Let’s Face It– Justin Trudeau’s Canada is A Pro-Islamic, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jewish Nation

Over the course of  four years Justin Trudeau has been re-shaping Canada into a nation our citizenship and voting communities did not request, and did not approve.

This relates to PM Trudeau steadily morphing of our federal government  into an Islamic-promoting, United Nations-controlled country. Indeed, Justin Trudeau is not the first PM to unilaterally decide the ideological direction our country will take while in office.

His father Pierre Trudeau did the very same with multiculturalism, as well as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Coincidence? Of course not. Seems every time a Trudeau-family member becomes prime minister, the consciousness of Canada is hi-jacked away from classical liberalism, and pushed directly toward transitioning away from freedom and democracy  toward a form of pseudo-totalitarianism held back from public knowledge.

Who does the holding back? Why, this would be Canadian establishment media. If these globalist puppet-like entities were not available to obscure and spin this entire affair, it may not have achieved the goal of fooling and deceiving citizens into letting all this slide by without comprehension.

One thing CAP can back with aplomb is Justin Trudeau’s never-ending, holistic support of all-things-Islamic. Why does he do this? A giant, massive question–therefore one CBC and the rest never address.

Therefore, CAP will. Justin Trudeau is ubiquitously pro-Muslim–in every capacity available. We have written a great deal on this topic, and will not launch into a giant rant on all the reasons we believe this situation to be factual. There are myriad examples–in fact, it’s really quite endless.

On the flip-side– also opined incessantly– is Trudeau’s punitive measures toward Canadian Christian communities– no funding for churches, summer camps and bible study groups unless said organizations sign on to the Pierre & Justin Trudeau mass abortion program–while funding Islamic-Canadian non-profits by the tens of millions.

Last week, Justin Trudeau reversed Canada’s long-standing policy on Israel by siding with such bastions of democracy as North Korea in passing a resolution condemning the world’s only Jewish state at the United Nations.

This while Trudeau’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said Friday that Canada doesn’t consider China an adversary.  Interesting– China has placed two Canadians on death row– unjustly imprisoned Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on absurd charges of espionage.

Then again, all informed(non-Snowflake) Canadians understand that when a Trudeau is PM, Canada instantly trans-sitions to a pro-communist, pro-China nation. As for uninformed Canucks–those who read and actually believe what John Ivison, Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert write on behalf of CBC, Globe & Mail and others– it is far more difficult to recognize these shifts in political ideology and orientation.

Trudeau knows the UN General Assembly and its Human Rights Council, influenced by voting blocks led by dictators who hate Israel, routinely pass scores of resolutions singling out Israel for violating the rights of the Palestinians, while ignoring far worse human rights abuses everywhere else on Earth.

As it happens, Mr Trudeau is down with all of this. This Canadian prime minister supports U.N. policy on Israel for pragmatic reasons. For one, he wants the Muslim-Canadian vote in his back-pocket. Why? One reason is because  Muslim birth-rates are exploding. Liberal-Globalist theory says pander to these people all you can, import as many as possible, and fully support Islamic ideology.

This, opines advisor Gerald Butts, is the most effective way to emulate “good family friend” Fidel Castro’s methodologies to lock-in Trudeau as “dictator-for-life.” As it happens Justin and Fidel are shockingly similar–ideologically and otherwise.

Obviously, Trudeau wants the votes of Islam and its birth-rate explosion.

As far as Canadian policy on Israel, the working conclusion Trudeau arrived at is that it was done because Trudeau covets a two-year seat at the Security Council and this is one way to win over votes at the notoriously anti-Israel body. That’s no doubt part of it.

There could be something else at play though: Maybe this is just what Canadian voters want. Or at least what one highly motivated and increasingly influential segment of the electorate wants.

READ MORE: Justin Trudeau CANCELS Refugee Hearing Process For Iran, Iraq, Syria, Seven Other Muslim Nations

In the months leading up to the election, a group called The Canadian Muslim-Vote (TCMV) was unapologetic(shock of the century–they only receive apologies in Canada) in predicting the power the organized Muslim vote could yield over the 2019 federal election results.

“The Canadian Muslim community has the numbers to decide the winners and losers this election, which directly impacts the composition of the government we will have,” TCMV executive director Ali Manek wrote in a press release that went out on October 17 – just days before the election.

Sound like a declaration of power to you? CAP certainly think so–brazen, with a touch of arrogance thrown in for good measure. But is this religious supremacist Ali Manek wrong in his assessment? CAP wouldn’t count on that one.

