Liberal MPs Must Choose: Canada, Or The Country You Came From

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True to his nature, PM Justin Trudeau has unilaterally transformed Canada’s federal government. Like Pierre Trudeau before him, our current PM seems to believe that he has a right to rewire Canadian society to his personal liking.

That his liking stands in direct contrast to the will of the people is a moot point. As national leaders, neither Pierre or Justin have placed Canada at the top of vocational priorities.

In their stead arrived a 50-year agenda of socio-political transformation as facilitated by the Liberal Party of Canada. As a microcosm, we look to Trudeau Jr.’s current current Cabinet configuration.

Currently, at least 56 foreign-born members, 22 with dual or triple citizenship, hold seats in House of Commons and Senate.

Media in Canada have yet to articulate the impact of transitioning Parliament to an ersatz “United Nations” political configuration. Cultural Action Party[est.2016] take liberties to take a closer look at this “post-modern” development, and its impact on Canadian society as a whole.

PM Trudeau loves to ramble on about the “progressive” nature of his government. What he naturally omits is that this assembly of MPs has morphed from one whose primary– as in exclusive — dedication toward towarding for Canadians interests has gone the way of the Dodo bird.

It’s one thing for Liberal member of Parliament to be born in other countries. It’s quite another when they choose to work for those countries rather than employing full dedication to Canada, as well as their local constituents.

Is it too much to expect that MPs whose salaries are paid by local constituents should work exclusively for the betterment of their lives? The truth is that yes, it is. Because to dare to defy their will is bound to bring out an ideological prison cell known as “accusations of racism.”

CAP don’t care– we’re impervious to such accusations. On this basis, we push forward:

Arguably the most ethnocentric of the lot is a triple citizen of Pakistan, Britain and Canada:

“I call on Canada to support South Africa’s application to the International Court of Justice regarding the current conflict between Israel and Hamas and the impact this conflict is having on the people of Palestine, Toronto-area MP Salma Zahid wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

Yes, Ms. Salma– except for one point. On a technical basis, your job description has nothing to do with Palestine, Israel, Gaza, Islam, Judaism or any related entity.

Her boss-man, Justin Trudeau, has not a problem in the world with “dual loyalty” within his government. So why should Ms. Thang give a damn? At the risk of coming across as Luddites, there was a time when blatant dedication to foreign nations– inclusive of tacit support for terrorism– would be considered a treasonous act.

No more, because in one sense or another, Trudeau is holistically focused on 3rd World Liberal voting immigrant communities. Thus, a radical shift in political orientation from national to global.

In this dynamic we witness a phenomenon which has recurred over and over within Liberal Party politics. MP’s like Ahmed Hussen, who in their early years fully dedicated themselves to ethnocentric community politics, only to break out into the larger political arena using this foundation as a launching pad.

Interesting how mainstream media have not once entertained this concept. The structure has existed for decades. Begin your political career within your ethnic or religious community, gaining woke “brownie points” along the way. After which Liberal strategists come along and pluck them out of their myopic bubble to run in ethnic-dominated ridings.

Ground zero for the schematic is the Greater Toronto Area, where Trudeau and the Liberals have kicked Butts for the past decade. CBC won’t tell you, Globe & Mail won’t write about it, but it’s arguable that Liberal-3rd World political synergy in the GTA has been responsible for keeping PM Trudeau in office for the long term.

Half citizen Liberal MPs– Iqra Khalid, Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Salma Zahid and others maintain a stranglehold on urban Toronto ridings. Through a calculated matching of ethnic voter identity with that of selected MP candidate, the Liberals dominate the most densely populated ridings in Canada.

Media say nothing. Either they are instructed not to do so, or they fear being branded “racist.” Whatever the reason, this silver-bullet of success for Team Trudeau goes undetected.

As if this wasn’t bad enough. In 2023, in Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, these politicians are free to dedicate themselves to political issues from beyond our borders.

Nothing has brought the phenomenon to its apotheosis more than the current conflict in Gaza:

“Two MPs currently visiting the West Bank say they’re concerned about Israeli settler violence in the territory.”

“Liberal MPs Salma Zahid and Shafqat Ali are touring the West Bank and Jordan with New Democrat MPs Heather McPherson, Matthew Green and Lindsay Mathyssen. The week-long trip is sponsored by Canadian Muslim Vote, a registered non-profit charity.”

And where, pray-tell, do the funds come from to finance the trip? Chances are strong that they come from Canadian tax-payers. And the benefit to those tax payers, as well as Canadian in general? Try nothing, and roll downhill from there.

Repeat after CAP: “Trudeau’s post-modern, no-core-identity Canada is the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Not. But what can the “little people” do about it? As with every aspect of Liberal governance, this would be not a damn thing.

“These events are happening and I hear this on the ground from many people,” stated Liberal MP Shafqat Ali told CBC News.

“I think that needs to be looked at by the Israeli government so the violence would not escalate further.”

CAP would like to see the violence decrease as well. But we don’t work for the government of Canada. No matter what a person’s perspective, it’s safe to say that Liberal MPs are not paid by Canadian taxpayers to minimize war ten thousand miles away in the Middle East.

