Liberals Cover Burial Costs For Canadians Killed By Approved Vaccines

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According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the Trudeau government has budgeted $75 million to cover off claims for Canadians killed by federally approved vaccines.

As reported by the Toronto Sun, “burial costs will now be covered by Ottawa for individuals killed by federally approved vaccines.” 

Seems Canadian society is getting more bizarre with each passing day. The source of this pronouncement is not a radical Anti-Vaxxer internet blog–it is the very legitimate Toronto Sun.

Enough to make the sparks fly among the brain cells of common-sense Canadians. Questions abound:

If the pandemic solution can kill, why would this nugget not been included in official government materials? For what reason would CBC News hold back on exposure of such a critical issue?

“Warning: Cigarettes Can Kill.” Does not some variation of this exist on cigarette packages throughout North America? How about “Cancer–North America’s Number One Killer.”

Meanwhile, the pandemic vaccine gets a pass. In this regard, Cultural Action Party has previously written on another unique element of Covid culture.

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Fact: the “women have a right to control their own bodies” narrative regarding Abortion rights has been locked-in for the past 50 years. Yet, not a word of this applies to pandemic vaccinations.

On a macro-level, this speaks to the issue of the “holiest of holies” within Canadian society: the rights of the individual. For one thing, this is a pure example of a “Trudeau-ism.” The sentiment serves as the cornerstone of Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms((1982).

Abortion. Minority Rights. Transgenderism. Gay Rights. Euthanasia– each one rationalized by Charter Rights. Covid Vaccinations– forget about it.

The situation is shot-through with irony. Pierre Trudeau integrated Charter Rights into the Canadian constitution. Current PM Justin Trudeau cancels the coverage for pandemic vaccinations.

Canadian media say nothing. In some ways, this element angers CAP more than the hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau. Pourquoi? Because in reality, it is so damn obvious.

Delivering the following outcome: Covid vaccinations are exempt from Charter Rights. Try this experiment–run out to the streets and find a lawyer willing to argue this case in a court of law. While you are at it, kindly locate a mainstream media journalist willing to write about it.

Returning empty-handed, this concerned Canadian arrives at a light-bulb moment:

There is something very special about the world of Covid vaccinations. CAP can’t quite put our finger on it, but one thing we can conclude: the situation is unique. It is one-of-a kind.

Making the situation highly suspect. Government and media are hell-bent upon giving every Canadian the jab. But consider this point– where can we find an example of all citizens doing any one thing?

One hundred percent compliance never occurs, and won’t happen here. Under “normal” circumstances, acceptance of this reality would surely be the order of the day.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

7 thoughts on “Liberals Cover Burial Costs For Canadians Killed By Approved Vaccines”

  1. The thing about hysteria is that, the people caught up in it, have no idea that they are insane.

    The celebrity COVID doctors are going to milk the hysteria over an illness with a 99.97% recovery rate for all it’s worth.

    They don’t want to go back to telling people to lose weight, exercise, quit drinking and smoking, and eat better, just to be ignored, like they were before the government sanctioned, media generated hysteria came around and robed us of our liberty and collective sanity.

    The US FDA is expected to approve the COVID hysteria vaccine on Monday.

    How could they not, Just like the climate change scam, too much cash and political capital has been poured into it for them not too.

  2. Seventy-five million dollars to cover claims. Population approximately thirty-five million. (Not adjusted by age.) That’s quite a telling admission. How many deaths are they anticipating? I like the phoney little sign: “Get on our wait list.”

    Are there too many people breathlessly awaiting the “jab”? BTW: I’m surprised–Wouldn’t the 75 million Canadian dollars usually go to cover the cost of burials in China?

  3. Addendum to previous comment: Government sources quoted in the Toronto Sun article mention that it will be a “rare” event if someone dies; or is disabled; by the Covid injection. Really? In that case; Perhaps they should only have earmarked a few thousand dollars.

    Maybe a few tens of thousands. But….Seventy-five million dollars?? That’s one huge overkill. (Pun unintended.) The truth is rarer than palm trees on the sun in this government. Injection deaths/disabilities will be “rare”? Time will tell. Tick tock.

  4. Trudeau has used this sicknesses and vaccines only for his own benefit. Some people have forgot all the crap he had done to Canadians with waste billions of our tax dollars for vaccines and masks that we never got and now he is covering up the deaths from this because of his greed and wanting to be a dictator remember he has no monetary things but wants to take ours from us and our families future.


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