Liberals Ignored U.S. Reports On Chinese Interference For Decades

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Speaking on the topic of Chinese government influence, former military and RCMP intelligence official Scott McGregor stated that “Canada was aware of these threats for 25 years and has allowed them to manifest.”

The longevity of China’s influence on Canadian politics, business and education has long been a focal point for Cultural Action Party of Canada. The history of Canada-China relations, and more specifically Liberal Party-Chinese government collusion, is in no way limited to the current election interference scandal.

“The memo expresses alarm over Beijing’s influence over legitimate enterprise; it mentions, in a passing reference, the existence of FBI biographies for several Canadian business leaders from that era, as well as a Canada-China business group.”

A former CIA official and expert on Chinese espionage tactics states that “from my perspective it’s like, welcome to the party, Canada. You’ve woken up,” said Nicholas Eftimiades. “It’s amazing it’s gone on so long.”

To be forthright, CAP are less than amazed that it’s gone on so long. Most Canadians are unaware of the period of time that China has been meddling in Canada’s affairs.

“BMO Financial Group has been building relationships in China, almost as long as the bank has been in business. Merely three months after its opening in 1817, the bank undertook its first foreign exchange transaction in support of trade with China in 1818.”

In 2004, BMO became the first Canadian bank to be granted a license by the China Banking Regulatory Commission.  Six years later, in 2010, the former Bank Of Montreal  received approval from the China Banking Regulatory Commission to become the first and only Canadian bank to incorporate a wholly-owned subsidiary bank in Mainland China – Bank of Montreal (China) Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1978, the Canada-China Business Council says they have been “the leading voice of Canada-China businesses for over 40 years.”

These forty years weave a tale of intrigue which has eluded Canadians for just as long. A list of founding members includes the most powerful of what has been termed the “Laurentian Elite”— the rich and powerful of Quebec— most of which have direct ties to the Liberal Party of Canada:

BMO Financial Group, SNC Lavalin, CITIC, Barrick Gold, Power Corp, Bombardier.

Beginning to see the light? Readers may recall the SNC-Lavalin scandal that broke out subsequent to Justin Trudeau’s attainment of the position of Canadian prime minister.

Less well known is the fact that Canada-China Business Council was founded by the Demarais family of Quebec, “good family friends” of the Trudeaus, and billionaire owners of Power Corp.

Several former Canadian prime ministers have occupied a position on the management team or on the board of Power Corporation. Former prime minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau served in the mid-1990s on Power Corp.’s international advisory board.

Former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin was hired in the 1960s to work for Paul Desmarais Sr. by political power-player Maurice Strong. Ex- Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien sat on the board of Power Corp. subsidiary Consolidated Bathurst in the late 1980s, before he became the leader of the Liberal Party. Chrétien’s daughter  is married to the son of Paul Desmarais,

Power Corp.’s international advisory board has featured individuals such as  oil minister of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani.

For what purpose have these details been held back from the common knowledge of Canadians? Has media pulled the wool over the eyes of our citizenship regarding a tacit Liberal-Quebec-Trudeau-China operative that has served as a catalyst for the current election interference scandal? Has Canadian media refrained from exposure as influenced by the Liberal Party of Canada?

Michel Juneau-Katsuya may believe so. He is lead author of a report for joint CSIS-RCMP probe called Operation Sidewinder.

“His project was scrapped by senior CSIS officials in 1997, much to the annoyance of the RCMP, and copies of his report were ordered destroyed.  But a surviving draft version was leaked and its claims resemble those in the purported U.S. memo from 1998.

While evidence was purposefully destroyed in Canada, the United States began a decades-long probe into illicit Canada-China political and economic connections.

We come to understand PM Justin Trudeau’s reluctance to call for an official public inquiry into the Chinese election interference scandal. It well appears this man has a choice: to sell out the Liberal-Quebec China money cabal, or to lie to every Canadian citizen in existence.

For crying out loud– even the Royal Hong Kong Police gave up trying to alert Canada.

“Their position was: there’s no point giving intelligence to Canadians. Because we just ignored it. Nothing was being done.”

Pourquoi? Blame it on the “usual suspects”– Money, Power, Greed, and all the rest of the sordid detail that makes the Liberal-China scandal the Canadian crime of the century.

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