Liberals To Erase History, De-Colonize Canada With Monument Tear Downs

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With an intention of “decolonizing” Canada, the Liberal government is committed itself to purging hundreds of historical plaques and monuments commemorating Canadian history. As reported by True North News, these purges are to include leading political figures such as Canada’s first prime minister Sir. John A. Macdonald.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, this means that a tenth of federal historical landmarks erected since 1919 are going to be revised or completely removed. The rest shall remain– until a future purge comes along.

“The designations and plaques which require review have been assessed as relating to four issues: colonial legacy, absence or erasure of a significant layer of history, outdated or offensive terminology and controversial beliefs and behaviours.” 

— Review Of Designations: National Program Of Historical Commemoration.

We turn to the concept of historical revisionism:

Historical revisionism is the means by which the history of a society, as understood in its collective memory, continually accounts for new interpretations of events commonly understood as history.

“Revisionist history is often practiced by those who are in the minority, such as feminist historians…essentially historians who have the most to gain and the least to lose in challenging the status quo.”

A perfect encapsulation of “values” held by PM Justin Trudeau. Yet, our prime minister has not authorized an act of historical revisionism. He is authorizing the erasing of Canadian history.

“A total of 205 plaques and monuments have been placed on a blacklist for removal. Subjects identified as urgent by Indigenous consultants will be destroyed. Nothing can be immune from review.”

Heavy-handed, is it not? Try this on for size: remove the context of the mandate without consideration for its specific application.

Does it not smack of a directive from mid-20th century European Fascism? Do you know what government, academia, and multiculturalists call this? They call it “Liberalism.” Under the auspices of Justin Trudeau, classical liberal values have transitioned to pseudo-authoritarian injunctions.

Philosopher Karl Popper, whose writings are a key influence on the ‘Open Society’ philosophy of George Soros, said that each generation has its own troubles and problems, and, therefore, its own interests and point of view:

“It follows that each generation has a right to look upon and re-interpret history in their own way.”

Billionaire banker George Soros argues that use of techniques of subtle deception borrowed from modern advertising and cognitive science are effective tools to manipulate political discourse. Can this be the source of Trudeau’s decision to erase Canadian history?

We offer a relevant quotation. African activist, journalist and entrepreneur Marcus Garvey once wrote that:

“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”

What happens to a tree without roots? It dies. Is Canada as it has been known since its founding in 1867 dying? If Canadians do not understand their past, they will not understand their future. This is exactly what Trudeau’s “new woke order” is calling for.

We note contemporary media trends. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star write about many things. One area remains taboo– the future of our nation. Where are Canada’s seers and futurists? They don’t exist. Leading journalists never speculate on the future of our country. What will Canadian be like in 2050? What will be the ethnic composition of society? Will white citizens have transitioned to a minority?

Not a peep from the press. CAP draw conclusions: government do not want us to understand our past. This is why they are erasing our history. In addition,  government do not want citizens speculating on Canada’s future.

What do controlling institutions want us to think about? Only the present. And aren’t our minds being kept busy. Government and media have the body politic tied in knots with Covid, Emergencies Acts, Truckers Protests and general social chaos.

Who has time to think of anything but the present? Based on the evidence, CAP offer our synopsis: Canada is being railroaded down a path of political transformation.

Critical to the endeavour is an erasure of Canadian history. Its roots are found in the philosophy of Karl Marx. Its application is sourced from Communism. It’s advocates are global power-players like George Soros and Karl Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

It’s assigned representative in Canada is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

11 thoughts on “Liberals To Erase History, De-Colonize Canada With Monument Tear Downs”

  1. One of the great paradoxes of our time, the ever changing past… a maneuver of mental gymnastics that requires a great deal of “doublethink”…

    George Orwell literally wrote the book on this subject (1984), a world that has no history, just an ever changing past that is constantly updated to agree with the dismal present…

    If you haven’t READ THE BOOK, go down to your local BOOK STORE (used is better), reach into your pocket, draw out a $20.00 bill (or some other form of physical currency, no cards, no e transfers, no big brother!), purchase it! Then, READ IT!