In basic terms, the fading “Great White North” has once again been hi-jacked by Trudeau-led globalist cultural-eradicating forces. This occurred in the year 1971, when Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon an unsuspecting Anglophone-Canadian community.

For CAP, we bolding state the following: Multiculturalism in Canada is racism against our Anglophone populations. Pierre was not an Anglo, and neither is spawn Justin.

Then some forty-odd years later, Justin becomes PM and immediately begins trans-forming Canada into an anti-Anglophone, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish nation.

Yet what is equally as strange–and equally misunderstood by way of CBC, CTV, Global News and the rest– is that Canadian publishers, editors and major journalists are, in general, Anglophone, Christian, Francophone and Jewish-Canadians.

What gives, fellow patriots? Let us name names: Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert, John Ivison, John Ibbitson, Barbara Kay, Christine Blatchford. Each one of them an “Old Stock” Canadian, and each one of them either silent or muzzled regarding the Liberal-Globalist cultural assault upon our nation.

Why? For CAP, this media cover-up– suggesting a “communist- infused” propaganda campaign of magnanimous proportions– is the issue of the century. For media, school girl Greta Thunberg and the great globalist climate deception is everything and all. CAP call bogus on this one–this “crisis” largely exists for the purpose of obscuring the pre-meditated unravelling of Canadian identity, heritage and history-– in other words–Communism 101.

Welcome to the Canada NO ONE asked for– that of King Justin Timber-Flake. Pro-Islam, pro-communism, pro-China, pro-Iran, pro-Sharia Law, pro- Islamic integration into Canadian public schools, as well as society in general.

On the “b-side”– anti- Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-First Nations, anti- Summer Bible Camps, pro-abortion, euthanasia and transgender. The latter happen to impede birth-rates for  Canadian-born citizens, while being hallmarks of anti-Christian belief.

Perfect Microcosm Time: M103, half-citizen(she’s still a Pakistani citizen) MP Iqra Khalid’s so-called “anti-racism” motion. Again, considering the Christian-Jewish-Muslim religious dynamic, what does Liberal government motion deliver?

Of these three religious communities, which are explicitly referenced in the motion?  You got it– Khalid’s personal religious faith, Islam, is the singular religion referenced in M103.

Favouritism much? Biased much? Of course it is–this thing was written by Ms. Thang along with National Council Of Canadian Muslims. In an obvious and self-serving manner, these forces elevated the Nation of Islam above all other religious communities in Canada.

Media say…nothing! There you have it, brothers and sisters. This is the real Canada. This is your dying nation under King Justin– death of democracy, freedom of speech, Christianity, and the corresponding rise of Islamic power in Canada.

CAP  draw a singular conclusion from this situation: the powers that currently be in Canada hate English Canada, Anglophones, Christians and Jews.

Then, our “fearless” PM crosses himself on Remembrance Day, and proclaims himself a “practicing Christian.” If this is truly the case, Osama bin Laden should have been appointed Pope.

With files from The Toronto Sun.






9 thoughts on “Let’s Face It– Justin Trudeau’s Canada is A Pro-Islamic, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jewish Nation

  1. There is no fool like a Trudeau in power over Canada. And there are no fools like the voters who voted him in again.

  2. And while the daggers and pitchforks are pointed squarely at Scheer, Trudeau gets off without so much as a scratch.

    1. The attack on Andrew Scheer is calculated globalist postioning from CBC and the rest. They are trying to set it up that any Conservative leader MUST be pro- LGBT, abortion and transgender. This way Trudeau’s backers can kill the traditional Conservative and Christian element of the Conservative Party.

  3. An Iman being interviewed by Cbc Media boldly stated, we will become the majority in Canada, we are patient, if it even takes SiXtY year’s we will hold the majority of Elected Positions in government!

  4. We need a new Prime Minister. This crayon eating, back stabbing liar is about as useful as tits on a board.!!!!! Traitor is what you are trudope, money stealing traitor

  5. Justin Trudeau is a very clear and present danger to any Canadian who believes in our constitutional rights. He is purposely destroying our Democratic rights and freedoms. Why Canadians cannot see this is beyond me!! Islam has no place in a Democratic society. They are dangerous to any democracy. Look at the mess they have created in England, France, Sweden, Germany and other European Countries!! Wake up Canada!! Trudeau is bent on destroying our Democracy!! He is a scary piece of crap!!

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