Liberals Fail To Counter Election Interference From China, India, Iran

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Sardonically stated, Canada’s Liberal Government has been caught with their hands in the globalist cookie-jar:

“An unknown number of federal politicians are knowingly working with hostile countries to interfere in Canada’s democracy, according to a national security committee of Parliament.”

Information contained in the NSICOP report focuses on the threat of foreign interference in Canada’s democratic processes and institutions:

This chapter describes the primary threat actors and outlines the four main tactics that these states have used since 2018, specifically:

* Covertly influencing the opinions and positions of voters, ethnocultural communities and parliamentarians.

* Leveraging relationships with influential Canadians.

* Exploiting vulnerabilities in political party governance and administration,

* Deploying a variety of cyber tools to attain specific objectives. 

Sounds pretty darn comprehensive to CAP. Clearly, this is no flash in the political pan. It speaks directly to the erosion and undermining of democracy in Canada. It suggests that the past three federal elections have been tainted by the poison of political manipulation from nations such as China, India and Iran.

Other implications are hereby cultivated— the idea that PM Justin Trudeau was aware, and potentially complicit in the election interference. After all, the results worked in his favour.

“In one case, a parliamentarian allegedly provided confidential government information to a known intelligence officer of a foreign state. It’s not clear if the parliamentarians are MPs, senators or some combination of both.”

“Asked why the politicians haven’t faced repercussions for their alleged actions, NSICOP Chair David McGuinty called it a ‘fantastic question.’”

Yes– a “fantastic question”— to which 41 million Canadians will never receive a proper answer. CAP offer a typically pessimistic response: the names will never emerge, no charges will be laid, and Canada’s political arena will remain compromised for years on end, if not on a permanent basis.

“The slow response to a known threat was a serious failure and one from which Canada may feel the consequences for years to come,” wrote the committee.

“The committee reviewed top-secret intelligence reports that suggested sitting parliamentarians are “witting or semi-witting” participants in foreign interference operations, including divulging secrets to foreign governments.”

There you have it– democracy in Canada goes down-the-drain. Election integrity exists no more. On this basis, something “revolutionary” would have to occur for the situation to be rectified. Will any of this actually come Canada’s way? Or rather, is it “game over” for fair elections in our country?

With whom does the responsibility lie? This is the component that mainstream media are certain to transition to “The Great Escape.” When it comes to election interference from China, media fail to trace the impropriety back to its original source: Pierre Trudeau.

“The report said China believes it has a quid pro quo relationship with some MPs who will engage with the Chinese Communist Party in exchange for Beijing mobilizing its vast networks in their favour.”

In terms of opening the door to foreign interference from India, the onus falls on the shoulders of a second family member, Justin Trudeau.

NSICOP members said they saw intelligence suggesting MPs worked to influence their colleagues on India’s behalf, and proactively provided confidential information to Indian officials.”

“It became clear during the period of this review that its efforts had extended beyond countering what it perceived as pro-Khalistani efforts in Canada to include interfering in Canadian democratic processes and institutions, including through the targeting of Canadian politicians, ethnic media and Indo-Canadian ethnocultural communities.”

After which we turn the tables to the individual responsible for locking Justin Trudeau into office until the last possible moment– New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

Holy Cow. We begin to come to terms with the magnitude of international corruption and globalist interference in Canada’s democratic foundation. Will nothing change as a result?

Difficult to say, but CAP certainly wouldn’t count on it. A long journey it has been. From Pierre Trudeau in 1968 through to Justin Trudeau in 2024.

It was the latter who transformed government into a cabal of half-citizens, 3rd World politicians, LGBT advocates, climate zealots, and multicult-mongers. Today, Canadians are experiencing the result of his efforts.

“The Committee noted that the most significant perpetrators of foreign interference in Canada were the People’s Republic of China (PRC)…with the PRC representing the greatest foreign interference threat. The Committee also noted that other states, including India, Pakistan and Iran engaged in foreign interference activities.”

Conclusion: Canada is a mess, and getting worse by the day, as the Liberals continue down the path of globalist assault on our democratic institutions. In truth, Canadians should have been able to see this was coming from the day Trudeau Jr. was placed in office.

“Some (of the activities) may be illegal, but are unlikely to lead to criminal charges, owing to Canada’s failure to address the long-standing issue of protecting classified information and methods in judicial processes,” the report read.

Translation: little, if anything, will change. Due to the uber-leftist nature of our legal system, Canada continues to roll down the hill of democratic degeneration.

Behind-the-scenes, Justin Trudeau wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. The ten million yuan question: What is the endgame of these countries? Complete takeover? They won’t share the top prize; China is certain to be the winner. Decades(?) of election interference/espionage/obtaining “top secret” documents….it’s all so “James Bond.” My intuition says that China wants to possess Canada. The whole enchilada–Abundant land/timber/water/oil/coal/minerals/infrastructure; gateway to the Arctic, and the continental USA. By the look of things; it’s being slowly handed to them on a silver platter. Peep peep little chickadees; go back to sleep. Nothing to see here.


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