Liberal Government Freeze $7.8 Million As Senate Debate Passing Emergencies Act

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Leave it to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to have his government running around in post-modern circles. According to Bloomberg News, Canadian banks “have frozen $7.8 million dollars in over 200 accounts under emergency powers meant to end protests in Ottawa.”

For common sense Canadians, at least one issue nags at the heart– the Truckers Convoy is over. Protestors have been cleared away. The truckers have driven off into the sunset. Subsequent to this, the House of Commons approved Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act. The fact that no actual emergency existed at the time of passing was a moot point. Reasons provided included the premise that “it might happen again.” 

Many things in life might happen. For example, an asteroid might be heading toward Toronto, Canada. Would government then set-up night watchmen with flashlights to stare into the sky ad infinitum?

Part of the purpose for the EMA is to freeze personal bank accounts of Canadians involved in the protests. According to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, being “involved” means donating any dollar amount to the Truckers Convoy. Although positioned by media as a “joint venture,” government has compelled Canadian banks to follow their orders.

Isabelle Jacques, assistant deputy minister at the finance department, said it’s “possible although very unlikely” that small donors to the convoy have seen their accounts frozen.

Now, banks have informed the Liberals that they have started to unfreeze the funds. Madame Jacques stated that “financial institutions are responsible for conducting their own reviews based on information from police.” 

Reading between the lines, we discover what detractors pinned on the Liberals all along: government overreach. Financial institutions do not want Trudeau’s cabal sticking their woke noses into their business. It has been done regardless.

The three ring circus that is Justin Trudeau’s political power-grab reaches a pinnacle upon learning that the upper chamber– the Canadian Senate– is at this moment debating the Emergencies Act.

For the EMA to pass into law, it must have Senate approval. The truckers have gone home. No emergency exists. After which the Emergencies Act passes in the House. Nearly $8 Million dollars has been seized from working class Canadians who have  committed no crime. Then banks reverse the measure. As they do so, the Senators are debating  passage of the EMA into law.

Now comes the bad news: this is Canada. It is Justin Trudeau, and his Liberal government. Under such surreal conditions, how can any thinking Canadian fail to arrive at the following conclusion:

There is something which resides beyond the Act itself that serves as motivation for government behaviour. We speak of subterfuge– placing an ostensible objective as a priority goal, when the true priority is a secondary outcome.

This is also Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. For over six-years, his Cabinet has specialized in the art of subterfuge. So what is the ultimate purpose in this case?

It is control. First Mr. Trudeau leverages the Covid pandemic to crackdown on individual freedoms. Next, he raises the threshold with the Emergencies Act. The goal being control of our citizenship in emulation of the authoritarian societies our PM most admires

Whether or not Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian house of cards will come crashing down remains to be seen.

6 thoughts on “Liberal Government Freeze $7.8 Million As Senate Debate Passing Emergencies Act”

  1. The convoy is most definitely not over. The truckers have dragged the rotting carcass of a system out into the open. They’ve relocated just outside the red zone. Some have gone home, but many others have taken up the torch.

    It’s going to take far more than one battle to win the war. The important thing is that sockboy’s honeymoon has come to a screeching halt. His ace in the hole is spent.

  2. I wonder how one pushes for a Senator to run for office of Prime Minister!!!! This lady, Senator Denise Batters has summarized the INACTION of Trudeau through far more threatening and violent ‘protests’ historically, whle squashing a PEACEFUL ‘fly’ with his steam roller. But if past practice of the inactive Trudeau regime holds in consistency, the Senate will vote to uphold govt overreach used against PEACEFUL protesters who were VIOLENTLY dispersed by federal employees WITHOUT ONE HEARING – ever.

    Since this lady spoke to FACTS of history, and NOT the constant barrage of redefined bull stuff of Trudeau’s regime, I have a THREAD of hope that Canada MIGHT fire the thug presently in OCCUPATION of the PM office at taxpayers’ and ILLEGAL expense. The factual picture of Trudeau’s regime is now global common knowledge to the SHAME of anything other than pure dictatorships.

  3. Since Trudeau has grabbed donations to this tune, after grabbing 10 million f donations earlier, the lesson is that no donation of any amount through digital means is safe from the pocket of the present Canadian government.

    Trudeau has made it impossible for Canadians to donate save by handing cash to the persons in person. If donors on a large scale began to support those truckers who sacrificed their livelihood trying to get the present government to abide by the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and Freedoms (the law of the land), Trudeau would need to speed up the WEF agenda to make cash worthless – how would he achieve that without destroying his own pocket book?

    I will now take appropriate action face to face with those I choose to support – join me please if you have empathy for the truckers who stood up for your rights.

  4. Senate debate on Trudeau’s invocation of Emergency Act
    Session One, February 21, 2022

    First up – Donald Niel Plett

    High Praise for Police in regard to their dispersion of the peaceful Freedom Convoy (without a hearing by Trudeau who REFUSED to hear them when they arrived Jan 28. – therefore Trudeau is responsible for them remaining for nearing one month TRYING to be heard by the PM)

    Up second – Julie Miville-Dechene
    Different topic – Child Sex Trafficking/Human Trafficking

    Up third – Dennis Dawson
    Different topic – eulogy for a recent death in Quebec – of a person I never heard of.

    Up fourth – Robert Black
    Different topic – Agricultural Day

    Up fifth – Michael L. MacDonald
    Apology for last week’s remarks “about the people in Ottawa regarding the Protest”. (He thought he was off record, but later discovered he was recorded in his “Clumsy Language”). “It was not My intention to disparage anyone.” “Like many Canadians, I (a)m exhausted after two — truckers –” (Nothing to do with the use of the Emergency Act on the peaceful protesters – good thing the video plays with caption because this guy was motoring along so fast I had to pause each sentence to even understand what he had said.)

    NOTE: I had thought this was to be a debate of Senate regarding the use of the Emergency Act against the peaceful Freedom Convoy – I guess not because the use of the act has not been mentioned by five Senators so far as I could detect, although MacDonald just above did get enough said that I could grab in rapid passing to indicate to me that he was once again running the protesters down using the Trudeau storyline.

  5. I used to live next door to an OPP officer in Oshawa. One day I was cutting my grass out front when I saw him at his own car in his driveway, so I said hi and asked about the very dark tinted driver and passenger windows in his care. I never spoke to him again after he replied, “I am OPP. What are they going to do to ME?”

    Now I am reminded of him in watching the video of Alexa (Rebel News reporter) being beaten by one cop and leg-shot with a tear gas canister by yet another cop. Yup – ‘We heap big cops, we beat up on women reporters?’

    But then, I was pulled over by a female RCPM officer quite a few years later. She asked to see my registration. And when I produced it she pointed out that the license on it was expired. I was visibly shocked because I remembered heading out to renew. I hunted for the renewed registration and could not find it. She asked me to come and look at the plate sticker – it was indeed expired. I asked her if there was some place close where I could renew immediately. She called for a tow truck and arranged with the driver for me to ride with him into the next tow, dropping me off at the place. She did not issue a fine, perhaps because my body language revealed that I was indeed shocked to learn I was driving on expired registration – Some police are very kind – others are ah, well you can figure out an appropriate handle? And Trudeau was giving the violence of those two the thumbs up – just like his gesture in the picture heading up your article.

    I hope Alexa sues the breaches off those two to remind them that cops of their ilk are also not above the law.


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