Liberal Govt Tells Communist China To Support Justin Trudeau’s Re-Election Campaign

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Providing further fodder to Conservatives who believe the Trudeau Liberals are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Communist Party of China, former ambassador to China and Trudeau appointee John McCallum urged Beijing to cool it with the Canada bashing, lest it lead to the election of a Conservative government less satisfactory to China.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post while in Hong Kong, McCallum said “Anything that is more negative against Canada will help the Conservatives, [who] are much less friendly to China than the Liberals.” (SCMP )

Another former Canadian ambassador to China slammed McCallum’s comments. David Mulroney tweeted: “A one-time Canadian ambassador urges China to ease up on Canada as the best way of keeping the Liberals in power. This is APPALLING in so many ways.”

Appalling, yes. Surprising? Not at all. At least, not for Canadians who have followed the mysterious relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the Communist Government of China.

In fact, the relationship between the two goes back for well over a century.  However, it  didn’t solidify until Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in 1968. He was the first western leader to penetrate the walls of communist China, and meet with Chairman Mao Tse Tung. The year was 1970. Less than one year later, Trudeau Sr. FORCED multiculturalism upon Canadian society, and Anglophone Canada began its slow and steady decline into the nemesis community for all non-Anglophone identifiable groups in Canada

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For Canada, China is TROUBLE. It always has been, and always will be. The Chinese government want Canada. In particular, they want our natural resources. A Liberal PM named Jean Chretien gave it to them when he opened the door for the Chinese government to buy into the Alberta Oil Sands. So that’s TWO pro-China Liberal PM’s at this stage of the game.

Justin Trudeau–no surprise– is yet another China-pushing Liberal prime minister. Early in his tenure, he was a staunch advocate for a free trade deal with the Trudeau family’s beloved China. He failed– BIG TIME. By way of his tedious and cloying virtue-signalling agenda, he managed to annoy top level Chinese officials to no end.

Hence, the chances of a free trade deal with China are minimal. Excellent–because the proposed deal OPENED THE DOORS for Chinese companies–meaning China’s GOVERNMENT–to buy up major Canadian corporations.

Another Liberal-Trudeau production is an outfit called the Canada-China Business Council. Ever heard of them? Not many have. Having been a China-watcher for the past two decades, I have only seen this organization mentioned in the media once or twice. They work in the shadows.

Pierre Trudeau helped establish this non-profit organization. The board members include powerful Laurentian Mountain elites– the Billionaire Desmarias family, Justin Trudeau- appointed “independent” Senate leader Peter Harder, as well as various executives from former Bank Of Montreal, BMO.

The goal? The integration of China’s money and culture within Canadian society. No surprise–media have overlooked the symbiotic relationship between the Liberal Party and the government of China for decades. Why? Because government WANT THEM TO.

Now, China-obsessive and former ambassador to their nation John McCallum is instructing their government on how to approach the CANADIAN election. Does this not suggest an element of POWER and influence exists for China in this regard? If they had maintained a benign impact upon Canadian society, why would John McCallum make the request in the first place?

Welcome to Canada– the land of covert globalist agendas. Say hello to the Liberal Party of Canada– who facilitate these global agendas. China in Canada. Islam in Canada. Sikh Nationalism in Canada. All Liberal government/party supported globalist agendas.

CAP Golden Rule: Engaging China means integrating China into our nation. Their methods are predatory, and include NO BENEFIT for any country other than their own.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien and Justin Trudeau have all worked to facilitate the behemoth nation’s penetration of Canadian economy, as well as society in general.

Simply put, it’s the Liberal way.




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