Liberals Drop Racism, Abortion, Gun Control Bombs To Destroy Conservatives

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Liberal candidates Melanie Joly and Mark Holland have accused Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole of cozying up with right wing elements, while harbouring a secret agenda on gun control, abortion and mandatory vaccines.

Turns out the Liberal Party played the same cards in the 2015 and 2019 federal elections. It worked on both occasions. No wonder Team Trudeau has once again unrolled the “usual suspects.”

Having a flair for political predictions, Cultural Action Party will outline the plan to convince the public to re-elect Justin Trudeau. The election period being 36 days, media spend the first three weeks presenting the Conservative Party as viable contenders. To go “full Trudeau” is far too obvious an approach.

Come the final two weeks, the Liberals pick up momentum driven by media’s promotion of the “black marks” on the Conservative Party resume. In clandestine fashion, the CPC have far-right connections. In terms of abortion policy, Candidate Erin O’Toole is lying about being a pro-choice candidate. And, of course, a selection of Conservative MP hopefuls are racists.

The reason for the success of a pre-meditated plan of action to crush the Conservatives is found in a basic but poorly-understood concept.

Isolating the two main contenders– the incumbent Liberals and the challenging Conservatives– is to reveal the post-modern political dynamic. This election, like the two previous battles, has taken on a familiar format:

The Conservative Party versus the Liberal Party/Canadian Media. In this we find the key to the Justin Trudeau’s political success. It has nothing to do with competency, and everything to do with money.

Placing this in a binary format, who will deliver more funding to CBC, CTV, Global News, National Post, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star: Liberals, or Conservatives?

We transition to the topic of international support. Which party– Liberals or Conservatives– will pander more to the United Nations? How about key power players within the U.N.– China, Saudi Arabia and Iran? In this category, there is no individual more willing than  Justin Trudeau– no one comes close.

Away from public understanding, media are playing a vital role. What CAP will call the  Liberal “Power Cabal“– separate and distinct from Liberal Party members– has integrated communist methodology into its agenda for permanent political control.

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For CAP, the power structure is set-up to fool Canadians into believing that we are living in an authentic democratic society. In truth, the concept is an illusion. In 2021, there is no such thing as random political outcomes.

Trudeau’s string-pullers know that abortion and racism most effectively wipe out Conservative votes. Gun control and Covid hesitancy are now part of the arsenal. Campaign strategists understand these are the emotional bombs that most affect the consciousness of Canadian voters.

Still, the proof remains in the pudding. CAP could be entirely wrong about the results of the upcoming election. Although tenuous, perhaps true democracy still exists, and Justin Trudeau will be ousted from office.

Regardless, as media huddle by their side, the globalist assassins stand ready for a final strike against the opponents of Liberal-Globalism.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Liberals Drop Racism, Abortion, Gun Control Bombs To Destroy Conservatives”

  1. Think positive – A Liberal win will encourage the move towards Western Autonomy even further.

    The portion of Canada west of Sudbury has absolutely no use for the rest of the Eastern provinces. Trudeau can have them. The billions raped from the West just to buy Liberal support will dry up and be retained to create a wealthy and self-sufficient entity, even to the point of creating a separate country.

    Imagine the wonderful democratic life we could have without the disgusting dictatorship of the Liberals.

  2. “Trudeau’s string-pullers know that abortion and racism most effectively wipe out Conservative votes.”

    Truly; given the repeated electoral demonstrations of this disheartening truth–The people who vote for this odious “feminist” have no powers of reason. Abortion? Racism? That’s what worries them? Casting aside the painfully obvious Liberal “strategy”–and the serious moral/population growth/hypocritical implications of decades of “my body my choice” vomitus–How does any of it pay the bills?????? Higher taxes! Yesssssss!!! More restrictions on our personal freedom! Yessssss!!!!! Five more years of the greatest prime minister ever! Yesssss!!! Singh? “Why be free? Vote NDP!” Yesssss!!!!!

    Hidden agenda? It is to weep; too many Canadians are so gullible. Would that Del’s separate country become reality. I’m well past my limits of endurance.


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