Liberal Government Connection To World Economic Forum Revealed

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Theories regarding our Liberal government’s connection to Switzerland-based World Economic Forum have circulated from the moment that PM Justin Trudeau seized control of Canadian society in late 2015.

“Casting Davos elites as the puppeteers behind the challenges facing Canada and the global community is absolutely silly, says Canadian constitutional law professor Errol Mendes regarding a warning purported by those who indulge in so-called “conspiracy theories.”

In terms of government’s relationship with media, CAP has written before about a recurring theme in society. We speak of a repetitive pattern that begs to be exposed to all Canadians, encapsulated by the following observation:

By the time general society come to understand the impact of government policy, it’s too late to do anything to prevent its successful implementation. In line with our political focus, we point toward two government policies.

First, immigration policy, the downside of which will inevitably result in a transition of Anglophone citizens to a minority community. Secondly, and intrinsically related, Multiculturalism, which over the decades has contributed to the vilification of white Canadians as a collective of racists, bigots and xenophobes.

As facilitated by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, we witness an additional example in the opening of Canada’s doors to the government of China in the early 1970’s. Fast-forward forty-some years, and their government is being accused of meddling in the past three federal elections.

Now, again after the fact, comes a revelation regarding the Liberal’s relationship with CEO Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum:

“Close interactions between Canadian cabinet ministers and the World Economic Forum are well-documented, but a newly revealed letter suggests forum staff may have been doing more work with the federal government than previously disclosed.”

In a letter to a WEF official, former Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau praised the organization and its collaboration to achieve common objectives.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the WEF staff, for the support provided to the Government of Canada,” reads a letter by former Liberal minister Bill Morneau.

After which CAP interject with a typical dose of distrust:

Were the CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest aware of this relationship from the get-go? Did Liberal strategists instruct legacy media not to speak or write about this tender topic?

Intriguing questions they are. Let us drill down on this political equation:

Justin Trudeau, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, as well as their post-modern political partner, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, are all WEF-affilitates, with Freeland serving as board member.

In 2017, WEF CEO Klaus Schwab stated that he was able to “penetrate” the cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by virtue of the fact that many of its ministers had once been members of WEF’s Young Global Leaders program.

 “I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders,” said Schwab in a widely circulated video.

Incriminating evidence, no? Media say nothing– presumably because they are being paid to say nothing. We begin to sleuth out covert machinations that should be understood by Canadian voters, yet due to media obfuscation, has not been the case.

Mr. Morneau, who resigned as minister in 2020, is listed on the WEF website as an “agenda contributor“ and ”digital member.” While in office, he was a regular participant at the group’s annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland.

Fascinating information it is. Too bad it took years-on-end for details to emerge. Even now, it’s only by way of foreign and independent media sources that these facts have come to light.

How often has Cultural Action Party[est.2016] alluded to the idea that Trudeau’s Liberals adhere to a political game plan that”comes from beyond?” That our PM’s political itinerary is drawn from a “globalist blueprint,” rather than, in true democratic fashion, one based on the “will of the people.”

Very few behaviours stick in our craw like the following concept. That upon election, Justin Trudeau threw the fundamentals of democracy in the trash bin, replacing it with a pre-conceived, “canned” agenda culled from international “woke” political forces.

Adding to our vitriol is the manner in which Trudeau Jr. emulates so-called papa Pierre Trudeau’s presumption. A megalomania-based belief that they know what’s best for Canada, and the arrogance in which to force it on society. In doing so, “father and son” violate the foundational principles of democratic governance.

Being partial to communism and authoritarian leadership in general, political decisions are made in unilateral fashion. Standing tall among them is Multiculturalism, as imposed on Canadian society by the Liberals during Pierre Trudeau’s time as national leader.

Justin Trudeau has done the same regarding two social phenomena– LGBT and Euthanasia. No one voted for Canada’s to trans-migrate into the transgender capital of the world. Nor have voters had a say in our nation’s transformation to assisted dying capital of the world.

Government just up and did it. What an insult this is to Canadians of all walks of life. Degree to which the press articulate even a modicum of these ideas to media consumers? Blink, and you missed, because it has never happened.

And what, pray-tell, are the “common objectives” that Mr. Moneau spoke of? In this, we move to realm of speculation.

According to a leftist academic theory called “Cultural Marxism,” all nations are equal. Or should be equal. For one country(Canada) to maintain a significantly higher standard of living then, let’s say, Somalia, is an unfair form of international economic structure.

Is this what this Trudeau character is really all about? It makes a reasonable amount of sense. At the same time that government is shipping billions of dollars to so-called “developing nations,” Canadians are getting poorer by the day.

The WEF agenda at hand? Think housing prices, inflation, food costs, and most interestingly, carbon taxation. Why would government stick with raising carbon taxes on April 1st, 2024(third time) at a moment when the Canadian economy is at its modern-day nadir?

Because he is locked into an agenda he can’t escape from? Due to previous promises to globalist forces that assisted him in attaining his “job” in the first place?

Is Trudeau taking money from Canada, and handing it to the poor in Middle Eastern and African nations in the spirit of Cultural Marxism advanced by World Economic Forum?

A wicked game it is, made all the more nefarious by establishment media’s sublimation of the entire affair.

5 thoughts on “Liberal Government Connection To World Economic Forum Revealed”

  1. “[Asking me to provide evidence that the] Davos elites [are] the puppeteers behind the challenges facing Canada and the global community is absolutely silly,“ says Canadian constitutional law professor Errol Mendes.” A post modern man; in no core values Canada; where evidence is oh-so-passe. The esteemed Trudopian professor said it; therefore; it must be true. Case closed. Next stop; a senate appointment; perhaps an appointment to the bench. Perhaps; dream of dreams–serving as an assistant–in Klaus Schwab’s private toilet. Recapping: Evidence? Oh; silly me. Get it straight: It’s all right-wing disinformation.

  2. this whole world is one giant wicked virus.

    I can’t even speak anymore without being told i’m a bad person regardless if I say I like bananas or cycling, somehow, anything that comes out of my mouth is an issue and triggers everyone.

    it’s impossible to care about this world, and Brad thinks a guy who spawned in a country we can’t name or Brad won’t allow the comment to be posted, is the savior……

    I just …… don’t even want to communicate with this entire species, its depressingly blind

  3. Canadians need to demand these traitors be punished for the damage they have done to a once stable and great nation.

    Trudeau and his allies should all be removed from office in handcuffs and leg shackles.

    They should be publically exposed for their corruption and punished accordingly.

    They should have a forensic audit done and any money they made by way of these relationships should be seized under the proceeds of criminal activities act.


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