Liberal MP’s “REVOLTED By Overt Hypocrisy” Of PM Justin Trudeau

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Within Parliament, there are Cabinet members, and then there are “backbenchers.” The latter do not hold a lot of power on a Parliamentary level, and therefore may speak out regarding issues that a Cabinet Member would never do.

Cabinet Member Rules: Never say a negative word about PM Trudeau, or other Cabinet Members. Do not on any occasion utter a negative public comment regarding immigration, multiculturalism, Islam, United Nations, or any other component of Trudeau’s China-derived “Silent Revolution.”

Liberal Back-Bencher Of Unknown Identity:

One anonymous MP going so far as to highlight the hypocrisy that exists within the party.

“I am deeply revolted by the overt hypocrisy of those who lean towards ‘do what I say, don’t do what I do’. That we are where we are is the obvious reflection of people who consider themselves exempt from the rules that apply to ordinary people,” said the anonymous[MP] elected official.

Funny what one can find in the pages of the Globe & Mail, eh? Not quite– the source article is from independent alternate news organization, Post Millennial News.

So when will the G & M be publishing this information? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie– when the Sahara desert freezes over, and is trans-formed into a giant ice hockey rink.

“The icing on this cake of hypocrisy and smugness was to discover that the Minister of Finance, a Minister of the Crown, was offered sponsored trips while he ‘is strictly prohibited by the Code, and that all of us backbenchers would have been mercilessly “fired” if this had happened to us,” they told La Presse.

Beauty. Here we have the real Liberal government– not the government perpetually sanitized by CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail and National Post.

BURIED: How Establishment Media DESTROYED Anglophone Identity In Canada

Any patriots out there sensing the draconian, borderline totalitarian nature of this situation? The MP’s must remain anonymous–or Justin Trudeau will FIRE THEM. Such commitment to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, as well as a fervent dedication to democracy–NOT!

The bad news is that this is the real and authentic Canadian government. What CBC expresses in this regard is a fabrication-– in reality, our government are nasty as hell. The backbenchers know it for certain. The situation is so extreme that a handful of Liberal MP’s just cannot take it anymore, and have lashed out:

“It was going well, we had practically just made a faultless, and we shoot each other in the foot… and who did it come from? It still comes from above, like the Aga Khan, like SNC-Lavalin. And then it’s yet another woman [Minister Bardish Chagger] that we end up pointing fingers at.”

Brutal, eh? The very reason why Canadians will only learn these insider details from alternate and social media. CBC’s role is today written-in-stone, more than likely a directive from globalist open border mogul George Soros’ media empire.

Justin Trudeau has been tasked with destroying democracy within Canada. He is doing a bang-up job of it–no matter how much dirt lands on his dinner plate, he continues to thrive in his “dictator-disguised as prime minister” agenda of national decimation.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(Est. 2016).





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