Trudeau’s Liberal Muslim Caucus Neglect To Denounce Iranian Government

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“The Iranian regime is facing country-wide protests following the death of Mahsa Amini. Amini, a 22-year-old woman who died while in the custody of the morality police. She was detained for allegedly not wearing her hijab properly.”

“Obviously, what is going on in Iran right now is completely unacceptable.”

Yes, to some it is unacceptable. For others, not so much.

“Ali Ehsassi, a Liberal member of Parliament representing Willowdale, said Monday that the sanctions are too little, too late.”

“I can only speak for myself. I would say that we still have a lot of work to do,” Ehsassi said in an interview with Power & Politics Monday evening.

Others have not spoken for themselves. Ali Ehsassi is not a member of PM Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet. What interests CAP is what Muslim Cabinet Members have to say in condemnation of the Iranian government.

For Cabinet Members Omar Alghabra and Ahmed Hussen, the answer is nothing at all.

Amazing how such individuals jump all over “Islamophobia” when the perpetrators are white, Old Stock Canadians. Turn the tables, and silence is the order or the day. Perhaps it’s true– some people never criticize their own. As opposed to PM Justin Trudeau, who perpetually does so when speaking of racism in Canada.

More silence is found in the form of half-Pakistani citizen and Liberal MP Iqra Khalid. Another of Trudeau’s strategic placements in the ethnic political hotbed of the Greater Toronto Area, Ms. Khalid is the founder of “anti-Islamophobia” Bill M103.

So anti-racist is Khalid that when MP’s suggested Christianity should be added to the anti-racism motion, they were denied. It remains exclusive to a single religion to this day.

Did you know? Turns out that PM Justin Trudeau has established a Liberal-Muslim caucus within his ruling government:

“Liberal Muslim Parliamentary Caucus Deeply Concerned About Growing Far-Right Extremism”

“The Liberal Muslim Parliamentary Caucus is deeply concerned about threats made to a downtown Toronto area mosque and growing far-right extremism.”

What a perfect opportunity for Caucus members Khalid, Alghabra and Hussen to deliver a statement of condemnation of Iran’s theocratic authoritarianism.

It won’t happen of course. If isn’t rooted in so-called “white supremacy,” the MP caucus is not concerned.


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Thus arriving at an circumstance CAP has previously referenced. While full-on protectionism exists regarding sacrosanct 3rd World religion, it’s open season on the trashing of Canada as illuminated by people like Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Ahmed Hussen and Omar Alghabra.

Protectionism equates with privilege. The irony unfolds. Politicians like Ahmed Hussen rail against “white supremacy” while basking in the privilege of the creation of a Muslim caucus within the Liberal government.

“Federal and provincial governments are under an equal duty to maintain neutrality with respect to religion,” said Carissima Mathen, a law professor and constitutional expert at the University of Ottawa. 

Leading to a CAP conclusion:

If it’s Canadian, its ripe for condemnation. When falling into the realm of the religiously sacred, it’s protection time for Canada’s privileged communities.

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  1. If Canadians don’t stand tall against this shameful idiocy WE are NEVER going to keep OUR COUNTRY WHOLE…what’s the matter with CANADA⁉️ Backbone anyone⁉️😡🇨🇦☠️

    • This is why government have brought racism to the top of awareness in Canada…so they can use the race-card to shut us up. It’s a pre-meditated trap– do not BUY IT.


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