Liberal Govt, Media Ignoring Transgender Health Risks In Canada

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Children are being harmed by transgender treatments, a pediatric endocrinologist told Laura Ingraham on a recent broadcast of her Fox News Channel television program. Treatments for transgender youth are drastic and experimental, Dr. Paul Hruz said.

Amid the implications of the  continued push of so-called “gender” treatment for children suffering from gender dysphoria, Ingraham asked Hruz why the medical community is so afraid to consider the impact of hormonal treatment and surgeries for young people. Hruz replied that the science behind gender treatment is very poor.

The same dynamic exists within Canadian society– but for reasons not ascertained–at least not yet. As CAP have previously written, sex change therapy-particularly for children– has serious health risks. Studies show a significantly higher chance of heart attack for those who have transitioned. The hormone therapy drugs are not approved by the FDA for use in sex change treatments. They are approved for cancer treatments only.

Yet in Canada, media and their government backers SAY NOTHING and do nothing to educate citizens about the danger of sex change surgeries. In fact, there is a program and website in the USA dedicated to assisting those with SEX CHANGE REGRET. It is a much, much larger movement than media let on. Suicide rates within the trans community are three times that of non-trans people.

Still, within Canadian society transgenderism is positioned as a noble and righteous endevour. Please do tell– is the neutering of two male adopted children in Saskatchewan an act of righteous benevolence? This is exacty what occurred in a small town in the province of Saskatchewan. Then, when government refused to change their sexual designation on the children’s birth certificated, the  “mother” sued the government — and won.

Would any sensible Canadian– including those from the gay community– consider this to exemplify virtuous behaviour? I mean, let’s get real here.

But government won’t. Neither will media, or Canada’s socialist-infused academic world. Nor will the MEDICAL AND HEALTH industries in Canada. Not one of these institutions will speak out against the health risks and general immorality regarding sex-change-for-children epidemic. WHY?

At Cultural Action Party of Canada, we maintain that the transgender industry has its roots, and maintains its power, by way of the globalist movement that also drives mass immigration into western liberal democracies. Organizations such as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Big Business is also driving this movement. After all, men transformed into women buy more clothes and more cosmetics.

Still, there is a deeper reason that programs such as “Transgender Story Time” have infiltrated Canadians schools and libraries– government-funded institutions. The agenda is one of population control. Transgenderism is the close cousin of abortion. Both deal in limiting birth rates. Transgenderism does so because it renders sterile those who participate. Have media ever pointed out this part of the equation? Never.

Now, let us take one step beyond to another element neglected by media– exactly WHO are those receiving the surgeries? Are they new arrivals to Canada? Migrants from the Punjab, Iran and Pakistan? Nope. Are the bulk of them First Nations Canadians. No way, Jose.

The lion’s share are Anglophones and Francophones. Bingo. Population control of the Canadian-born is the outcome. Same for abortion.

Lacking any insight into this entire affair from government, media or academia–the three-headed hydra of globalism in Canada, we are left to draw our own conclusion. CAP just did.

No surprise, Justin Trudeau backs transgenderism to the max. Of course he does. He is a globalist working the agenda of the United Nations, Open Society, Nation of Islam and international banking cartels. He does nothing which opposes the nefarious agenda  by way of a globalist agenda of destruction. Transgenderism is a weapon in the war.




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  1. I still think before all this surgery happens,tests should be carried out on these kids. If they are trapped in the wrong body, surely girls would have more teresterone or check chromosomes. Something must be able too be checked before chopping off bit of kids.


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