Liberals, Conservatives BOTH Pandering to Radical Islam As Canadian Election Nears

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The growing Muslim populations in the West have led inevitably to politicians pandering to them, with little or no critical thought or care to avoid Islamic leaders who preach values opposed to Western values.

The IMAM Omar Subedar, who is being courted by both Justin Trudeau and his chief rival, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, is pro-Sharia and in favour of the physical discipline of women who are perceived to be disobedient. Both Trudeau and Scheer should be rebuking and shunning him; neither has the courage to do so.

Scheer has unpleasantly surprised many with his consistent and flagrant Islamo-pandering. As the Muslim population of Canada continues to grow, the problem of non-Muslim politicians remaining quiet about human rights abuses sanctioned by Sharia Law is only going to get worse.

Yes, Conservative leader Scheer is pulling a “Justin Trudeau” to court the powerful Islamic voter-base in Canada. Strange to think that less than one decade ago the Nation of Islam existed on the periphery of our society. The political impact was negligible and their representation in government minimal at best.

Then Justin Trudeau entered federal politics. Suddenly, Islam rocketed to the centre of attention in Canada. Immigration. Oppression. Hijabs, Niqabs, Citizenship Oaths, Sharia Law, “Islamophobia” and the rest moved to the centre of national consciousness.

Should we be surprised? After all, Justin Trudeau clearly articulated in his pre-election platform that trans-forming Canada into Isamo-saturated nation was to be his priorty– NOT!

Now, not a day seems to go by without public controversy as related to Islam’s place within Canadian society. For Canadians such as myself–the millions of us born and raised in Canada in the “baby-boom” decades, the entire affair borders on the nightmarish.

As we witness Trudeau’s globalist transformations– Islam superseding Christianity, Anglophones railroaded into minority status– we watch in horror as the advent of a 7th century Middle Eastern religion grabs hold of both the political agenda, and consciousness of Canadian society.

In CAP opinion, the Trudeau family are mainly responsible. Papa Pierre Trudeau for forcing multiculturalism upon society, and son Justin Trudeau for pro-actively integrating Islam into society against the will of the majority. Both acts are 100% devoid of democratic practice and philosophy. Only problem is, Trudeau’s and their followers do not give a damn.

As  Rebel Media reported last April about Omar Subedar:

“He’s an Islamic teacher, publisher, politician. He’s a huge fan of Justin Trudeau. He’s obsessed with posting anti-Israel, pro-PLO memes. Subedar also wants people to live according to the strict laws of Islam, sharia law.

Very nice for him. King Trudeau has yet to issue a single word regarding Sharia Law in Canada. No condemnation at all from global-boy Justin. Female Genital Mutilation? The man appears to have no problem with it– not once has he condemned this physical abuse of young Canadian girls. Darn, he is one hell of a feminist, eh?

CAP Confession: We are somewhat surprised at Andrew Scheer’s behaviour. Not that we expected Scheer to shun the entire Muslim community. With the power and population Islam has developed  in Canada, it would be foolish to think the Conservative leader would ignore Islam as a whole.

The greater issue is who Mr. Scheer rubs elbows with. It didn’t have to be the radical or militant element–yet the man chose to do so regardless. So now voter find themselves in a situation where BOTH leading parties are pandering to Islamic voters.

Add NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to the mix– he wouldn’t know a Canada without diversity, multiculturalism and Third World immigration if he fell over it. Let’s write him off completely– which the NDP should have done before they foolishly chose him as leader. The only place he is leading this fading political party is down the political drain

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So what remains? Just a single federal party- Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada. CAP prediction: He does better than expected–perhaps alot better– even if Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts are successful in banning him from the televised national debates.

While Trudeau has largely succeeded in eroding and demonizing Anglophones and Christian voters, the fact is that Trudeau-brand globalism has had a side effect of a full-on, unapologetic “populist” party becoming a contender within our political spectrum.

Excellent. A job well done. PPC are the fastest growing federal party in political history. At this point, they have 60 more MP candidates registered than Trudeau’s Liberals. Impressive to say the least–and exactly why Maxime Bernier and company are being branded racists, bigots and xenophobes.

Yet, as in the story of the “boy who cried wolf,” the accusations have lost much of their steam. Canadians are weary of the racist tag, the Islamic victim-card, the virtue signalling , the multicult moaners, and the tedium of Justin’s special interest group pandering apologies.

Are they sick enough to vote Trudeau out of office? This remains to be seen. Remember, government has spent decades importing the Third World to Canada, filling the GTA with Liberal voters, and overcoming and/or ignoring the will of the Canadian majority.

In Canada, government and media call this “multiculturalism.” In the real world, common-sense Canadians call this “cultural suicide.”








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