Let’s Face It: Trudeau’s Canada Is a China-Backed PSEUDO-DICTATORSHIP

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Life can sure turn out  to be a strange thing.  Cultural Action Party of Canada officially came into existence in early 2016. Who knew that our opinions would end up spelling out the fate of Canadian society under the “leadership” of PM Justin Trudeau?
As CAP prognosticated, a Liberal Government led by this globalist ideologue would result not only in China’s economic penetration into Canada, but also an emulation of their form of governance within our society.
The missing link out of all this is “the big plan”-– as in, the agenda Mr. Trudeau adheres to day-after-day, and now year-after-year: working the will of those who groomed and selected him to become our country’s “pseudo-dictator.”
While Canadian media play their role to perfection–hiding, obscuring, tweaking Justin’s behaviour to fool the people of Canada into believing  otherwise, a globalist agenda of political trans-formation has taken place.
To Conspire, Or Not To Conspire–That Is The Question:
Is all this a “conspiracy?”  Are the myriad events which play so well into Canada’s eventual transition to a China-backed pseudo-dictatorship pure coincidence? Or has all of this been pre-meditated?
CAP Opinion: Every bit of it is, in fact, pre-meditated. This includes Covid-19. “Gasp!” is the collective shout-out from those who believe what CBC News tells them. “This Salzberg character is one paranoid mutha!” shout the Liberal “snowflake” brigade.
This CAP can live with. What eats away at our soul is the following:
Canadian Liberalism is Chinese communism. This began in 1968 with ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, and was resurrected with a vengeance by the current government of Justin Trudeau.
Fact: Covid-19 is China’s pandemic It has created the social chaos necessary for our national trans-formation. If one cares to research communism from the point of view of historical political science, one will find social chaos to be an intrinsic element of Marxist theory.
China follow Marxist theory-– first, create a macro-environment conducive to communist takeover. Trudeau has done this with aplomb. Consider the following–something CBC would never extol to Canadians:
Covid-19 has resulted in millions upon millions of working Canadians relying on the federal government to finance their daily existence. Previous to this, these folks were relying on their jobs for survival.
Does this not lend itself to socialist doctrine? The more that the people rely on the government for their daily bread, the greater the degree of communist-orientation that has permeated a nation?
Is there more? CAP think so–much more. For instance, media has positioned all the government reliance as an act of altruism by way of PM Justin. Who can argue with the “benevolence” of financial hand-outs to millions of unemployed Canadians?
CAP can. Because this is, in truth, “incremental socialism”–and it arrived in Canada by way of Communist China. From our some 35 years of following Sino-Canadian politics, we believe the Trudeau family are communist in orientation– as well as punitive in nature.
Who is Justin Trudeau out to damage? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie–all those who would NEVER buy his communist pretensions. These people are what former Conservative PM Stephen Harper labeled “Old Stock” Canada.
Under the “sunny ways iron-clad” rule, this is our nations’s “dinosaur” community–the one Trudeau has never once verbally referenced in the nearly five years he has been “national leader.”
Some more evidence? Poll after poll says the majority of Canadians do not want more. 
As in, more immigration, more refugees, more deficit, more illegals, more 3rd World-pandering, more Anglo-hating “multiculturalism.”
More, More, More– How Do You Like It?
PM Trudeau does the exact opposite in every case. What to conclude? Try this: the idea that the leader of a so-called democratic nation has NO interest in democracy. When asked to name a country he most admired, Justin Trudeau chose communist China.
Surprised? No thinking Canuck should be. The same applies to his commie-in-the-shadows brother Alexandre Trudeau, as well as Papa Pierre Trudeau before them.
So why is it 37.8 Million citizens of our nation do not comprehend that the dying Great White North’s days as a democratic country are numbered?
 The ruling Liberals plan to import so many 3rd World migrants that every non-Liberal held federal riding will in time be owned by the Liberal-Globalist- 3rd World-Trudeau Party of Canada.
What then? How about exactly what CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest of the globalist media slaves are not telling you.
What is the point of federal elections if no competition exists? For CAP, this is the Trudeau government end-game. People like Health Minister Patty Hadju and China’s Covid conduit in Canada Dr. Teresa Tam make this painfully obvious. That is, to everyone who throws CBC aside to get at the truth of the situation.
Guess what? Despite Canadian society’s collective disdain toward Trudeau-family hero nation China, their influence in Canada will ultimately result in a transition from democracy to dictatorship.
True or False: It is only people who hate the Canadian way of life who would indulge in this level of subterfuge to destroy 153 years of national identity.
The haters are Pierre and Justin Trudeau-– the future of Canada as a free and democratic society will one day come to end as a result.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Face It: Trudeau’s Canada Is a China-Backed PSEUDO-DICTATORSHIP”

  1. Ok, so CAP predicted, prognosticated, exposed and complained since 2016

    What do you plan to do about it, especially since you’ve been an organized political party since 2016?

    CAP is refusing to admit that if they got into power, which is impossible given the current corporatocracy system we have, they would have to swear allegiance to the Queen and her corporations or be thrown out of Parliament.

    You really need to stop suggesting to people that CAP can change things if people vote for them — they can’t change anything in a corporatocracy controlled by foreign states and particularly not where there is no confederated Canada.

    Only when the provinces ditch corporate governance and become People-governed as a Republic can they then create a federation that is governed by the People.

    It is really too bad that someone as dilgent, talented and informed as yourself is pushing yet another corporate political party instead of looking at a way to get rid of corporatocracy altogether.

    • What are you doing about it? Which corporate political party is CAP pushing? The correct response is none of them.

      CAP has never once suggested our party can change Justin’s agenda of destruction.

      • Until the party system is ended and the corporate system abolished and replaced by a Constitutional Republic, the People have nothing to say.

        CAP is suggesting that another party, itself, can improve things. Otherwise, pray tell, what is your purpose in promoting your federal party?

        • CAP is a provincially registered political party in Canada. We advocate civil and human rights for Anglophone ands European Canadians. No one is under the illusion that we will be forming a government anywhere in Canada…at least for the next 88 years!

  2. Can the voting system be changed to prevent tiny heavily populated areas with dense riding representations is more open to a more spread out riding system? Im not tinkering with democracy I’m suggesting an ant-dote to the diabolical ways of Trudeau the one upon which we stand against and on guard for the rightful owners of canada, not some vote importing beast!

    • The voting system can be changed–but not a given– Trudeau is dictator for life, and will all roads lead to this for the Liberals, China and Islam.

      • Just what point is there in changing the voting system for the actors who do not in fact make the decisions?

        Have you not yet learned that the politicians are merely theatre to keep us talking and complaining?

        Don’t you know that the decisions are made by the GG and LG’s of the provinces and that they are appointed by the UN/World Government and take their marching orders from them?

        Honestly, I cannot believe that you actually believe that changing the actors in the play is going to change the script written by unelected people in the background.

        No wonder we are still slaves and in fact, now that we are regarded as useless slaves, readied for depopulation.

        • I don’t believe changing the actors will do a damn thing…CAP are a registered provincial party in B.C. which advocate human and civil rights for Anglophone and European Canadians. This is our mandate, not forming an official government– at least not for a number of decades…


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