    This should go without saying but, don’t stream the movie from the internet, don’t download the kindle version (the greatest blasphemy of them all!) and don’t order the book from Amazon either, if you don’t already understand why, you will…

  2. There is no intelligent common-sense solution to the filth of the Liberals other than the separation of the West. For those in central Canada, take a serious look at what is happening and can happen in the West. A2A and G7G railways that Trudeau sneered at, incredible resources, pipelines to three coasts, harbours in the Arctic because the climate IS changing, a reasonably young, hard-working and highly skilled population that supports smaller government, a place where we will have required voting and every household will have a means of self-defense. A Republic that will not tolerate corruption or enviro-fascism. Imagine an economic powerhouse from Mexico to Alaska, free of Liberal corruption.

    Join us.

  3. I wish we could erase the persons directly responsible for these middle finger, unilateral decisions. Shortly; I suppose all of the Fathers of Confederation will be anathema to the poisonous minds of the Woke. Replaced by the Architects of DeConfederation: P. E. Trudeau; Schwab; Soros; et al. Bow down people (or have your bank accounts frozen)–Trudeau is the god of Woke. Woke is the new religion.

    These fools are having their moment. Make no mistake; God will have his Day. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20, English Revised Version).

  4. Brad – I intended to post this as a reply to your chat room thread on whether the convoy will bring down Trudeau – when I clicked “reply” up came a password request. And you already know that registry online is NOT SAFE from the Trudeau snoop-regime. So I post it here.

    I doubt that the convoy on its own will bring the Trudeau aims for dictatorship down. What is really good to see in the convoy is citizen-community such as I have not seen in Canada since the appearance of community in what were called “communes” in the 60s-70s. What MIGHT bring the Trudeau government down is a majority citizen walk out (known as a general strike historically) of such community spirited citizens – while that spirit is already warm, peaceful and far happier in walk out already than Canadians have been in decades.

    It is my conclusion drawn from observation of Trudeau’s acts (including unjustified Act) that his game is to keep poking the eyes of citizens until he incites civil war. And if he succeeds, don’t look for HIM on the front lines because he and HIS family already went into hiding once before the convoy arrived in Ottawa. The one think that should stand out in all his acts is that he refused to even discuss the mandates – therefore it is HIS responsibility that the Freedom Convoy remained in front of his eyes waiting for him to do HIS job for three weeks before HE booted out of HIS city thousands of legal protesters. If any worker ever dared to so miserably perform his duties, he would be fired in a lot less than three weeks.

    I suggest the working citizens remain together peacefully and happily in country-wide General Strike. – bring the entire elite down all in one go and see how successful Trudeau might be TRYING to boot them out of HIS country? If he wants civil war, we do not have to participate – let HIM apply HIS shots to the elite all by his lonesome.

    And if any who read this wonder, I tell you that long before the convoy, I dumped the mask – and stores no longer bug me about that ILLEGAL mandate. To save a ‘security guard’ from having to leave his chair, every time I go into a store I use good db level to tell the “security” police of that store that I have trouble wearing a face mask. It think the Freedom Convoy made all the ‘security guards’ quite aware that Canadians DO NOT NEED to wear face masks according to the Canadian Constitution, including the Rights and Freedoms. And as they repeatedly wave me through, OTHERS are beginning to see the light. I am too old to need to walk off a job in general strike, so I protest Trudeau’s ILLEGAL mandates by using the Constitution and Rights and Freedoms just as loudly as is necessary in public places – just a suggestion.

  5. Pretty well everything my late WW2 Veteran Grandfather said in late 80’s/early 90’s before he died is coming to pass. Massive free for all immigration (probably never thought it would be this bad) getting rid of our history… He said the charter of ‘rights’ would ruin this country and he was right. Everyone has rights but Euro Canadians.

    I could go on and on but much of it has been written about over the years on this site..

    I honestly do not believe Canada can be saved anymore. Trudeau bringing in hundreds of thousands of new voters every year. (What is odd is how many have conservative values like Muslims, Sikh’s yet they vote liberals…I do not get it but I guess libs let them bring in their extended families).

    I doubt we will ever change our voting system. The fact is last two elections ‘Conservatives’ received more votes than Libs yet have way fewer seats. Over the years the election loser have ‘won’ due to voting system in BC, Sask etc… What kind of racket is this?

