Let’s Face It– Justin Trudeau’s “Multiculturalism” Is An Anti-Anglophone Political Agenda

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Frankly, even if Justin Trudeau did English Canada a favour and never became prime minister of Canada, his father Pierre Trudeau’s  “multiculturalism” is an anti-Anglophone affair of the highest order.

It’s just that son Justin has made the entire debacle so much worse. What are some reasons for this ominous state-of-affairs? Naturally, there are a number of variables involved.

One critical aspect is largely psychological— Justin’s cognition– the way he thinks, and therefore behaves. In CAP’s opinion, Pm Trudeau has a “manic” personality he inherited from mother Margaret, who decades ago was diagnosed with Manic Depression-– isolated bursts of energy, coupled with a corresponding mental crash.

Son Justin has certainly maintained a high degree of mania when advancing social issues “near and dear” to his heart– the Nation of Islam, Third World refugees( does not his spontaneous illegal refugee “tweet” confirm this).  Additional evidence comes from such actions as sporting “Bollywood” outfits at will, and prancing around various Pride Parades while hugging a series of transvestites in the process.

Beyond his mentality, we find lots of additional evidence–his full-on, ubiquitous support of all-things-Islamic is a prime example. Add to this a punitive approach to Old Stock Canadians–branding our people racists, bigots, xenophobic, homophobic and genocidal by way of his series of apologies to every special interest group he could find.

More mania, Trudeau-family style. Speaking of multiculturalism specifically, here is the problem for Anglophone Canada--one which establishment media have not once alluded to in the forty-odd years since Pierre Trudeau forced this punitive policy upon an unsuspecting Anglophone community.

Where does it end? Where is the “limit”–as in the ceiling-– whereby multiculturalism has fulfilled its goal,  as Third World communities are elevated to an “equal playing field” with those of Anglophone and Francophone heritage.

Quick answer–there isn’t one–and in this we find the heart of our communities ultimate downfall. Is there a limit on Third World immigration to Canada? Nope. Will these communities one day surpass Old Stock Canadians as they are trans-sitioned into a minority community? Yup.

Notice how establishment media in Canada never reference the future of Canadian demography? Ever see a CBC News report on our people’s  pending minority status? Never. Have you ever read an article from Globe & Mail on how Anglophones and Francophone-Canadians actually feel about all this? Not once.

You know why? Because government instruct media to never speak of these developments. Pourquoi? Because if they did, Old Stock Canada would wake up to this social travesty, and very possibly rebel against it– that’s why.

So instead, government and media collaborate to deceive the public–just as they do in Trudeau family hero-nations of China and Cuba.

Now, let’s speak of yet another unspoken topic. We now understand that white Canada is to transition into a minority. But how will these people differ from our so-called existing “minorities?”

This is how– because unlike Sikh and Muslim Canada, white Canada will not fall under the protection of Pierre Trudeau’s  Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as his “blessed” multiculturalism.

Keep in mind that from the day King Justin gained his Canadian crown, he has consistently branded our people as malevolent haters of non-Anglophone communities. In other words, Justin Trudeau has transitioned our communities into the “nemesis people” of Canada.

Under these circumstances, Old Stock Canada will be “outside the pale” of multiculturalism’s “ethnic community protection act” after reaching minority status.

This, fellow patriots, is the globalist-liberal attack upon English Canada, Anglophone Canada, as well as the Christian Canadian community. Think about it–has the Trudeau government not transferred the Nation of Islam into Canada’s premier religious community? Has he not also delivered punitive measures–abortion, euthanasia, transgenderism— toward Canada’s Christian communities?

Of course he has–and of course this is all part of a pre-meditated program to steal Canada away from the descendants of those who founded our nation. All this is written-in-stone. It is immutable–just like Trudeau’s hero-nation of Islam.

Now, for a well-worn, yet essential element of the downfall of our people– Canadian establishment media. Please do tell, fellow patriots, why a media ostensibly controlled by Old Stock Canadian forces– the publishers, editors and leading journalists of our major media publications– fully support this agenda?

Why on earth would Globe & Mail, Andrew Coyne, John Ivison, Chantal Hebert, Christine Blatchford and John Ibbitson HIDE this agenda from “Old Stock” Canada, when they themselves are of Old Stock heritage?

Here we come to the crux of this entire propaganda agenda: the whole thing is unnatural. In no manner do these circumstances smack of an organic, naturally occurring social phenomenon.

CAP Bottom Line: This situation is a pre-conceived plan of globalist seduction–and the leader of this seduction is Justin Trudeau, who is of Old Stock origin while claiming to be a “practicing” Christian.

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How odd-ball this entire thing is. It makes no sense at all–the “modus operandi” of our ruling government since the day they took office in 2015.

Here’s the truth as CAP see it: Under the pseudo-socialist government of  Justin Trudeau, multiculturalism in Canada is racism against an identifiable community– Anglophone Canada.

Frankly, even if cultural assassin King Justin never came along to damage our people, multiculturalism would still be a punitive policy aimed at English Canada.  It was founded by Papa Pierre Trudeau–end of story.

So government, media and of course Canadian academia have all stabbed our people in the back. Conversely, Islam, Sikhism and Third World identity is the “belle of the ball” in Justin’s bogus “No Core Identity” Canada.

Multiculturalism is racism against Anglophone Canada–it always has been, and it always will be.





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  1. This is the 1st time I’ve read an opinion from a political party that states so clearly what the essential problem is with Canada – thank you. Does your party extend into Eastern Canada?


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