Let’s Face It: Justin Trudeau’s Canada Is a China-Backed PSEUDO-DICTATORSHIP

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 Cultural Action Party of Canada officially came into existence in early 2016. Who knew that our opinions could end up spelling out the fate of Canadian society under the “leadership” of PM Justin Trudeau?

As prognosticated, a Liberal Government led by this Great Reset advocate has resulted not only in China’s economic penetration into Canada, but in an emulation of their communist form of governance.

The missing link comes from what is obfuscated by Canada’s mainstream media: PM Trudeau is successfully pushing forward the political agenda of those appointed him “pseudo-dictator.”

These individuals are not the Canadian voting public. While Canadian media hide,  obscure and tweak our PM’s decision-making to fool the people of Canada into believing otherwise, a consistent erosion of freedom and democracy is taking place.

Is all this a “conspiracy?”  Are the myriad events which play so well into Canada’s eventual transition to a China-backed  quasi-dictatorship pure coincidence? Or has all of this been pre-meditated?

CAP Opinion: Every bit of it is, in fact, pre-meditated. 

Let CAP lay it on the line like no other: Within Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, Liberalism functions as a derivative of China’s communism. This began in 1968 with ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, and has been resurrected with a vengeance by Justin Trudeau.

How has the Covid pandemic played into this? By establishing an ingredient required for national transformation: social chaos. Marxist theory states that chaos within society is a necessary element to transition a country away from its original form of governance.

True or false? Covid-19 has resulted in millions of working Canadians relying on the federal government to finance their daily existence. Does the theory of “universal basic income” ring a bell? It should– because this quintessentially socialist policy is now being considered by government for implementation in Canada.

The more that our citizenship rely on government for their “daily bread,” the greater the extent that communism has permeated society.

In support of liberal-communism, media has positioned all government reliance as an act of altruism. Who can argue with the “benevolence” of financial hand-outs to millions of unemployed Canadians?

CAP can. Because in truth, this form of “incremental socialism” arrived in Canada by way of China’s Covid dissemination. 

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Here’s an odd-ball phenomenon:  the leader of our so-called democratic nation has no interest in democracy. When asked to name a country he most admired, Justin Trudeau selected China.

Changing gears, why is it 38 Million Canadians do not comprehend that our days as a democratic country are numbered?

Fact is, our ruling government are importing so many 3rd World migrants that in time every non-Liberal held riding in Canada will  be controlled by the Liberal Party.

What then? How about exactly what CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, and Toronto Star are not telling you.

What is the point of federal elections if no competition exists? For CAP, this is the Trudeau government’s silent end-game. 

Distilling this down to logic, a typical irony of Trudeau politics emerges: despite Canadian society’s ever-growing disdain toward China, their influence upon our country is greater than ever. How “Justin Trudeau” this is!

The result is not an adherence to democratic principles. Rather, the outcome emanates from government doing exactly as they please–in spite of the desires of the Canadian people.

As far as CAP is concerned, democracy in Canada is dead. Just because media are tasked to fool citizens into believing otherwise does not render this concept a falsehood.

From the days of Pierre Trudeau to the advent of Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party of Canada has functioned as a conduit for the communist government of China. In 2021, we  are witnessing the outcome: society’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. 2016)


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