Liberalism And Immigration Policy As A United Force In Canada

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Somewhere along Canada’s multi-decade transformation into what Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has described as a post-modern society, an obvious “light-bulb” moment within government occurred.

As a guess, this involved a fusing of two political entities into one: The Liberal Party of Canada, and immigration policy.  Perhaps the process went something like this:

Liberal Political Advisor: “You know, Justin, if we can create a public perception that our brand of Liberalism is synonymous with immigration to Canada, we just may be able to establish the post-democratic state we so desire.”

You know what CAP call this? Smart–that’s what. We oppose it with every fibre of our being, and yet if the goal is a full transformation of Canadian society–as well as a dissolution of what our nation has stood for since 1867–this is a darn good plan.

In CAP’s opinion, this is exactly what has resulting from the back-room machinations of whoever now controls the behaviour of our prime minister.

Cultural Action Party of Canada has written a great deal on the topic of transition of governance toward a post-democratic nation. Therefore, brevity is called for.

Suffice to say–when immigration to Canada is perceived in the public eye as synonymous with Liberalism, it is “mission accomplished” for the Great Reset agenda of 2020.

When we say this, we are not thinking of long-term, Canadian-born citizens. It is obvious at this point in time, our Old Stock variety of citizens take up little government mind-space.

What really matters here is how “the world” perceives Canada. How do potential migrants world-wide perceive our nation and its focal point, Justin Trudeau?

This is why our PM doesn’t give a fig about Anglophone or Francophone Canadians. Indeed, the man is way beyond this trite consideration.

What Mr. Trudeau cares about is the following:

Away from the media spotlight, we discover this: “The Century Initiative”–

“We advocate for policies to increase Canada’s population to 100 million by 2100.And we support the long-term thinking and planning required to manage this growth well – ensuring a high quality of life and standard of living for all Canadians.”

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There’s your secret bullet.  CAP will bet dollars to Tim Horton’s donuts this is Justin Trudeau’s primary motivation.

Here is the piece which CAP vehemently disagree with:

“High quality of life and standard of living for ALL Canadians.”

Not a chance. Rather than complete guesswork, CAP base this upon something more tangible: Trudeau’s attitude and behaviours toward “Old Stock” Canadians.

Simply stated, Mr. Trudeau has no attitude toward our communities at all. That is, other than running us down for our indulgence in racism, bigotry and xenophobia.  Actually, one other element does exists: our tax dollars.

Outside this realm, Anglophone-Canadians are non-existent in the minds of our ruing government. Here’s a question one can guarantee never to be posited by establishment media:

If our Old Stock communities had understood the impact of Pierre Trudeau’s multiculturalism in terms of our community alienation in thefirst place, would we have accepted the “diversity” agenda lock, stock and barrel?

For CAP, we never have– and never will– accept institutionalized multiculturalism.

Why would this be? Because since its day of multiculturalism’s inception in the year 1971, not a single positive outcome has resulted for Canada’s Old Stock communities.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of CAP(est. 2016)






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