Nor is the role to prioritize one’s international ethnic and religious affiliations. If media were not being funded by the Trudeau government, perhaps at least one journalist would come out of the bag to inform Canadians of this salient fact.

It doesn’t happen, because in 2023, foreign nations, their diaspora communities and their votes sit atop the woke globalist totem pole.

As for the rest of us, Liberal government demands are simple: shut up and pay your taxes.

6 thoughts on “Liberal MPs Must Choose: Canada, Or The Country You Came From”

  1. Anyone who seeks to be a member of parliament should renounce citizenship for other countries. They can make a great deal about this as a “sacrifice” to prove their loyal intentions to Canadians … and we would welcome that sign of dedication. In addition they should be excluded from international memberships that would confuse their loyalties to Canada.

  2. No dual citizens. Shit or get off the pot. Our country has changed in the last 50 odd years but not for the better. Old stock Europeans need and will be replaced as the prime mistake said. He and his ilk are doing a bang up job in making that happen.

  3. They are nothing other than shills for Hamas and Iran. They are fighting for sharia law in Canada. Hussein hired and supported Marouf and others I’m sure.
    What have they contributed to in society.
    Are they gender studies specialists or perhaps Muslim grievances experts.
    Whatever they are , they are not good for Canada.

  4. I was reading an article from Quora that asked if Canada has allowed too many immigrants from India/Pakistan. The overwhelming response was yes.
    Some of the responses include:
    ” The issue I have with most Indians is selfishness. They seem to like each other to the extent that they can literally take over an entire organization and never allow others to be hired except Indians. ”

    Is it bad that I think there are way too many Indians in Canada?
    Absolutely. I try to be as open minded as possible but the canadian identity is being destroyed by indians. the majority that come here and think its still india. Some of these people are the most rude, dirty, immature humans on this planet.”

    The vast majority printed similar comments. You won’t find those comments on Canada’s news websites, despite the fact most Canadians feel the same way.
    When it comes to politics, I agree we should follow in the footsteps of Australia and UNLESS you were born here to parents of either one of 2 official languages, you can’t run for politics.
    I agree that many of today’s MP’s are there to service their own culture and to hell with white Anglo taxpayers. These MP’s are feeding newcomers with all types of information to gain access to public dollars and jobs that are funded by ” old stock ” Canadians. Look at all these non profit organizations creating news that attack our culture and history. These organizations are supposed to help everyone, however they are simply adding fuel to the fire on topics like rights for immigrants, how colonialism is racist toward newcomers and tearing down the fabric of our once peaceful Anglo society in Canada. A Canada that was created by white people seeking a better life. These people came with a vision of being Canadian ………. and not stealing from Canadians.
    Immigrant MP’s are the ones suggesting to their immigrant voters topics like, having the right to adopt children from Pakistan. How does that serve Canada ? Who is really behind a ” Guaranteed Income ” in this Country. Nobody talked about that issue 20 years ago. Like hell will I allow my tax dollars provide an income for a Muslim that can’t speak English or french. I will move out of Canada if that happens.
    How much of the money received by immigrant MP’s goes to support their home Country ? Who really knows. An example might be the news from Stats Can that over 50% of Syrian refugees are still collecting social assistance after 5 LONG years. When I first read that, I researched Federal policy only to learn that such benefits are supposed to last only ONE year. But wait, to help out the Feds included a ” Refugee Resettlement Program ” that allows yp to TWO years on social assistance.
    So FIVE years later the majority are still collecting our tax dollars. Who gives the okay for all those other years.
    Make no pint about it, immigrants SHOULD NOT be allowed in politics in this Country. Immigrants from India should be forced to take a test after a couple of years and if they haven’t learned anything about OUR history, put on a plane back to India.
    It seems to me, the biggest export we got from all this immigration from India is MORE crime.
    Look at the picture following Toronto police announcement a couple of months ago about 17 individuals charged in one of Ontario’s biggest auto theft rings ………….. It’s all Sidhus and Balwinders.
    And NO, I’m not profiling ………… it’s FACT.
    Just like this weeks biggest drug bust in Prairie history, 50 Million dollars worth of Meth ………… charged is truck driver Sidhu.
    Enough of this shit, GET rid of Trudeau/Singh.
    And let’s REBUILD CANADA.

  5. How many people have opined (with some justification) that “Canada isn’t a real country.” That remark began making the rounds during the current Trudope era. Here we have a political hodgepodge of “1/2” Canadians; showing allegiance to their own countries. They’re not even “half” Canadian; they just happen to hold an increasingly worthless “Trudopian” inspired passport. In days gone by; our passport was treated like an American Express card. Remember the commercial? The holder flashed his Amex card, and doors suddenly opened for him. But; hey! Don’t forget P. E. Trudeau’s empty slogan: “The land is strong!” Whatever a Trudeau proclaims; believe the opposite. However–In PET’s case–It had some truth; compared to Junior’s “Canada.”


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