Liberal-Socialism And The Erosion Of Christian Canada

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It should, therefore, come as a surprise to discover our current government’s disregard for Christian-Canadians, as well as Christian communities of other nations. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it is equally as fascinating to note the degree of vehemence by which the Liberals support those of the Islamic faith, a community comprising less than 4% of our total population.

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1 thought on “Liberal-Socialism And The Erosion Of Christian Canada”

  1. That is not fair to favor one religion over another for one. For two it is not right to favor a country and their people over their own. Despite of faith it is not right Canada should not be punished for being concerned about the well being of the country. They can not wait until the election deadline
    Three years nine months and ten days. Is too long to have to put up with Trudeau and his anti Canadian liberals.


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