Liberals, Media Conspire To Destroy Conservatism In Alberta

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Throughout the past decade, political battles in our country have transitioned to a new platform. Unbeknownst to the people of Canada– away from the media spotlight– a tacit political attack is taking place.

In terms of federal politics, partisanship once existed in a binary condition: the Liberal Party of Canada versus the Conservative Party of Canada. The only other major player, the New Democratic Party, has never formed a federal government.

With the ascension of Justin Trudeau to his political throne in 2015 came a transition in political dynamics. Today, it’s no longer Liberals vs. Conservatives. Our post-modern political format runs along these lines:

Liberals/NDP/Canadian Media against the Conservative Party. As such, mainstream media can no longer be trusted to deliver objective political information. Sure, they’ll condemn Trudeau’s Liberals in terms of pragmatic policy– fiscal deficits, federal budgets et al.

But the holy grail of Liberal politics– the ideological, the woke machinations, climate change, immigration, multiculturalism, LGBT, abortion, euthanasia– forget about it.

Within this context, the province of Alberta stands as the woke’s warriors greatest adversary. So much so that a covert agenda of political conversion goes unrecognised:

The transition of Alberta to a Liberal province. Signs along the pathway include some curious examples. Naheed Nenshi as Mayor of Calgary for three terms straight. The appointment of his successor, Jyoti Gondek to continue the woke transition of the Liberal government’s nemesis province.

Add to it the absurdity that is Amarjeet Sohi as Mayor of Edmonton. How did this guy win the election? He is, after all, a former member of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet. Are common sense Canadians to believe this character was favoured among Edmontonians, who came out in droves to vote for an ex-Liberal Member of Parliament?

CAP doesn’t believe it. Call us paranoid, but we say that Sohi was fast-tracked into office for a specific purpose: as part of a premeditated plan to convert Alberta away from its traditional foundation as a Conservative province.

The people may well remain in the land of conservatism, but the federal Liberals have other ideas. First, plant a string of Liberal puppets into office on a municipal level. Next, go after the Premiership. Which is exactly what media are doing as we speak:

Calgary Herald: ‘The UCP’s Quest For Public Amnesia Over Danielle Smith’s Opinions And Positions’

“Preacher Artur Pawlowski is an indelible part of Smith’s recent past, and maybe the future. After being convicted Tuesday for his offences at the Coutts blockade, he promised to reveal full details of his January phone call with [Premier Danielle] Smith.”

“Feeling betrayed, he has already slotted her into his political category of snakes, scorpions and vipers.”

Ouch. Boy oh boy, do media ever want Danielle Smith to lose the upcoming Alberta election. Their choice is Rachel Notley, tired-ass advocate of everything Justin Trudeau wants for the future of Canada.

From Cultural Action Party’s point-of-view, Rachel Notley is Justin Trudeau. A federal Liberal-New Democratic Party agreement  signed by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to lock-in Trudeau as PM until late 2025 attests to the theory.

If Notley wins– which we believe she will– Alberta’s political conversion takes a giant leap forward. While the people of the province remain conservative, the political infrastructure will have been transitioned to Liberalism.

Winner: NDP, Liberals, China, Trudeau, Singh, Sikhism, World Economic Forum, Sohi, Gondek, Nenshi and the rest of the woke liberal cabal. Too bad Canadians don’t see it this way. The reason why comes in the form of government-media collusion.

“Rachel Notley Is Alberta’s Real Progressive Conservative”

In terms of woke journalism in Canada, you can’t do any better than National Observer’s Max Fawcett, whose views are so anti-Canadian he must have been incubated in a globalist bubble.

Fawcett’s animus toward conservatism, Alberta, UCP, Danielle Smith et al is a sight to behold. In short, he hates every bit of it. Gushing over Rachel Notley, Mr. Fawcett sets his sights on the one he despises: current Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

One has to understand the mentality. The one thing Liberals and their media puppets hate is when politicians work for the benefit of their constituents. Woke warriors can’t stand such a thing. To them, Canadian politicians must work for nations other than Canada.

Syria, Afghanistan, Khalistan(Jagmeet Singh), China(Justin Trudeau), and a host of other so-called “developing” nations. These writers are a strange lot. Like Trudeau himself, they loathe any display of nationalism– in Canada. It’s all well and good for Iran, Pakistan and India. But within our country? It’s the plague of the millennium.

In other words, legacy media in Canada work an agenda of political inversion. Canada is racist, homophobic, xenophobic and the rest. In contrast, we hear nothing but the sounds of silence over the fact that Iran is rated the most racist country on earth.

“The Coutts blockade, remember, included a group of heavily armed men making threats against law enforcement that included conspiracy to commit murder.”

Can you get to that? Snakes, scorpions, vipers, murderers. “So let it be written, so let it be done.” Not since the crucifixion on Calvary have such slings and arrows of bitter condemnation coloured the written pages of political commentary.

It’s all so much idiocy, but no joke. Media want what the Liberals want– the demise of Conservatism in Alberta; the planting of the NDP’s Rachel Notley as Premier.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, establishment media want what’s worst for our country. For CAP, it comes in the form of a Liberal-NDP-Media partnership, headed up by PM Trudeau, and conditioned with a cast of characters working on what we call Canada’s “Woke Revolution.”

There is no place for Conservatism within this post-modern structure. The Liberal-NDP-Media cabal want it destroyed. With dollar bills as an incentive, mainstream media continue to play “wipe-out” against all things conservative in the dying Great White North.

3 thoughts on “Liberals, Media Conspire To Destroy Conservatism In Alberta”

  1. “[Legacy Medias’] choice is Rachel Notley, tired-ass advocate of everything Justin Trudeau wants for the [cultural genocide] of [White/Christian/1867-2014] Canada.” Knothead–The Alberta equivalent to the equally abhorrent ex Ontario premier “Mr.” Kathleen Gwynne. (She once asked a reporter to address her as “Mr.”) It seems that Gwynne proudly “wore the pants” in a same-sex relationship. Under Wynne’s dead hand; Ontario went from being the economic engine of Canada–To selling pencils on a street corner. It fares no better under the corpulent Premier Doug Ford; Known Trudeau sycophant.

  2. I would submit that the forces that are now unified under the Notley banner have learned well from their Kenney-era mistakes. They are not campaigning like they are still in the Lougheed or Klein years (especially since those two are not alive anymore). She might not understand economics but she sure as sugar understands politics.

    By contrast, the Smith campaign is running with an understanding of economics but not of politics. She is still treating “debt” like a dirty 4-letter word. In a full-blown socialist era where the inevitable is losing its patience at being denied their day (what was it the Iron Lady said about socialism again?), this is not the position any savvy candidate for the top job wants to find herself in.


  3. Commie loving Marxist’s bent on destruction of western conservative values in Canada. These ingrates stop at nothing to push their physicopathic ideology on the west and the world.

    Knothead tried to destroy Alberta the last time. She went after families, ranchers, farmers, oil and gas, and other business people alike. Like a tin pot dictator, she went after the grassroots fabric of our society that no one saw coming before she was elected.

    This 5th column closet communist loving usurper can not be trusted. Be warned, Alberta!!


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