Liberal-NDP Supply & Confidence Deal And Big Pharma: The Untold Story

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Feb. 9, 2023–  “New data released by the Fight for Pharmacare Alliance reveals lobbyists from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries have ramped up their meetings on Parliament Hill since the confidence-and-supply agreement was signed in March 2022.”

‘New Data Shows Pharmaceutical Lobbying of Federal Government Quadrupled Since NDP-Liberal Supply And Confidence Agreement’

While mainstream media touted medical and dental plan pursuits based on the supply and confidence agreement, Liberal government-funded press organizations neglected to position the agreement in the following terms:

‘Liberal-NDP Confidence and Supply Agreement Led to Surge in Industry Lobbying’

“In the nine months following the signing of the confidence and supply agreement (CASA) a staggering three to four meetings with industry lobbyists per week, every week since the announcement of the deal.” 

Obfuscation of the development should come as no surprise to thinking Canadians. Symbiosis between Big Pharma and the Liberal Party of Canada has been treated not unlike the Liberal’s historical relationship with China“not to be seen or heard” being the ticket to success.

Innovative Medicines Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffman-La Roche, and Johnson & Johnson were the pharmaceutical industry players who logged the most meetings with [Liberal Health Minister Jean-Yves] Duclos.

 “The industry lobby group and the three Big Pharma giants registered a combined 69 lobbying visits in the post-CASA period, an average of seven meetings every month for the last nine months.”

While a reasonable amount of acceleration of interaction could be expected as a result of the agreement, the situation triggered Cultural Action Party[est.2016] to delve deeper into the situation. Contemplating government-pharma relations brings about a series of critical observations. Searching for commonality among “pet projects” promoted by the Trudeau administration, we arrive at a light-bulb moment.

What commonality exists among government social policies near and dear to the “heart” of our federal government? Try Abortion, Euthanasia, Covid, Transgenderism.

Within each structure, the pharmacological element is perpetually downplayed by media:

“Medical abortions are often induced by abortifacient pharmaceuticals. The most common first trimester medical abortion regimens use mifepristone in combination with misoprostol (or sometimes another prostaglandin analog, gemeprost) up to 10 weeks (70 days) gestational age, methotrexate in combination with a prostaglandin analog up to 7 weeks gestation.” 

By any standards,that’s a lot of dope, particularly when associated with 80,000-100,000 abortions per year in Canada, which has been the case for at least three decades consecutively.

The introduction of Euthanasia policy in 2016 as approved by the Trudeau government transitioned  Canada to a world leader in assisted suicide.

Drugs prescribed for assisted suicide, adapted from Zworth et al. (2020)

DescriptionDrugDose range
SedativesChloral Hydrate20 g
AmitriptylineNot reported
Pentobarbital9–15 g
Phenobarbital20 g
Secobarbital9–15 g
BrallobarbitalNot reported
Sodium ThiopentalNot reported
Diazepam1 g
Lorazepam0.25–2 mg
Midazolam10 mg
Morphine15 mg-3 g
DetropropoxypheneNot reported
Cardiotoxic AgentsDigoxin50 mg
Propranolol2 g

On the Transgender front, feminizing hormone therapy typically begins by taking the medicine spironolactone (Aldactone). To be followed by estrogen, testosterone blockers, and progesterones.

Faster than you can say “rainbow-coloured socks’ we come to recognize suppression of a significant element of government policy. As advocated by Canada’s ruling government, “Wokism” is one step beyond pharma-friendly. Based on dollars-and-cents, a symbiotic relationship between government and big pharma is discovered.

Not by media, who could be considered compliant with the agenda. Then there is Covid and the pandemic, arguably the greatest pharma money-maker in history.

Beyond this, an additional observation: every bit of it, every morsel of pro-pharma policy is emphatically endorsed by PM Trudeau and the Liberals. Anything to be gleaned from this scenario?

“The insurance industry has led the lobbying charge, logging five times more meetings than usual with Health Canada in the post-confidence-and-supply agreement period. A major presence on the Hill already, the pharmaceutical industry increased its lobbying of Health Canada by almost four times relative to the pre-pandemic period.”

Another report from the National Library of Medicine offers enlightenment:

“Governments face conflicting objectives. On the one hand, they recognize the need to regulate the industry in the interests of public health, but on the other hand they also rely on the industry to help fuel their economies. The question that I want to pose is, whose interests are being served in the way that the state is regulating the industry?

Ever witness the question posited within legacy media in Canada? Neither has CAP.

“The alliance of interests between the state and the industry has not been static but has markedly increased over the past two decades as the neo-liberal agenda gained momentum in the mid-1980s, accelerating the deregulatory trend and further deepening the relationship between the two.”

Holy Cow. First, we thought that China may be in control of Canadian society. Later on, during the pandemic years, it appeared to be World Health Organization. Subsequent to this, World Economic Forum entered the picture. Now, lo and behold, the entity could well be Big Pharma. Or, for the sake of pessimism, all of them.

Elucidating a concept  eschewed by media: the controllers of the destiny of our nation certainly aren’t the citizens of Canada. In a healthy democratic society, government work for “the people.” At the very least, their desires and demands  have some form of influence on government policy.

Those days are dead as a doornail. Ever get the feeling your country has been pimpe- out to the most powerful forces in the world? If it has, no individuals are more responsible for this than PM Justin Trudeau, as well as Pierre Trudeau before him. For the latter, a sell-out to international banking:

“In 1974, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau made the decision to stop using the Bank of Canada for our money, and instead borrow it from a private bank outside of Canada (the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland) and pay interest to that private bank. Obviously that’s not in the interest of the Canadian people.”

Nothing a Trudeau politician has done has been in the best interests of Canadians– that’s how we arrived at the condition we find in present-day society.

“Drug prices in Canada are the third-highest[includes 37 democratic nations] in the OECD world. Canada now has the fourth highest annual per capita spending on prescription drugs in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD 2015).”

O Canada– what have you become?

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  1. i already explained this, the reason for big pharma and rainbow agenda isn’t to raddle the cross or anything of the sort, its to simply “evolve” humans into the new age, which will consist of less “reality/nature” and more “cyberspace/metaverse”

    this isn’t a meme or a joke, why would they want to turn “humans” into rainbow people? because the goal of cyberspace and metaverse (same thing) is to identify as any fantasy (fantasy also means illusion which also means metaverse) you desire.

    this is why you have shows like futurama and rick and morty and furry communities etc, because we’re entering a new age whether you like it or not, its not about philosophy or theosophical reasons, it’s simply the next stage of capitalism.

    you will never conquer the stars and expand in space unless you become semi-robotic (cyborg), because once you do become a cyborg, you will not be able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, so when you are in your room playing some video game, eventually you will be so lost thinking you’re on mars… the cybernetic augmentation will create all kinds of illusions, just so the bureaucrats can exploit the fantasy and make money off you, the user.

    its not any different than watching netflix or disney, this is just video at the moment, there’s all kinds of “fantasies” on these platforms, but the end goal is full immersion (metaverse/multiverse)

    makes sense? that’s why big pharma is changing the bodies of modern humans

    agree or disagree, won’t change this


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