Liberal MP Omar Alghabra Wants Canadians TO PAY For Iranian Government Crime

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The federal government is considering interim compensation for families of the 57 Canadians killed when the Iranian military shot down a commercial airliner last week, according to the Liberal MP tasked with supporting relatives of the victims.

Omar Alghabra, the MP for Mississauga Centre and parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, said the government may compensate victims’ families as Canada continues to push for a more active role in the Iranian-led investigation into how and why Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was — by Iran’s own admission — shot from the sky on Jan. 8, 2019.

Compensation for the families of 57 dead Iranians holding Canadian passports is not in itself an unreasonable outcome. What is unreasonable is that ethnocentric half- Saudi citizen MP Alghabra wants the funds to come from the Canadian taxpayers.

Naturally, this GTA MP claims the Iranian government will pay the funds back–but will this element of the equation ever come to fruition? Would  not count on it.

Please do tell, fellow patriots–why it is that no matter what problems Islam has within Canadian society– we are perpetually sending money to Islamic causes, Islamic non-profit organizations– in addition to the billions Trudeau is currently sending to Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia and Jordan.

Did You Know? Despite Bangladesh’s reputation for being a backward hell-hole, their economy is in the top five fasting-growing economies on earth. Amount Justin Trudeau handed to this nation in 2018: $132 Million Big Ones.

Back to this MP Alghabra character. This guy is one of the sketchiest of all Trudeau’s hand-picked religious fundamentalist MP’s.

According to witnesses, Alghabra shouted out “It’s a win for Islam” upon boss-man’s victory announcement in 2015. This fellow has to be one of the most reviled MP‘s in Canadian history, yet he has won his seat three times in a row. 

How did this half-citizen supremacist climb the ladder of the Liberal-Third World Globalist government so quickly? By arranging a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques so that Justin could “buy-up” the Muslim vote in Canada.

In other words, MP Omar Alghabra is arguably the number one catalyst for the political advancement of Islam to the most powerful religious community in Canada. For his efforts, Justin Trudeau has made him his Parliamentary Secretary.

“There is a great sense of urgency to help families repatriate their loved ones. In Iranian culture, they bury their loved ones quickly, if not the same day. And I understand that this has been a very difficult process for families,” said Alghabra, describing how the process to identify the bodies is ongoing.

“We will support families, whatever challenges or needs they have, to repatriate their loved ones,” he said.

Of course he will–because in CAP’s opinion, all Alghabra cares about in life is the Nation of Islam. Canada, Canadians, national identity, patriotism, non-Muslim Canada--all this is secondary –if not irrelevant– business for this questionable “Canadian.”

Since when did the Nation of Canada trans-sition into a nation which exists to promote, finance, and indemnify the Nation of Islam?

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Simple, really–since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. So obvious, so blatant–so darn true. Media response? Total silence. Looks like CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star think just like Trudeau and Alghabra–Islam is the priority community within Justin’s self-proclaimed “post-modern” Canada.

Who voted for such a thing? No one. What mandate was approved in order for this cultural transformation to take place? No mandate at all. What degree of consent did 37.5 Million Canadian citizens provide in this regard? Zero Percent.

Getting the picture, fellow Canadian patriots? Try a dead Canadian democracy, for starters. Then add the trans-sition of Christianity to secondary social status, and the corresponding entrenchment of Islam as Canada’s most powerful religion. Media say nothing.

Liberal Omar Alghabra elected in Mississauga Centre

“Voters in Mississauga Centre have re-elected Omar Alghabra to another term on Parliament Hill.

“Wow,” said Liberal candidate Alghabra, surrounded by cheering volunteers and supporters at his campaign headquarters. “What a journey. I don’t know where to begin.”

Poppycock— Mr. Omar knows exactly where to begin–at the same place he left off after his second four-year term victory–working for Islam. It’s all the man ever does.

“This is your victory,” he said. “This is your win and this is going to be your government.”

CAP agreeAlghabra’s government is your government. That is, Islam’s government. The Third World’s government. United Nations, Refugees, Sikhs and Somalia’s government.

In other words, any government other than that of “Old Stock” Canada-Anglophones, Francophones, Christians. This is Justin Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” Canada.

Of course, any patriot worth their salt knows that if Canada has no core identity, another core will surely come along to take its place.

Based upon the speed at which MP Omar Alghabra’s “chosen” have moved from the periphery of society to its absolute core,  it seems more than obvious Canada’s new core will be of the desert religion variety.

Degree of consent from the people of Canada– ZERO, nothing, not one scrap.









7 thoughts on “Liberal MP Omar Alghabra Wants Canadians TO PAY For Iranian Government Crime”

  1. Considering Omar Alghabra’s ties to the Terrorist Organization “The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD”, it is safe to assess that it is the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD who is actually giving the orders and Why?. Because this is a cash grab, any monies paid to the Families; A good portion will be funnelled to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. Plus this set the precedence for future claims of entitlement.

  2. I cannot believe this is happening. The government has to start looking after Canadians that live here and worked in Canada all their lives. Why do Canadian have to pay for what another country did. Unhappy tax payer

  3. Okay, I’m really sick 🤮 of watching our PM throw away taxpayers money to everyone on the planet except for Canadians who deserve help!! Whether it be our Veterans who have upheld our freedom, our First Nations who got a raw deal in so many areas a hell of a long time ago.
    A proven terrorist is given 10.5 million because of how he was treated in prison…duh if you didn’t try and kill American soldiers you wouldn’t have been in prison!!
    Anyhow, most of you have read the billions Justin has given away, think I read that in 2020 we will be 28 plus Billion in debt. But it hasn’t even helped Canada nor Canadians.
    It’s not your money Justin so get your hand out of the cookie jar!!

    Now a Muslim MP thinks Canadian taxpayers should pay compensation for the families who were shot out of the sky???
    I agree, they SHOULD be compensated for this horrific tragedy. Nothing, even money will bring back their loved ones.

    Canada didn’t shoot them down…Hellooo…. this is the stupidest request I’ve heard yet, and judging by our inept Government of Liberals it won’t be the last dumb thing they do.

    JUSTIN, Stop Spending!! Our Country can’t afford it. We can’t afford to pay back the debt you’ve put us all in. Our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren will be paying this off forever!!

    I totally regret that I voted for Justin in the first election that he ran in, and I most certainly didn’t vote for him this last election!!
    I won’t be voting for him if he runs in the next election.
    I was really wrong about him and I think a lot of us had the wool pulled over our eyes.

  4. So what? The left wants to, and is, islamifying Canada. Meanwhile, the right does NOTHING about it. When Harper was in power the number of muslims in Canada doubled.

  5. “Justin Trudeau said that any money from Iran would go straight to families and not be used to reimburse federal coffers for the interim financial help” Well isn’t this interesting I can see the need for immediate assistance too these grieving families but he should pay for it with the Trudeau Foundations record donations over the last couple of years and not with tax dollars. I’ll be joining Wexit to fight against this closet Islamist posing as our sunny ways leader.


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