Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen Praises Deliverer Of Racist Diatribe

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On January 10, 2017, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau appointed Somali refugee Ahmed Hussen to the position of Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees.

While media praised the move as an example of “inclusivity,” Liberal Cabinet member Hussen went to work building relationships with Middle Eastern and African nations. As an example of a 3rd World refugee who “had made it” in the West, Hussen pitched Canada as an immigration destination for migrants from the Middle East.

While Hussen was big on importing Somalis, Syrians and Senegalese to Canada, he wasn’t too hot on deporting the ones who committed criminal acts upon Canadian soil.

Middle Eastern migrant Zakaria Amara was among three members of the so-called Toronto 18 — the other two are Asad Ansari and Saad Khalid —  who were informed by letter they were being stripped of citizenship by the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper.

PM Justin Trudeau:

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship…because I do.”

The deportation of the Toronto 18 convicted terrorist Zakaria Amara was cancelled. Minister of Immigration, MP Ahmed Hussen— a half-Canadian citizen at the time– approved a cancelation of Amara’s deportation.

PM Trudeau rewarded MP Hussen with a new portfolio– Minister of Families, Children and Social Development. It was quite the leap. After two years spent working for the benefit of the Middle East, Hussen was now in charge of Canada’s “sweet and innocent children.” 

At present, Ahmed Hussen is privileged to hold the incongruous cabinet position of Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion. Then again, the roles may not be as disjointed as one would imagine.

For Hussen, one condition remains cast-in-stone– whatever portfolio PM Trudeau passes to him, his eye is always on the prize: the importation, promotion and advancement of the culture from which he came.

All other tasks pale in comparison. Such as it is that MP Hussen has become involved in a public relations scandal. The Liberal stalwart is being connected to the hiring of a Middle Eastern consultant accused of racism against Jews.

“Laith Marouf, the activist with a notable fondness for racial slurs who was somehow given $130,000 by Canadian Heritage to work as an anti-racism trainer.”

“Ahmed Hussen, the minister in charge of Canadian Heritage, initially tried to claim shock at the whole affair – despite the fact that he was personally praising Marouf in a press release as recently as April.

In an April 14 statement promoting Marouf’s anti-racism seminars, Hussen was quoted as saying that “our government is proud to contribute to the initiative.”

According to the National Post, Ahmed Hussen is “minister in charge of Canadian Heritage.” CAP tally up his portfolios:

Families, Children, Social Development, Housing, Diversity, Inclusion, Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees.

What a privileged individual this half-Canadian is. Call it a political love-affair. Witness as Justin Trudeau falls all over himself to advance Ahmed Hussen to one of the greatest power-positions in the land.

Why? To be forthright, CAP doesn’t know the answer. As such, we can only speculate. Our speculation says that Liberal Cabinet Member is one of a select form of Canadian politician, chosen by globalist forces to assimilate 3rd World religion into society.

“Hussen issued a statement demanding that the Community Media Advocacy Centre — the official recipient of the $130,000— explain how they hired Marouf, without apparently realizing that the centre consists exclusively of Marouf and his wife. The pair are the only two consultants listed on the CMAC website.”

Sounds a tad fishy, no? Witness as Hussen asks Marouf how he came to hire Marouf. This should certainly resolve the problem. Upon which CAP move to a 50,000 foot view of the situation.

Under the iron-clad control of PM Justin Trudeau, Canada has been transitioned to a pro-Islamic society.

Anthony Housefather is a Jewish-Canadian MP. This week, he issued a statement regarding Laith Marouf’s hateful description of Jewish people:

In an interview with the National Post, Housefather claims that “he warned Hussen about Marouf’s anti-semitic remarks, told the minister to cut the organization’s funding and hoped the government would’ve cut Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC)’s funding the moment anybody became aware of this.”

“I said the contract had to be cancelled. I alerted him and I persistently communicated with the minister in his office, from the day I learned about it, until today, and aggressively demanded that action be taken. Action could have been taken more quickly,” said Housefather.

Despite Housefather applying pressure on his fellow Liberal MP, Hussen has survived fellow Liberals calling on him to resign before.

CAP shout it from the rooftops: Ahmed Hussen will not resign, and Justin Trudeau will not ask for his resignation.

Why, you ask? Because Trudeau’s post modern Canada– a society he brands as “progressive”–  is as ideologically rigid as a religion from the 6th century.

Within the structure, a particular religious hierarchy is found. It goes like this: Islam is sacrosanct. No aspect of it’s 1600-year history is to be questioned or criticized. When a Canadian does so, they are a racist bigot. To be followed by another of our Liberal government’s chosen religions: Sikhism.

As a microcosm for validation, CAP offer up New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh. We wonder if readers have picked up on a tangible trend. Never do Canadian media question or criticize the NDP leader. Over five years in power, and all Singh has delivered is a drop from 46 seats to 25 seats in Parliament.

On this basis, why would media refrain from questioning his leadership. Never is there discussion about his replacement. Never does media speak of in-fighting within the party. In contrast to the Conservatives, which media tear apart on a daily basis.

Moving down the ladder of religious priority for government, we get to Judaism. It’s not a favoured religion for the Feds. Still, nothing compares to the treatment of the other half of the Judeo-Christian religiousity.

Has anyone else noticed? Over the near seven-year period Trudeau and Hussen have been running things, Christianity has transitioned to the low-life religion of society.

“You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, a.k.a. the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they come from, they will return to being low voiced bitches of thier (sic) Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters,” said a tweet from Laith Marouf.

Where the hate-crime charge, Mr. Hussen? Where’s the talk of a hate crime charge, Ms. CBC?

There is none, and there won’t be. The destiny of Canada is cast-in-concrete. Just as ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau took the fate of Canada into his hands with enforced Multiculturalism, Justin Trudeau transforms society against the will of the majority.

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  1. The “bride and groom” gazed into each others’ eyes at their multicult “wedding” celebration. The groom sobbed uncontrollably; repeating “diversity is my strength.”


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