Liberals Advance Assisted Dying For Canadians With Mental Illness

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October 10th, 2023: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on World Mental Health Day:

“Today, on World Mental Health Day, we recognize the importance of mental health and the value of timely access to quality mental health care for people in Canada and around the world.”

“Mental health is health,” stated Trudeau.

After which CAP turn the tables on our PM’s “mental health” proclamation. In the post-modern era ushered in by our prime minister in 2015, mental illness can also mean death.

How so? Because this week, the Liberal Cabinet & Caucus voted down a private member’s bill to prevent the passing of a law to expand Euthanasia to those deemed to be mentally ill.

First they came for the physically ill. I was not one of them. Then they came for the mentally ill. I was not one of them. Then they came for…

“With 150 votes for to 167 against, Fast’s Bill - C-314, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying), was defeated during its second reading in the House.”

“The bill was defeated in large part by votes against by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party and MPs for Bloc Quebecois.

A decidedly Quebecois affair it is, as applied to our country in totality. Sponsor of the Anti-Maid Bill, Conservative MP Ed Fast, was quoted in reaction to the broadening of Euthanasia to expand its ever-growing parameters to mentally ill Canadians:

MP Fast said of the bill  after it was introduced earlier this year that “the government expanding assisted suicide to include mentally ill persons and potentially even so-called mature minors shows Canada is on a slippery slope.”

More like a mountain of moral decline. The Liberals love this kind of thing, eerily reminiscent of totalitarian governance from the previous century.

“The Nazi Euthanasia Program, codenamed Aktion T4, was the systematic murder of institutionalized people with disabilities.”

Not exactly the sunny ways that our PM promised back upon initial election in 2015, is it? Not that media will equate post-modern Liberalism with Nazism. After all, they are being paid not to do so.

“Canadians don’t understand people are being euthanized for mental illness when in fact it’s not even legal,” Fast told the Abbotsford News Thursday.

Why don’t Canadians understand? For one thing, because media in Canada are covering-up the circumstances. Check CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of the usual woke suspects. All are currently downplaying the development— if they write about it at all.

In response, Conservative activist group Campaign Life Coalition piped in with some scathing commentary:

“CLC said that Fast’s bill  will help save troubled souls from suicide and will help stop the radical expansion of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘MAiD Service’ euthanasia program.” 

Justin Trudeau will have none of it. His vision of Canada being steeped in socialist ideology. As found in China, government has transitioned the perception of individual citizens to little more than widgets to be manipulated at will.

Media say nothing. In 2023, government and the press function as a tag-term of duplicity, positioning immoral legislation as “compassionate,” and the like. It’s farce to be sure.

Sample of Liberal MPs who voted against MP Fast’s Anti-Euthanasia Bill:

Liberal MP, Randy Boissonnault, former “LGBT Minister” of Canada.  Lena Diab, Lebanese migrant, former Immigration Minister of Nova Scotia. Melanie Joly, Quebecois Minister of Foreign Affairs. Kamal Khera, Sikh-Canadian Minister of Diversity. 

Marc Miller, Quebecois Minister of Immigration. Muslim-Canadian Attorney General Arif Virani. Jewish-Canadian Minister of Mental Health, Yaara Saks. Citizen of Pakistan, U.K. and Canada, Salma Zahid.  Minister of Multiculturalism, Dual Somali-Canadian Citizen, Ahmed Hussen.

Heart-warming, isn’t it? How sweet it is to know that these people are controlling life-and-death experiences with Canadian society.

Correct CAP if we are off-base. Is there not something disconcerting about a government who work to maximize “removal” of the unwanted and unproductive, while at the same time maintaining the highest immigration quotas on earth?

“Go ask you mother,” say the CBC. Perhaps they’re too busy counting up their tax-payer derived billions of dollars to bother with incidentals.

Such as it is, Canada continues on its journey into that good night of moral decline. The media bubble established by the Feds, in addition to erosion of freedom of speech on the internet, is progressively transitioning our nation to a neo-communist state.

They are getting away with it in spades. We can’t rid the country of Justin Trudeau. Why not? Because his competitor Jagmeet Singh of the NDP –a person whose role it is to take over from the PM, is keeping him in office. The whole thing reeks of a pre-meditated plan of conversion from democracy to dictatorship.

Hear ye, hear ye: Without consultation or approval from citizens of Canada, our country has been transitioned to the assisted dying capital of the world.

After which we juxtapose this fact with the following:

“A recent study analyzed the data surrounding population aging in Canada. In 2010, 14.1 per cent of Canada’s population was age 65 or older. This number has increased to 19.0 per cent in 2022. Statistics Canada forecasts this trend will continue, reaching 22.5 per cent in 2030.”

Holy Cow. Can it be that Canada’s demographic is rapidly aging, while government maintain the broadest euthanasia policy on the planet? Yes, it can be– because it’s the truth.

Any Canadian worth their salt is aware of Mr. Trudeau’s remedy for an aging population and workforce: 500,000 immigrants per year, not counting hundreds of thousands of foreign students, et al.

Out with the old, in with the new? “Conspiracy theory!” shout woke detractors. Frack ’em all, Cultural Action Party couldn’t care less.

One generation has passed since prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau “blessed” Canada with mass 3rd World immigration, multiculturalism, and Charter Rights designed to marginalize the majority of citizens.

Some 50-years later, and Justin Trudeau is working like a mad-man to re-invent Canada as a neo-communist society. In typical fashion, media partners continue to ramble on about racism, “Islamophobia,” transphobia, and the other goodies currently controlling socio-political narrative in Canada.

Lost among the lies is the plight of “traditional” Canada and its natural-born citizens.

With yet another incremental expansion of assisted suicide– this time for those suffering from mental illness– the “post-modern” reality of Justin Trudeau’s Canada continues to roll.

5 thoughts on “Liberals Advance Assisted Dying For Canadians With Mental Illness”

  1. you know there’s a massive difference between forced and personal desire?

    government, simply allows everyone who wants to leave, to leave. they aren’t forcing anyone.

    but why would they do this? because the NGOs who pay him and guide him want low wage workers… even blackrock CEO larry fink admitted this is why he wants no borders and non stop immigration. its simply to replace the demanding people who “ask too much” from the employers and replacing them with people who want a few pennies.

    it’s a rich man’s world. sad? yes, but what can we do about it? no party in canada will change this, they’re all guided by foreign organizations and governments.

    canada… is just… a corporation at this point.


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