LGBT, Pride Parades Turn Violent In Canadian City

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Hamilton’s LGBTQ advisory committee organized the event in city council chambers. The group held it after asking the city not to raise the Pride flag this month, saying the city hadn’t earned it on a number of fronts.

“I would encourage those people right now sitting at the back to get the f-ck out,” Hopperton said, pointing to Deputy Chief Frank Bergen, who sat in uniform and listened at the back of the audience. “We f-cking see you.”

How ignorant and rude. Let us understand this situation for what it is: If a Canadian man claims to be female, and has developed feminine features, he can tell the Chief of Police to go F-HIMSELF. If however, a Canadian man is a regular heterosexual-type, he will be ARRESTED for disturbing the police, or some related crime.

WHAT PRIVILEGE!  Informing the cops they did’nt EARN the right to attend the event. These trans-pushers are getting away with “murder.” What gives trans-community leaders the right to PUSH AROUND our police forces? This is not the only incident–Black Lives Matter also pushed around the cops based upon special interest political correctness.

It’s one thing to have a weak, pandering princess of a prime minister. Sensible Canadians EXPECT THIS from Justin Trudeau. But a Deputy Chief of a police force? Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” is a FAILURE, and the Trans/Police situation epitomizes the pathos inherent in the situation.

Basically, CAP believe Canada’s transgender lobby are an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. Advocating for the right to take a child OUT OF THEIR HOME if parents disagree with their 14 year-old child’s decision to undergo hormone therapy for the purpose of changing their sex. How awful and sanctimonious these people are.

Now, violence has entered the politically correct LGBT agenda. The aggression at a recent Pride Event was underplaying by media. Although it appears there were no major injuries, it was Muhammed Ali time at the event, with dozens of pro and anti- LGBT slugging it out for an extended period of time.

READ MORE: Parent of Grade 1 Student In Canada Files Human Rights Complaint For Gender Theory Trauma

CAP conclusion? The out-of-control transgender industry is now resulting in VIOLENCE in the street(okay, it was a park). Sunny Ways? Diversity Is Our Strength?

Oh, golly yes and for sure. Here is a hardcore, tangible example which refutes Justin Trudeau’s globalist idiocy. At the recent event held in Vancouver, B.C., Parents United Canada held a protest against transgender aggression. No one was injured, most likely due to a large police presence. Yet, the event was charged with emotion, as common sense parents clashed with loud mouth social justice warriors.

More anger, more resentment, more social discord. This is what occurs when government back an unscientific, politically correct program of transgender indoctrination of our children. At what age is transgender theory unleashed upon these children?

Try 6 YEARS OF AGE–During Transgender Story Time,  Grade 1 within Canada’s public school system. Why so young? Would it not make sense to begin when children have the mental capacity to actually UNDERSTAND what these propaganda people are teaching them?

Not so in Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Let’s get this straight– parents of a 10 year old boy can tell them what time to go to bed, what time to wake up, and when they can play video games, but CANNOT tell them to wait until they are a little older to decide if they want to remove their vital organs.

If they parent objects to the child’s desire, the boy can be TAKEN AWAY from the parents. Talk about Orwellian  STATE-CONTROL. This is the reality. NOT what CBC are delivering in news casts. NOT what the Globe & Mail and National Post are telling the public.

Justin Trudeau is the most DIVISIVE prime minister who ever lived. NO ONE comes close–even father Pierre. Here, once again, Canadians witness a tangible example of Trudeau’s “diversity is our strength” myth.



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  1. I don’t give a crap what you identify as! Either follow the laws the way EVERYONE has to or suffer the consequences! You don’t like to be centered out, individualized as whatever, ? Then go about your daily lives like everyone else and don’t expect anything preferential over the next person!


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