LGBT Canada Calls To Abolish Police, Prisons

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If anything best defines Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society, it is the politicization of Canada’s social movements. In the year 2022, “everything is political.” The danger of which goes unchecked among our nation’s monolithic media.

Since the advent of Justin Trudeau as prime minister, the phenomenon has become inclusive within elements of society that once stood outside the political realm.

Nothing more so than race and sexuality. These fundamentals of the human psyche are today institutionalized as political weaponry within western society. The rest– authoritarian and theocratic countries– are exempt.

Today, racism is politics. Sexuality is politics. Add to them human life itself in the form of abortion and euthanasia. Because media refrain from articulating as much, they are freed  from offering up the source of this social dynamic.

It is rooted in Marxist philosophy, playing out under a form of neo-communism. In China and Cuba, it is a way of life. In the former Soviet Union, communism was the lay of the land.

All this has now come to Canada via Justin Trudeau. BLM, Critical Race Theory, LGBT, Pride–these movements exist in a post-modern form of the communist ideal. Class warfare, the essence of traditional communism, has transitioned to race and sexual warfare. Justin Trudeau has infused– or permitted these to be infused within society.  If the Liberal government had not purchased mainstream media, a majority of Canadians might  recognize this reality.

Now, our LGBT industry is calling for the abolition of Canadian police forces. To call for it is one thing– anyone can call for anything. What counts is the fact that this can occur, and be considered a legitimate proposal. Will the Liberal government condemn such a proclamation? How about state-funded CBC?

Under the Canadian status quo, a call for the end of Canada’s police forces is likely to stand. Or at the least, not come under virulent criticism. Let us consider historical context for such a state-of-affairs:

A leading slogan during China’s Cultural Revolution was: “To Rebel Is Justified.”  That is, providing it is ideologically aligned with the goals of Mao Tse Tung’s social revolution.

Within this microcosm, we witness an axiom of Marxist-Communist theory. Radical political movements are not necessarily to be condemned. As long as they fit with revolutionary ideals, they may be acceptable to government.

The very same exists under Justin Trudeau. Consider Critical Race Theory. Putting aside its pseudo-intellectualism, we stumble upon a salient fact: CRT is racism against whites. Degree to which the Liberal government object to its teachings? Zero percent.

In fact, the Trudeau government has quietly interjected CRT into federal government training materials. Within educational manuals, the term “whiteness” is defined as “specific dimensions of racism that serves to  elevate white people over people of colour.”

Holy Cow– the Liberals are teaching Critical Race Theory to government employees. The same exists within Canada’s public education system.

Upon return to Canada’s LGBT movement, we recognize a critical fact: the gay-transgender industry is not about sex– it is about politics. Next up? Expect LGBT political parties to begin to bust a move across Canada.

What we have here is a component of a nascent socialist revolution. LGBT have begun their alignment with Canada’s racism industry. Infused in government, media and education, Canada will transition to a condition Justin Trudeau first alluded to in 2015.

Ours is a “post-modern” state. The new Canada is a neo-communist society. The “neo” being manifest in race, LGBT, transgender– elements which were not part of Soviet, Chinese or Cuban revolutions.

Conclusion: Justin Trudeau is a revolutionary political leader. Does he not admire China? Has he not venerated Fidel Castro and Cuba? As did Pierre Trudeau before him, as well as brother Alexandre Trudeau— filmmaker for the government of Iran.

The LGBT political movement also wants to abolish prisons in Canada:

“Hosted by No Pride in Policing Coalition and co-sponsored by No More Silence, the Abolish the Police and Prisons Pride March will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Nathan Phillips Square.”

The world’s your oyster, boys, girls, and theys. Government, media and academia have not a problem with your political agenda. In fact, they likely agree with you. Anything to push forward the neo-communist revolution underway in the dying Great White North.

5 thoughts on “LGBT Canada Calls To Abolish Police, Prisons”

  1. I am on my way out at 74 and have been warning people for years the dangers of Marxist Ideologies been pushed upon our children and young adults through our educational systems.

    Trudeau’s advisers seen an opportunity to turn Canada into a pro-communist country as Trudeau himself never had an original thought ever but was bought lock, stock and barrel through money, kickbacks and greed to turn his back on Canadian Society along with the MSM.

    We now find ourselves facing a very hard battle to reverse this kind of mentality that has been adopted by so many! It’s the children of today that will suffer the most in the end if everyone remains silent!

    • You are so right. Reading gay stories about what it is like to be a guy instead of a girl, to kindergarten students, is abhorrent. Trudeau and his Liberals should ban this, but no, they applaud it. They have made society so sick. There will be consequences.

  2. Shame on Singh–He’s not wearing a rainbow turban. He’s also “stealing” glory from his boss Monkey Boy. At least Singh’s tongue isn’t hanging out. Maybe b/c it’s covered w/ monkeypox blisters. Dang. That would not lead to any potential romance.


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