    I would say western separation however the problem is leftist cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, even Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.. The rural areas of four western provinces would probably vote to leave but the city vote would prevent it. Western separation should of happened in the 80’s when Justins step dad brought in NEP…. Now with demographic change and so many ‘woke’ people it will never happen… Remember it was the .’new Canadians’ that prevented Quebec from leaving in 95…

    I really do not know what to do anymore…. The libs and NDP are hell bent on transforming Canada, (so called conservative party is no better as Mulroney really opened flood gates and Harper did as well with all the TFW’s) rewriting history and making White people the enemy… Like why all this BLM stuff here too? Makes no sense. Only natives ever had slaves, we were an end point for underground railway with hardly any black people yet now they and others are supposedly a big part of our history?!?!?!!?

    Is their even a future for young and younger Euro Canadians? Even teenager jobs like convenient stores, gas stations, fast food out here in Metro Vancouver is almost 100% foreigners… It is crazy, yet they say they are lazy so need TFW’s yet business likes to pay cheap wages and it used to be supply and demand. When a lot of workers wages stay flattish and when too few the pay goes up and now many companies cheat. Even grocery store and big box stores hard to find and Canadian of European descent….. Yet the boomers could care less and I remember all too well as an Gen X these boomers so many refused to retire and worked into their 70’s and kept the jobs for themselves and then when they finally retired many of these jobs went to the divers crowd or outsourced….

    • I am too old for abreviations like “NEP” so unless I search out a suitable definition online (a very recent read-aid, the use of them makes most of such use totally meaningless.

      So here is what I found hunting such online definitions

      The National Energy Program (NEP) was an energy policy of the Canadian federal government from 1980 to 1985. Created under the Liberal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau by Energy Minister Marc Lalonde in 1980, the program was administered by the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. Introduced following the oil crises and stagflation of the 1970s, the NEP proved to be a highly controversial policy initiative that pitted centralized economic nationalism and federal aspirations of energy self-sufficiency against provincial jurisdiction with hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenue at stake. The result was a dispute that sparked intense opposition and anger in Canada’s West, particularly in Alberta, and the rise of the Reform Party, a development that would shape Canadian politics for years to come.

      Temporary Foreign Worker
      The Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers to fill temporary jobs when qualified Canadians are not available.

      Gen X
      Generation X (or Gen X for short) is the demographic cohort following the baby boomers and preceding the millennials. Researchers and popular media use the mid-to-late 1960s as starting birth years and the late 1970s to early 1980s as ending birth years, with the generation being generally defined as people born from 1965 to 1980.[1] By this definition and U.S. Census data, there are 65.2 million Gen Xers[2] in the United States as of 2019.[3] Most members of Generation X are the children of the Silent Generation and early boomers;[4][5] Xers are also often the parents of millennials[4] and Generation Z.[6]

      Now I appreciate your post very highly – koodos

  6. I just want to tell you that yesterday I received word on a “transcript” of a court case in which parents won in their demand that their children NOT be vaccinated without their permission. I have asked for link because several differently worded searches turned up no such “transcript” and I have not yet received a link from my information source. If I get the link or the transcript, you can bet I’ll share it here. It is my opinion that such evidence on the side of Rights and Freedoms need to be posted everywhere online in as much factual detail as possible, and I can only post (so far) without exposing any private information on CAP, thanks to Brad.

    Also, any court in Canada which rules in accord with the Constitution and Rights and Freedoms needs citizen support at this time.

  7. Just in from Action4Canada in email message to colleage – QUOTE

    Dear Friends,
    Ontario Superior Court Judge rules in favour of a mother to NOT vaccinate her children. The judge ruled that the mother shall have sole decision-making authority with respect to the issue of administering COVID vaccines for the children. The judge agreed that the mother’s current concerns about the vaccines are entirely understandable, given the credible warnings and commentary provided by reputable sources who are specifically acquainted with this issue. Read more here.
    Please share this ruling with other parents facing this horrific challenge.
    Thanks you.
    The Team
    @ Action4Canada

  8. I just stumble across a Rebel News discussion of the oversized Judgement my last three detailed.

    Here is the link for those interested in watching. And here is a quote of the video discription.

    It’s not a constitutional case. It’s not a challenge to the lockdowns. It’s not a grievance against an employer forcing a vaccine mandate on a union. It’s the most ordinary, dreary court case there is — family law, which is code for divorce court.

  9. Erasing history? OK, so the Residential schools never happened, and no Treaties were ever signed. PEI will be removed from Canada and French will be limited to localities where it is a common language. Things are looking up.

    Canada is now limited to Upper & Lower, and the West will be free to create its own country. YAY.


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