant, or not-so-distant future. As we move closer to election time, CBC begin to unroll the big guns in the form of the tried-and-true “race card.”

Taken straight from Liberal back-room strategy, by the time a federal election arrives media will have Poilievre right where they want him. Either he, or those who support him, are racists. Should not enough racialized faces appear at his rallies, it’s a sign that his supporters are white supremacists.

Even before the writ is dropped, the press depict the Conservatives as a fragmented and divided party. The in-fighting is out of control. Progressive in nature, CTV and Global News  begin to tag the Cons with the anti-abortion label. Their subtext is clear as mud– the party is filled with right-wing zealots. Xenophobic in nature, Pierre Poilievre will lead our country toward a replication of Donald Trump’s America.

We note the contrast with a political vehicle Justin Trudeau has hired to lock him in as PM until late 2025. Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party is that necessary vehicle. Falling from 46 seats in 2015 to a present-day count of 25 seats in Parliament, Mr. Singh must have performed some kind of magic act within the party.

The NDP has is zero internal division. Not once has media commented on any element of negativity within the annals of the socialist-oriented party. A work of perfection, are they? Of course not. We add a third component to the war on Western Canadians and Conservatives.

Graduating to a Liberal-NDP-Media conglomerate, astute Canadians begin to get the political picture. Old School politics is dead. In its stead, we have an ersatz Liberal-NDP-CBC Party of Canada.

It is stuff of which federal elections are won in perpetuity. In other, words, the making of a Liberal Dictatorship. Behind the walls of the PMO, it is the Fed’s number one agenda. iIt is also the reason that Trudeau will censor the internet come hell or high water.

Liberalism versus Globalism– that’s the true ticket in Canadian election land. Both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are political ideologues. That their ideas are underpinned with communist methodology is almost completely misunderstood within Canadian society.

Can media kill the Cons chances for victory in a future federal election? They have done so in the past. Stephen Harper, Andrew Scheer, Erin O’Toole. In each case, either the man himself was a racist, or their followers fall into the category.

Every bit of this being pre-conceived. The Liberals will do anything to gain victory. Because media stay clear of the neo-communist nature of the agenda, they are freed from confessing to a fundamental of the plot.

Liberals are an ideologically-based political party. They haven’t won based on fiscal prudence. In no manner have their victories been rooted in pragmatic issues. Rather, it is racism, gender, homosexuality, euthanasia, abortion and transgender which colour the palette of their quasi-communist agenda.

Media are hiding this from Canadians. Paid by Justin Trudeau to do so, an obfuscation exists which fails to inform voters that the Liberal’s ideological agenda is lifted from 20th century authoritarian governments. CAP doesn’t have to look very far to find an example. It is in communist societies that government and media work as a team. One of the premier examples being the nation of China.

With governance rooted in Marxist dogma, the Chinese government know all about manipulation of the mind by way of the press. In 2022, Trudeau and the Liberals are emulating the dynamic to deceive the public.

When in doubt, play the race card. In order to appear progressive, update it with  gender and transgender cards. Use racism to throw a wrench into the machinations of society, fragmenting our pluralist community structure to eliminate chances of social cohesion Canadians.

It’s Marxism 101, and it’s our Canada under our Liberal-Socialist Occupational Government. With mainstream media and neo-liberal Jagmeet Singh as partners, Justin Trudeau continues to transition society a condition not a single Canadian asked for, or voted for.

Media call this “democracy.”

6 thoughts on “Liberals, Media Create Partnership To Crush Poilievre’s Conservatives”

  1. David Akin a communist operative of CTV could not stop Pierre Poilievre because this journalist lives a soviet lie. Pierre Poilievre has the truth and is courageous enough with faith to know that when he is Prime Minister, he will defund CBC and CTV having NO recourse.

  2. It’s time that All Canadians stop buying Any of the mainstream newspapers and Stop supporting Any company that advertises in them and on Global, CTV and CBC

  3. The childish; boorish “journalist” Akin–Gave the first public display of Poilievre Derangement Syndrome. I hope Global “News” censures him. Fat chance. He’ll get an extra helping of poutine–and a pat on the head–from his vile political master.

  4. Soon, every time you wish to comment on the Liberal Government, (or Justin Trudeau), you will need a can of paint, a piece of chalk or a magic marker. Why? Because soon, only the subway walls and tenement halls will be where truth prevails.


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